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The Demon Drink

The first punch caught him by surprise. By the time he knew what had happened, Sam was already on the floor, the angry imprint of his assailant's fist making his eye throb. He looked up angrily, demanding an explanation from his attacker, but then he received a foot in the gut. Sam wheezed as he was knocked onto his back, but the next thing he knew his attacker was on him, his fist smacking into his nose, sending blood pouring down his face. The brutal attack continued, another fist slamming into Sam's temple. Sam managed to jerk his attacker off and he staggered to his feet, making for the door to their room, but his attacker was on him again, kicking him in the stomach once more. Sam thudded to the ground, groaning in pain, his left eye swelling, his nose pouring blood, and still the attack continued.

"No, don't..." Sam pleaded.

But the attacker didn't listen. His foot repeatedly kicked Sam in the chest, and he could hear his ribs splinter from the assault, the horrible cracking sound filling the deserted car park they were in. Sam rolled away from the attack, clutching himself in pain, but the next attack came to the head, a forceful blow with the foot that made Sam cry out in pain. Seeing stars, he tried to make for the door, but the heavy weight of his assailant came down on top of him, and a rhythmic punching began. Not since Dean had found out that he was soulless had he been subjected to such a brutal assault. His attacker lifted up the front of his shirt, and holding Sam's head in place, he continued his relentless assault, slamming his fist into his mouth, nose and eyes over and over again, while Sam moaned in pain. What had he done to deserve this? He could see Lucifer standing behind his attacker, laughing his head off at the attack and Sam knew that if he survived this he would be even worse to deal with than usual. The attack continued, and pinned as his arms were beneath his attackers knees, there was nothing he could do to try and alleviate the attack in any way.

"Stop!" Sam pleaded, and the attacker seemed to hesitate, and Sam then jerked his lower body, unbalancing the man attacking him.

Sam tried to edge away from him, his ribs lancing with pain, his face bloodied, beaten mess, fighting down the urge to be sick as he tried as hard as he could to get away from his attacker. His long hair was matted with blood, his ribs were either cracked or broken, a sharp stabbing pain coming from each of them, his head was spinning, his eyes unfocused, blood pouring from his nose, mouth and cuts all along his face. He tried to back away but the attacker was once again on him, his foot once more colliding with Sam's head just as Sam tried to pick himself up. He crashed down into the gravel, scraping his hands and knees, and then he felt the foot on the back of his skull, forcing it into the granite. Sam cried out with pain and rolled over, trying to get down the small set of stairs to see if that offered any respite.,

No such luck.

The man kicked him in the stomach once more, making Sam cough up congealed blood, and with the momentum of the kick he rolled down the stairs, his gigantic body bouncing down each concrete step, adding more bruises and cuts to his increasing supply. He whimpered as he reached the bottom step, his entire body alive with pain, blood filling his mouth. He tried to push himself up with his wrists but it was clear from the lancing pain in his wrist that it was also broken. He looked up at his attacker, terrified.

"Don't, stop, don't do this!" he pleaded, and the attacker veered down, his breath stinking of booze as he pressed his face towards Sam's.

"Whiny little bitch." He growled, and Sam cowered, prepared for another hit, but that wasn't what came next.

Suddenly a hard pair of hands wrapped around Sam's neck. Sam looked at his assailant in surprised terror, as he felt the grip start to tighten around his neck. Sam tried to raise his hand to pull the attacker off, but the sharp pain in his right wrist meant that he could only use one hand, and the attacker was too strong for him in his weakened state. Sam could feel the tightening grip on his neck, and it was getting harder to breathe, air was harder to come by. Sam gagged desperately, clawing at the attacking hand desperately to try and pull it off, but it was to no avail. Sam could hear the blood pounding in his head, his airway constricted by the attacker's strong, unmoving fingers. Sam was kicking his legs now, desperately trying to knock his assailant off the top of him, but it wasn't working, all he was doing was thrashing his legs around, further weakening him. He continually clawed at his attacker's hands with his good arm, but it was no good, the beating had taken it out of him, and he couldn't muster enough strength. His strong neck was being collapsed under the vice like grip, and he was beginning to wheeze as he gagged for air, giving desperate shuddering breaths. His face was turning red from the lack of air, his eyes were wide and bulging, and his mind started to prattle in the back of his head: you're about to die.

Sam's eyes began to roll in his head, and he knew he was losing this struggle to stay conscious, probably losing the struggle to stay alive as well. He was desperately trying to breathe in, his legs still thrashing beneath the assailant, urgent gargling noises coming from his mouth as he tried once more to free himself.

"I hate you! You should have just left...me...alone!" the attacker yelled, forcing himself down on Sam's neck once again.

Sam gurgled, his last ditch attempt at getting any air into his beaten body, but it was too late. His eyes rolled back in his head as he lost the struggle. His legs came to a stop, twitching slightly as they relaxed. His hand fell from the area of his neck, sprawling out beside him. His face was a deep colour of red, his mouth wide open in a desperate attempt to suck in some air. His tongue was swollen in his mouth, sticking out above his bottom lip it had gotten so large. And with a final shuddering gasp, his eyes rolled completely back in his head, and he was lost to the blackness. And as that happened, his mind was thinking only one thing.


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P.S This story is set not long after Bobby was shot in 7.10 Death's Door. Enjoy!