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Two steps.

Abby let out a loud sigh in exasperation while her ears were starting to hurt from all the arguing going on at the boys end. Teaming up with Kuki had seemed like an okay idea to start with, but right now she wished more than anything that she had teamed up with one of the boys, just to make them shut up.

"I swear, if the two of you worked with just half the energy you used to argue, we would have more than half a wall done already or something!" Abby groaned.

"Don't look at me!" Wally defended, picking up a board, and starting his handy work. "Not my fault dorkatroid hates me."

"That's rich coming from the guy, who's done nothing but harass me on any given occasion." Hoagie complained.

"Oh boohoo. Suck it up will ya?"

"Why are you even here? What do you hope to accomplish? Because I can tell you, if you're just here to ridicule me on Monday, I will find something to get you back with."

"Relax Doctor doofus." Wally groaned, annoyed by Hoagie's constant bickering and whining. "I don't need to spy on you to ridicule you. Besides, I am sincere in my wish to become friends with you guys." Hoagie let out a loud snort, which did piss off Wally, but he decided to do his best to ignore it. "Look sandwich. I'm not expecting you to loosen up to me right away, after all I have been a dick to you. But the least you can do is give me a chance mate. I'm trying to give you one."

"Right." Hoagie snorted. "That's why you've gone out of your way to only call me by dumb nicknames up until now."

"I swear, if the two of you don't can it, I swear I will knock you into the next century." Abby complained, roaming around for a hammer so she could get working on what she and Kuki were doing. Kuki had been trying to hammer in some nails, and so far it had resulted in all of the nails going in crooked, and her hitting her thumb thrice.

Both Hoagie and Wally let out groans and started cussing and complaining underneath their breath. Nonetheless they tried their best to work together, which—when you don't get along in the least—is an almost impossible task. Wally had let Hoagie practically boss him around, and while it was starting to get on his nerves his mind was constantly, and desperately, reminding him that his ten-year-old self had looked genuinely happy in the photo Kuki had shown him. However, when Hoagie corrected him, for the umpteenth time, with annoyance coating his voice; Wally pretty much exploded.

"Look Gilligan; I'm doing my best here, but you keep changing your mind on what I should do. Is it to test how far I will go for this or something?"

"Or something." Hoagie just replied nonchalantly, which only caused Wally to cuss heavily under his breath. Tossing profanities was a pretty good way to calm his nerves sometimes, and now was exactly one of those times.

Time had ticked by until late afternoon, and all four of them were sweating like mad. They had worked for hours without any longer breaks. Maybe five minutes here and there to get something to drink, but other than that they had just been sweating away in the heating sun. It was better than working in the pouring rain for sure. Five minutes after Abby's warning, Hoagie and Wally had pretty much shot up and just worked in silence. Every now and again Hoagie would mumble something about needing some tool and Waly would hand it to him, and then the four of them would get together to connect their work.

So far it looked pretty good. A base was starting to form, very slowly but surely. It would be an awful long time before they would be completely done, so a lot of their weekends would have to be spend doing this, which meant they'd be getting a closer bond to each other than they had originally expected.

Kuki definitely didn't mind bonding with either of the others, Abby also didn't mind so much. Sure, Hoagie and Wally had both gotten on her nerves earlier, but that didn't mean she had to hate them. Also she had decided against the rumors concerning Wally; judging people was a dumb waste of time anyways, she of all people should know since she was being judged most of the time. Some times because of her skin colour, sometimes because of her tomboy attitude, which to some, apparently seemed cold and bitchy.

"Hoagie dear." Hoagie's mother called from the garden door. "You and your friends seem exited about your little construction, but I thought maybe you should get something to eat."

"Oh. Sure mum." Hoagie answered, tossing everything he had in his hands and walking towards his mother. Kuki and Abby followed closely behind him, but Wally hesitated for a moment.

"How about you dear?" Mrs. Gilligan asked from the door.

"Oh me?" Wally asked, shrugging his shoulders. "Not sure your son wants me inside. We don't exactly see eye to eye."

"I don't exactly trust you Beetles. Not after all of the things you have done to me. But that doesn't exactly mean I want you to starve. Have to hand it to you, you have been working pretty hard." Wally gave him a little smile and stepped up to the door, Kuki and Abby following Mrs. Gilligan inside. "But I warn you." Hoagie whispered in a low voice, looking Wally dead in the eyes, only a matter of millimeters between their faces. "I've got my eye on you, and you are far from out of the heat yet for my part. Both Kuki and Abby seem to be okay with you, so for their sake I'm letting you in a bit. But if you want me to consider you my friend, you'll have to give me some time and not play any tricks on me. Got that shortie?"

"Hey!" Wally complained, feeling offended, and feeling like he should punch Hoagie, but he decided against it. "I'm not that much shorter than you are."

"But you still are shorter." Hoagie shrugged, walking inside with a little smile—only just visible on his lips.

For a moment Wally just stood there a bit confused. A bit because him and Hoagie had started to get a long a bit. Sort of. And two, because of the weird secretive smile Hoagie had given while walking in. Wally found himself wondering if Hoagie had mocked him or something.

Lunch wasn't all that bad in Kuki's eyes. She was glad they all seemed to somewhat get a long, and Hoagie had even started softening up to Wally a bit. It seemed like Hoagie was joking around with Waly, without Wally really knowing it; which was pretty fun to witness. What wasn't so fun to witness was when Wally had randomly made a bet with Hoagie about who could eat more, and the two of them had started gorging down food, swallowing before even chewing.

A bit disgusting, and a bit disrespectful, but is definitely beat them arguing over the unlucky past they shared. Even Abby seemed to agree with that.

Hi! I haven't forgotten you, not at all. Let me explain this chapter to you. See how it doesn't really flow as well as the others? Well, I have a bit of a struggle here with this story (I won't discontinue it, so please don't worry about that). My struggle is, that I have an idea where I want my plot to go, I'm just not really sure how to get there, and so it might take me quite a while to update this story, but I will really try my best to fill in between the plot ideas I have—you just have to be patient with me.

Anyhow. Criticism and/or advices on improvements is/are highly appreciated, and as always welcome :)


Ps. I kind of feel like I need to mention this: the reason Hoagie especially has a problem with Wally for now, is because the guys Wally kind of got himself involved with, has not been nice to Hoagie or hos 'nerdy' friends at all (don't you just hate that word? Nerdy. What is it even?). Anyways, just letting you know. I'm not trying to make them hate each other or anything, just trying to create a somewhat realistic picture of how a 'victim' would soften up to a 'bully' after forgiving him/her for what (s)he had done to them.