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Reader's P.O.V.

The awful roaring of the nurse behind her bandages was nearly deafening to Sorte's ears. She could not help but wonder how she had gotten into this situation at all. First, she is convicted of the murder of her parents-her parents were brutally murdered before her eyes and she had been to frightened at the time to come out of hiding to call for help. The police had to seek her out on their own, her tiny form shaking in a clammy sweat. How she was found guilty of it years later was beyond her, but she found herself on her way to Las Colinas Detention Facility. She'd managed to escape by distracting her guard long enough to slip away. Though they immediately pursued her in cars and with dogs, she still managed to get away...very much away, indeed. She later found herself in a very rundown town that was absolutely oozing with fog.

Twelve days after arriving, she was nearly at the end of her mental capacity of stress. Having been attacked by several terrifying monsters and almost being killed on every occasion, she had found herself sitting in an alley contemplating suicide. That was, until she'd heard the undeniably sinister footsteps of another creature directly behind her. She spared herself the gut-wrenching imagery and made a run for the nearest refuge-a hospital. After searching around for some time, glock clutched tightly in hand, she discovered a vacant restroom. Needing time to clean up and recover, she decided to(yes really!) wash up and even shake with one of the clean scalpels she had found in the pile of knives she had 'liberated'. Upon finishing this and redressing in her orange jumpsuit, she began to feel paranoid. Almost as if she were too safe and sound in this room. She stood up cautiously, taking her glock in hand and loading it with some more bullets; Sorte strapped the satchel of knives to her thigh.

As if of cue, the locked door was busted open and two zombie-like nurses bounded in. On reflex she shot the first one in the stomach, her flailing form falling to the ground heavily. The second, however, had been faster and evaded her gun, knocking Sorte to the ground and slashing a deep gash across her tawny cheek. Before she could get in a second swipe, Sorte flipped them both over straddling the nurse and pinning her arms next to her head with all of her might. The strange woman struggled fiercely, but her model-like body was no match for the surge of adrenaline and fear the pushed the girl onward. Her will to survive was all it took to pin the nurse down long enough to grab her gun and-

Both of them froze at the strange metallic sound that just became loud enough to be noticeable. Moments after this sound grew louder, the nurse below her began to thrash loudly, her garbed mouth screaming and gnashing to be free. As her frenzy began, Sorte held her down. She was not about to be killed by some dead Barbie bitch if she could help it. With much exertion, she managed to grasp her gun again and placed the nose of it directly against the nurse's forehead. That was when she noticed that the nurse had stopped struggling and eve the other had stopped writhing in agony.

The screeching had stopped as well. Her senses perked at that moment and she suddenly realized that they were not alone in that room. Gulping loudly, she turned slowly.

To this day, she wished that she hadn't turned to see the unforgettable man with the pyramid helmet.

Sorte's P.O.V.

The usual carnage tinged scent that I had become accustomed to in Silent Hill seemed even more prominent in the presence of this man. The are was tense with fear and thrummed with my rapidly beating heart and the throbbing, mutated organ behind this nurse's ribs. Since I'd come upon this-mostly-abandoned town, I'd quickly learned that being afraid and losing your cool was never the option when faced with a hazardous situation. Your best bet is to think your way out of the mess and use either your brain or your brawn to escape. In this situation, when I was being pinned to the floor under the massive weight of a monster that was even more intimidating than The Undertaker, my mind didn't even consider anything less than paralyzing fear.

My eyes constantly switched between his menacing open palms and the multitude of jagged scars along his chest and arms, only coming to a halt on his helmet when he made a sudden movement. His heavy boot pressed even more harshly down onto my back causing my breathing to become labored and rushed. The nurse beneath me was no better, her icy hands grabbing my hips as the tyrannous man made a move behind me. He lowered his body into a crouch, the foot on my back being replaced with his strong hand. I flinched visciously at the contact, expecting my spine to be extracted or my belly button to be ripped out through my lower back.

