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Another day of writing and interviews. Great. I love writing and journalism but it gets boring. I haven't gotten any real celebrity interviews for three months. All I get are extras in movies and stunt doubles now. Did they demote me without my knowledge? I've been thinking of quitting lately, but apparently I can't because I am the best journalist they ever had at The Star Scoop magazine. The Star Scoop is where you get all of the latest dish on all the celebs. Thousands of people subscribe to this magazine every month. I am the most famous journalist known in the country. Ms. Isabella Marie Swan. This all happened because of The Star Scoop.

I opened my laptop that was on my bed and check my email for new updates on anything. One new message. It's from the Scoop.

Hey Bella,

I got a big interview for you. It's a surprise. Come to my office on Wednesday for the details.

~ Phil

I smiled with joy. Finally! I got to tell Alice.

I called Alice on my speed dial. Alice Brandon is a famous fashion designer and my BFF. We met when I had to interview her about her new clothing line. We became very fast friends. Every single member of her family is famous. Both her parents acted in many famous plays on Broadway, her older brother, Emmett, is a famous pro wrestler, and her adopted brother, Edward, is a famous actor. I heard a lot about them from Alice but I never actually met them yet.

"Hey, girl! What's up?" Alice said when she picked up her phone.

"I finally got a major interview!"

"Really! OMG. Who is it?"

"I don't know. I'm getting the info on Wednesday."

"Wow! This is totally epic! Let's celebrate by shopping!"

"Alice!" I whined. "Can we do something else for once other than shopping?"

"Please Bella? Please. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please?"

"Okay." I caved "You know, for a pixie you can be really annoying."

"I try," she said in a playful tone. "See you in a few. Bye!"

"Bye!" We hung up. I walked to the bathroom to take a quick shower. Once I was done, I dried myself and stepped in my walk in closet, courtesy of Alice for making me get one. I changed out of my simple shorts and tank top into a pair of skinny jeans and a fitted, v-neck green shirt with a white spaghetti strap under it.


I slipped my cell phone into my purse while I got the door.

"Hey Jelly Belly!" Alice exclaimed using the nickname she calls me.

"Hey Al! Ready to go to Wonderland?" I said enthusiastically, it's our inside thing. Alice laughed. When I shop with Alice I usually call the mall Wonderland because she enjoys shopping so much and it's like her personal heaven, and my personal hell.

"Yup. I sure am!" she exclaimed. "Let's go!" We hopped into her yellow Porche and drove off.

Once we got to the local mall near my apartment, we literally ran into the stores. Alice squealed with joy when the new Armani store opened. She dragged me to the store and started tossing me clothes. I groaned internally. Shopping is not my forte, so to speak. It's more of Alice's, obviously, but when she's on a role like this you could never stop her dragging you all over the place. I sighed in annoyance when we went to another store. Alice squealed when the new summer collection caught her vision. Even though she can drive me crazy with clothes, I love her like a sister. She hauled me into the dressing room with a pile of clothes. I looked at the pieces of clothing Alice placed in my arms. I sighed again and tried on the clothes. Wow. I don't look half bad. Most of them clinged to my slender body and showed off my curves. I walked out of the dressing room to show Alice and she squealed with delight while I covered my ears. She paid for the clothes ignoring my protests and dragged me to another store.

You could never stop a pixie.