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Yami's POV:

I looked up when I heard gasps coming from the other legendries. Arceus was slowly standing up. He looked around at all of us, before his gaze rested on San. He noticeably blinked and her body dissolved into tiny specks of light,

"what are you doing?!" Raikou demanded,

"it was necessary. You'll see." Arceus said, but didn't expand on it. The three beasts growled,

"bring my daughter back!" Entei demanded. Arceus looked at him,

"San is happy. What is left for her here?" He asked.

"Her family! Her friends! Her life!" Suicune snapped. Arceus tilted his head to the side,

"yes, but she wasn't happy with her life, not really. You know that as well as I do." He said,

"she's a child! She has… had the rest of her life to live. Now bring her back!" Suicune ordered, showing his teeth.

"you may ask her yourself whether or not she wishes to come back." Arceus said and closed his eyes, stepping to the side. My eyes widened and so did all the legendries. It was San. She was pale and see through and wearing a strange, girly, white knee length dress, but it was definitely her.

"San!" I cried and ran over to her. I wrapped my arms around her shoulders. She looked shocked for a second but then smiled and hugged me back. She closed her eyes and some tears escaped from below the lashes.

San's POV:

The world looked wrong to me now. It was all out of focus and everything was in black and white. I saw Yami run over and wrap her arms around me in a hug. I paused in shock for a few seconds but then hugged her back; I closed my eyes and allowed tears to run out from under them. I looked at Yami when she stepped back and realized if I focused in on one thing, it became really clear, much more than it was when I was alive. When I looked away from her again everything went back to being blurred and unfocused. I saw my parents coming forward and hugged each one individually.

"I'm so sorry." I muttered, nuzzling Suicune's fur.

"It's not your fault, San! Don't ever let anyone make you think it is." He replied firmly. I looked straight at him, so his face would come into focus.

"I want to go back to the way it was before. I want to be alive!" I cried, looking up at Arceus.

"Are you sure?" He responded and I gave a firm nod, right before unbearable pain flowed through my body. I fell to the ground and screamed. It was the worst pain I'd ever felt and I needed it to stop!

Latias's POV:

I tried to fly over to my best friend when she dropped to the ground, screaming, but Latios stopped me, shaking his head. Instead, I watched as her colour gradually came back and that girly dress vanished, revealing the old, tattered clothes she had on before she died, but something was different. There were streaks of silver going through her auburn hair when there didn't used to be. I glanced at my brother, but he simply shrugged. San lay still, panting with exhaustion. I was really happy to see her breathing at all. Gradually, she got up and looked around. Her eyes were normal, but something in her heart seemed different. I couldn't quite work out what it was.

San's POV:

I broke into a wide smile, it was amazing! I felt so energized, like I was on a sugar high. I could see everything all at once. I saw the veins on the leaves and I could even see the air currents. I waved my arm through the air, cutting through the air. Even though my arm passed through it I could still feel a certain solidness.

"San?" I turned to the voice and saw Suicune looking at me with worry,

"I've never felt better!" I told him, before spinning around to face Raikou, feeling the need to get rid of some of my energy.

"Race me, Raikou." I said, wanting to run and feel the wind blowing through my hair. Raikou looked at Entei and Suicune in surprise then nodded reluctantly,

"if you insist, San." He said. I walked to his side and counted too three. We both started running and he overtook me easily, but then even more energy coursed through my leg muscles and I increased speed until I was able to match him, then pass him. I reached the other end of the field first then ran back. I made it back way before Raikou could and laughed. Suicune looked at Arceus,

"what have you done?" He demanded.

"I added to the girl's hidden power, so she could do things she never could've done before. Fast running is only one of her new gifts. I did it so she would have the strength to be able to hang onto life after being killed so suddenly." Arceus explained. Suicune looked at me as I rose into the air, using the air currents as steps for myself. Yami and the other humans stared at me in amazement and I laughed. I walked back down to the ground as I remembered something. I looked at Arceus,

"where is my parent's house?" I demanded, "my human parents that you took me from?"

The three beasts stared at Arceus in anger,

"you took San from her home and left her purposely for us to find?!" Entei roared. Arceus ignored the beasts and looked at me.

"they live in the countryside three towns away." He said then opened a portal and flew up into it, disappearing from this dimension. The ruler of the dimension world followed his example and left for his own world, as did Palkia and Dialga. The other legendries slowly dispersed as well until it was just me, my parents and the humans.