The very last thing I expected was to see a black, slimy appendage slither from beneath his helmet and mold itself against my inner thigh. Though my prisoners' orange jumpsuit covered me almost entirely from head to toe, the moisture and warmth that came along with the pressure of his tongue made me feel as take aback as I would if someone waved fire across my flesh and I didn't burn. His free hand settled upon my calve, grasping the material of the jumpsuit tightly and ripping it upwards from calve to hip. He followed suit with the other, my screams of terror over laced by gasps of confusion. I almost choked on my own tongue trying to scream as that same strange appendage slithered it's way beneath the crotch of the jumpsuit and molded to my womanhood, the tip pressed deliberately against my clit.

As soon as it was there, however, it was gone, retracting back underneath of his helmet with a wet 'schlup'. The gargantuan to my rear suddenly leaned forward and sniffed me, his helmet leaving a sharp trail of goosebumps from my lower back to my sex. I couldn't have been more creeped out by anything that had occurred in my life prior to this act. The male uttered a strange compilation between a growl and a moan, his right hand leaving my body to slam down upon the nurse's bare upper thigh. She screeched as if he'd burned her, pushing me viciously back toward him, my rather large ass making contact with his groin. I couldn't help but notice that the hilt of some hidden weapon was pressing firmly against the pliable, auburn flesh of my left thigh. Was he planning on shanking me? Carving our thighs up like meat? That still didn't explain why he licked me...'there'.

I was interrupted from my muses by the sudden jerk of the man pulling both she and I by the hips against him. Yanking loose whatever held the strange clothing around his hips, revealing to me the monster's most infamous weapon. Igasped at the sheer size of it, his cock twitching and still hardening under my gaze. My grey eyes flicked up to his momentarily, trying somehow to see through his helmet and into his eyes with a pleading and disbelieving look. In all the monsters I had encountered and ever even thought of, I never considered one would actually think to do this. The screaming nurse kicked out at him, easily subdued as he spread her thighs wide, ripping off her poor excuse for panties quickly before regaining his grip.

My mouth dropped open wide, a silent question stuck in my throat as he plunged deeply into her, the precum from his dripping member all the lubricant he needed to drive himself in to the hilt. The nurse groaned deep in her chest, the sound of it reverberating against my breasts that bounced in time with his slow but powerful thrusts. Just as I realized that the nurse was now moaning rather than screaming, he suddenly reared back and slammed into her so hard that if it weren't for his hand on my back I would have been bucked off by the jolt. He picked up a new fast and savage rhythm, pounding into the poor woman so hard that her screams of pain laced the pleasured ones, her dirty fingernails digging into my hips as the exposed part of my ass slapped against his slick abdominals.

I was speechless. Was this really happening? Was the most intimidating and deadly looking thing I'd seen in Silent Hill actually raping this zombie bitch while using me like a fucking paper weight? I looked up at his helmet over my shoulder, the heavy looking thing didn't move an inch as he continued to rub her insides raw. His grunts seemed coarse and barely human. I gripped the nurses shoulders. Unsure of what to do or say or think-how the hell am I gonna get out of this sick fantasy? Should I say someth-

A slippery thumb probed my anal entrance. I screamed bloody murder, clawing at the hand at my back with a new kind of vigor. I don't care if I'm dead, dying, or on the bus on my way to the morgue! There was no way in hell he was going to stick anything up my ass! I turned around as far as I could and punched his arm as hard as I could and as many times as I could. I eventually settled on trying to dig my fingers into the badly sewn wounds along his forearm. I stopped moving all together, howling in pain as the slick intrusion slid past my sphincter and along the inner walls of my rectum. He hooked his thumb inside of my lower back as he continued to fuck the nurse, the foreign hole I had never thought about before burning and clenching around the unwelcome entrance.

