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Suicune's POV:

I was bored of being tailed by that human. Eugine, I think his name was. I had to loose him, but he keeps showing up. I took a shortcut across a huge lake and came to the clearing I was meeting up with Entei and Raikou in. I arrived first due to me being the fastest. I sat down in wait, but before long, I heard something. It sounded human. I was ready to bolt, but then caught sight of something at the base of a tree. I walked over and saw it was a baby human. I looked around and sniffed the air. It was alone. I made up my mind and, without another word, picked it up, just as Entei and Raikou showed up, they threw me questioning glances, and I set the baby down to explain. When I finished, they nodded in agreement. None of us were bad. We wouldn't condem a baby human to death for no reason.

" a big human is coming."

Raikou said,

" it must be the pup's parent."

Entei warned, I shook my head,

" it's Eugine. Come on, we gotta go."

With the baby's cloth thing firmly placed between my teeth, we ran off.

Together we decided to raise the baby as our own, even though we were all males and the baby was female. I named her San because I like that name and refused to listen to the arguments given by Entei and Raikou. They knew how stubborn I was and so gave in. The girl was now named San.

We taught her to walk and talk like a human, but she still thought she was one of us.

We were celebrating her fifth birthday when Eugine caught up with us once again. We stayed together for those years so San could be with all of us. She was on Entei's back when we smelt something human. We turned and saw Eugine looking at us. I snorted in annoyence and- knowing we had saw him- he came out,

" Suicune! I have followed you for years! Please battle me! I want a chance to see your glory up close!"

I rolled my eyes and said,

" Raikou, Entei, go on. San, stay with me."

when they gave me worried glances I said,

" it'll be ok. I won't let her get hurt."

Entei hesitantly agreed and I brought San over to my back, then the other two ran on,

" what are we doing, Suicune?"

San asked,

" your going get your first chance at a battle, young Sun."

that was our nickname for her, since San and Sun were so similer and because she filled our lives with sunshine.

She smiled happily,

" your command, daughter."

I said as Eugine sent out a Meganium.

" Suicune, use aurora beam."

San called and I immeditaty did it. Eugine now noticed the little girl on my back as his pokemon dodged my attack.

" Suicune, what are you doing with that child?"

Eugine called, I smirked as I knew he wouldn't attack if I had San. I slowly walked forward, keeping a wary eye on Meganium. When I was close enough for him to reach out and touch me- he tried to- I opened my mouth and let out a mist so strong he couldn't see, then ran away. I stopped nearby to listen to his cry of annoyance at my getting away. I laughed and ran to find Entei and Raikou.

San's POV:

A few months later it was time for the annual meeting for the legendary pokemon in the hall of origens. My parents decided to take me along this year. Eventually we arrived and were greeted by Celebi and the legendary bird trio.

" whoa. Suicune, Entei, Raikou what's going on here?"

Moltres asked,

" we found her as a baby and couldn't leave her alone to die."

Suicune said,

" hi, flame birdie."

I said,

" it's Moltres, human child."

she said,

" Moltres."

I repeated,

" we'll have to see what Arceus says about this, if he accepts the girl, we all will."

Zapdos said. The three legendary beasts nodded in agreement. All of a sudden Latios and Latias flew in,

" it's true."

Latias cried,

" you do have a human child. Awww. Can I see her?"

" sure,"

Suicune replied,

" San, go to Latias."

I got off Suicunes back- with his help- and walked over to Latias. She helped me onto her back and flew around, we were both laughing. We did that until a huge pokemon came through, Latias stopped flying round the room and came down to the ground to float beside her brother.

" Suicune, Entei, Raikou. What possessed you to adopt a human child?"

Arceus asked,

" she was all alone, we couldn't leave her to die."

Suicune said, Arceus nodded once and looked over at me,

" child, do you know who you are?"

" I'm the daughter of Suicune, Entei and Raikou."

I replied instantly, Arceus seemed to like that answer,

" do you know what you are?"

"I'm a unique pokemon like my parents."

I replied,

" no matter what happens, will you always be a pokemon?"

I nodded, a little confused by all these questions.

" ok, I accept the girl as the child of the three beasts and from this day forward there are four legendary beasts!"

Arceus declared. My parents cheered and the others gathered around me as Arceus left. That meeting was basically all about introducing me to all the other legendary pokemon and letting me get to know them.

Every year on the same day I went with my parents to the council meeting, a lot of other pokemon there were my friends.