"wow. I can't wait to tell all my friends I survived a legendary war." Jodie said excitedly.

"No!" I said loudly, turning to her. Pure power made my word carry stronger so it made her shut up and listen. In fact, they all turned to me,

"you will tell no-one about what just happened. You are all to take this to your graves." I said, power still ringing in my voice then I held my arm out, waiting for them to do the same, making a pledge. Yami put her hand on top of mine, followed by the tribe members. Felix and Jodie hesitated, but then did the same. I nodded and stepped back,

"I am leaving now to track down my birth parents. Yami, do you want to come with me or go with them?" I asked, pointing to Faye and her tribe.

"I'll go with you and meet up with the tribe later." Yami said, smiling at me. I smiled back at her then raised my arm. A pure silver portal appeared,

"this will lead you back to your jungle." I told Faye. She nodded and gave me a hug before leaving with her tribe. I turned to Felix and Jodie,

"I will send you back to the city you were at when we were summoned." I said,

"wait, we're coming with you." Felix said and Jodie nodded. I narrowed my eyes,

"no, you're not. This is a matter for me and my family only." I hissed.

"you let her go!" Jodie whined, pointing at Yami. I narrowed my eyes,

"she is my clone, my sister. She is family, you are not." I said, opening a portal to the city and watched them until they went. I smiled and turned to my family,

"I want to run. Yami, you can sit on Suicune's back for this trip." I said. My clone nodded and swung herself up onto his back.

I ran through the towns at a speed so fast human eyes would miss it. The beasts were behind me, not even Suicune could keep up. When I got to the edge of the third town I stopped short, seeing a large house. It was my parent's house, I just knew it. Suicune walked to my side,

"You don't have to do this you know." He said. I took a deep breath,

"no. I want to." I replied, "Yami, come with me?" I asked. My twin nodded and got off Suicune's back. We walked up to the house, the beasts waited behind, letting us do it alone.

I knocked the door and a woman in her early twenties opened the door, holding a baby in her arms,

"yes?" She asked,

"Who is it, Megan?" Another voice called from inside,

"two teenage girls." The woman, Megan, called back and a woman in her late forties came to the door and Megan walked off. I tried to speak, but the words got caught in my throat, so Yami spoke instead,

"we came here to see you, for a reason. This girl, this is your daughter." She said. The woman looked at me in shock; she didn't know what to say,

"the legendary Pokémon Arceus took her as a baby and she was raised by Suicune, Entei and Raikou." Yami explained.

"really?" She asked, looking at me in amazement. I nodded and she pulled me forward to wrap her arms around me. I hugged her back as Yami moved back to give us space.

"what's going on mom?" Megan asked, coming back. My mother turned to back her,

"this is the girl I told you about. Your younger sister who went missing." Mom said to her and the woman looked amazed. She shifted her baby to one arm and pulled me into a sort of hug with the other. I hugged her back,

"and who's this?" My mom asked, gesturing to Yami,

"this is my clone. Team rocket made her when they captured me." I explained,

"oh. Oh goodness… what's your name, dear?" she asked,

"the legendary beasts named me San. I uh, only came to meet you, but I have to go back to them now." I said,

"wait! Don't go." Mom cried, gripping my arm. I turned back to her,

"at least stay a couple of days, please." She said. I sighed,

"I'm really sorry, but I have to go." I said and backed off, just as the beasts walked towards us. I got onto Entei's back and Yami got onto Raikou's back,

"I'll come visit you." I promised as the beasts ran off.

I stood in the jungle with the tribe. I'd went there with Yami so she could go back to them, where she wanted to be. I hugged all of them to say goodbye then got onto Suicune's back,

"I'll visit you all. I promise." I told them as the beasts ran off.

I stood in front of my parents in the hall of origins as I hugged my best friends; the eon duo, Celebi and Lugia.

"are you ok San? Really?" Latias asked.

"yes. I promise you I'm great. I've never felt better." I told her and that was true. I could see much clearer than I used to be able to, as I could see the air currents and lots of things I couldn't see before I had these powers. I left my parents and ran around the hall of origins with some of the legendries, being able to keep up with them in races and hold my own in fights. I think I've finally found the perfect place where I fit in completely.