My eyes finally pricked with fearful tears at the damage or infection that could ensue as my insides were gently stroked from the force of his erratic thrusting. I could feel the uncomfortableness of being stretched around the digit and my stomach seized up, ready to spew the Ritz crackers I'd found that morning all over the glistening neck of the nurse who was still moaning like a whore. He pulled his hand back a bit, forcing his thumb in beyond my breaking point and causing a blood-curdling scream to rip from my lungs and ricochet off of the tiled walls. I was sure that I was bleeding and vaguely wondered how anyone could find this act enjoyable. The nurse's breathing escalated to a point where I could feel the coolness of each pant before I felt her entire body tense up, an orgasm the only explanation for the final scream that exited her mouth.

The giant's thrusts did not cease as finally extracted his finger from my ass and flipped us both over, sure to lay me on my stomach as his hand wandered to my crotch. I tensed up again as his large middle digit evaded the barrier of my panties and found my clit, rubbing rapid circles into it as he fucked the woman on my back. I reached between my legs to hinder his movements but only succeeded in further pinning myself underneath both his and the nurses weight. His finger worked on me harshly, his muscular thigh coming up behind me to spread my legs apart and also to hoist up the nurse to a better thrusting level. This act seemed to go on indefinitely,more than two hours surely passing as involuntary spasms of lust rippled against my inner muscles. I could feel a coil within my stomach tightening, my body shaking with the urge to moan and the the strength not to vomit. I started to chew my lip, my hips taking on a mind of their own as they began to grind against his now slick thigh. My wetness pooled at the small part of his knee that I could see as he rocked both of our bodies to a steady beat. I felt an orgasm trying to creep up on me, my sliding haphazardly against his thigh as he rubbed my clit in all the right places.

Tears of helplessness blinded me as the nurse above me screamed out with her final orgasm, her body writhing in time with his as he extended her ecstasy by continuing to drive his massive cock into her. His breath only quickened slightly, his own finish close by. My climax was close, the shame and wrongness of this entire situation holding back the sweet release that threatened to throw me over the edge. His thigh kept smacking against my wet pussy as he finished his business with the slightly trembling nurse. He no longer needed a hand to hold her down and leaned back a bit to use both of our weight to bounce her on his cock while using the free left hand to grasp my inner thigh. The panic rising in my throat cam out as a breathy moan, his growl coming out somewhat as a knowing chuckle as he pushed me further and further to the brink of madness. A sudden finger threatening my puckered hole made me clench in panic;this caused a chain reaction and the moment my vaginal muscles made contact, the spring within me broke. My hips slapped against his thigh achingly while his right hand was a rapid cyclone that upped my orgasm, a wanton scream finally escaping my throat as the filthy pleasure coursed through my veins and dripped from my tight core.

My insides were in an agonizing ecstasy, his thigh still slapping against my entrance to ebb out short but powerful after shocks. His thrusts finally became erratic and he squeezed my sex possessively , his left hand coming to the nurses as he slammed into her, finally coming to a stop after what seemed like an eternity. He growled like a lion as he emptied his seed within her, pulling out of her and letting us both collapse in a heap upon the floor. He scooted her away from me with his black boot after reaching down to re-tie his skirt about his waist. As he covered his dignity, the giant thudded heavily over to where his sword lay, my hazy mind just barely able to register concern.

Without o much as a warning, the monster thrust his sword vertically through the nurses skull, slicing her down the middle with ease. He crushed her stomach with his boot as he walked over her, his semen squishing out of her exposed womb. He made a move toward me, swaggering over with a new type of relaxed posture. He thrust his sword down into the floor between my head and shoulder, once again leaning down to my level. His free hand came up to grab my face...terror ensued immediately at the realization of what he was capable of.

Just as another set of tears began to pour from my reddened eyes, a mass of mutated flesh roared from the space where the shattered door used to be. The 'monster' snatched his sword from the cracked tile with an almost annoyed sigh, pushing my withered body backwards from this new creature. I closed my eyes against this new terror, wishing that, somehow, I would not end up like the destroyed corpses that belonged to the nurses to my right.

'Oh...why did I have to drop that gun...?'

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