Power up

Danzo was in happy mood he just got half of his power back and with the modification done to his body he was almost unstoppable and soon he would rule the World! "HAHAHAHHAH" Dangerously Danzo enter in to the and went straight to Tsume "Suck my dick bitch or it the vet for you!" Tsume look at Danzo like he was crazy that's was when Sarutobi enter the room "Sarutobi tell this bitch to do as I say..." Danzo said dangerously as his tongue was hanging out of his mouth; Sarutobi gave Tsume and look that scary her and she didn't like it "Well do as he said Tsume I don't have time to worry about dried cunt.." Tsume eyes widen and then she drop to her knees and start on her new Job. "I call you all here to let you know that Usagi has unlock her bloodline, and now we have one who can use it two that cannot. I also want to let you know that Danzo is starting Root again, but it will not be as big as before." Danzo laughs at that and holds Tsume head to his dick "It big I now keep up the good work.." Tsume growls at man but keeps going.

"I though you should know that Naruto is stronger then we all though and I might have to fix it" Sarutobi told everyone as they got up to leave Tsume and Danzo alone in the room, nobody want to hear her gasping like an bitch.

It has been a month since the teams where done and the horror of D mission where out, but it was weird Team 6 only have one D-Mission every other week. Naruto figure it out and so did Kagura so they decide to up there training, but something weird was going on with Naruto he start to remember more of the Negaforce; and knew he would find answers somewhere soon, but he didn't try to hard. Then it happen the First A ranking Mission they got


Naruto, Sakura and Usagi where standing front of the old man with nice smile on his face. Good to see you made it now I have mission for you guys I need for you to head to Tanazi Town and to find out whats going on there, it should only take about a week to finish. Also on the way there, I want you check on team 7 they might need help with the Bandits and all that. Dismissed!"

Naruto, Sakura and Usagi all look at each and nod and went straight to his home. As they got there; Anko was be good host as she was fuck by Kurenai Super dick... it seem that Kurenai was an Futa, and she was in love with Anko. Anko told her they could be just friend, but Kurenai lost control and tried to rape Anko. It was lucky Naruto was there to stop it, but it was to late for Kurenai so Naruto had to use a seal to keep Kurenai activities a SSS secret.

Anko was the only beside Naruto to have the seal code and she only used it to keep her pussy in shape for Naruto. Anko smiles as she see her best friends team enter his home in the Dead Woods. Naruto did his messages in Anbu codes so only those he knew would understand him. "Good Luck in that town I heard it has lot of troublesome people also, checking up on Kakashi team is bullshit don't let him trick you.." Anko tell the three as they leave. Kuernai dick now was as just old and out use; Naruto tongue was better, his dick was better, his finger was better. Anko push her off and put Kurenai to sleep and went to get some needles.

At East Gate

Naruto, Sakura and Usagi where standing in line waiting for Kagura to appear and when she did Naruto ran behind the tree calling out her name and Sakura went behind the same tree calling out Naruto name and Usagi pull out the Pill and ran in the same tree line calling out Kagura name.

"I still got it as she stand there naked as her white hair blows behind her and her naked figure make men pass out form bloodlost and women to faint because there boob felt weak. After they clean themselves off Naruto Sexy Booby where off.

30 miles out

Sexy Booby were bounce up down an dimer formation as Naruto was in the back looking at all there butt's. Naruto just happen to be joking around one day and ask "What would people think if we call a'res self Sexy booby." Naruto laugh but Kagura said it would give them the shock factor and make it easy to win. Naruto was happy they like the idea because Sasuke said it was stupid and they should be call Uchiha Bitches. These of course got him knock out, but for some reason in his mind he heard 'Uzumaki Bitches 4life' he would have keep on thinking but his face hit a butt which made the girl clap with joy.

Naruto look to see his face print on Kagura ass and she look happy "Naruto didn't I tell you wait until your Chunin?" Naruto nod his head and look Kagura in the eye "Good now I think it's time I gave you guys some Summoning..." Naruto eyes went why as he see an figure and giant scroll with his name on it.

"NARUTO!" Naruto looks up to see all the girls looking at him with tears in there eyes. "I'm find it just someone told me to sign an scroll long time ago...I couldn't see her face, but it was like fade T.V screen." Sakura smiles knowing that he would get it all back someday. He didn't have to tell them Sakura was always holding back she knew her sister work when she saw it. The naruto that she love was an Blood clone and this Naruto had half of his memories, but it was good enough for her she would not push it out and after taking to Usagi about the Kyubi she would give time he need.

"Okay Naruto thats good I hope she was nice in your dreams and don't forget it was an woman girls hate that."Kagura smiles at him and he laugh at that. "Okay Naruto I will show you the Hand Signs then I want you to call something out okay?" Naruto nods and watches Kagura do each systematical sign and slam her hand onto the tree. "You tried it Naruto and know this we believe in you.."

Naruto smiles and Slam his hand down and Scream out " Summoning Jutsu!" A bright flash appear as Naruto hand hit the ground it was bright and strong, but Naruto couldn't keep his eyes open just then the light fade and, there stood something that made them all wet. "HELLO I am Queen Bee of the BeeGirl aka HoneyBEE!" In front of them was an girl with long legs with nice wet golden honey drip down them; Her butt was nice shape m, her arm look nice smooth just like her ass and legs, Final her wings on her back came out form the side just above her stinger.

"My name is BeeBee and whom summon me?" She looks around as her brown hair flies behind her and then see Naruto; Blue eyes met sexy golden pink. "Prophecies child..." BeeBee whisper as she looks down at his pants and use her BeeBee vision to see if his dick is the one. BeeBee smiles and licks her lips "I will tell you about your new Summoning so take my hand Master. "Okay" Naruto grabs her and she winks at the 3 girls and disappears in smoke.

Kagura smiles at this "Okay Sakura and Usagi lets get you Summon and wait for the lucky dick to get back." Sakura and Usagi laugh at that, Naruto dick must be an gold mind.

Naruto appears in front of giant Bee Hive and his jaw drops to see hundreds of beegirls are running around naked and licking Honey off each other. There Honey Tree, Honey everything. "Welcome Naruto to the land of the Beegirls, Are summoning is just for one thing; that to learn how to be one with Nature Chakra. We have the easy way to learn, so lets get to it. First you need to be naked, Second you must bath in the honey spring and let nature rub all over your body. The final step you must give to Nature."

Naruto was half listening as he seal his clothes in seal array on his jacket. "Also unlike other summons are Nature Chakra doesn't have any real weakness, not unless you count having super hard-on or having mad sex..." Naruto grabs BeeBee and rush to the Hive while all the girls clap with joy.

BeeBee Smile at the girls and nod her and point to the great Honey jar. Yap Naruto was going to be having a lot of fun.

Chapter end