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Chapter One

The final suitcase was thrown into the trunk of the car and closed with a soft thud.

"That's the last of it"

"So I guess this is it, huh Sammy?"

Sam nodded, his lips turning up into a sad smile as he pulled his older brother Dean into a tight hug.

Dean Winchester was 22 years old and had practically raised his younger brother Sam alone. Their mom Mary Winchester had died tragically in a house fire when Sam was just a baby and their dad John had taken it very badly, drinking to the extreme and working away a lot, he wasn't around very much which left Dean to look after Sam. John passed away from liver failure when Dean was just 16 years old.

He dropped out of high school early and devoted his time to looking after Sam, making sure his brother continued to attend school, finding himself a job and saving up for the college education that Sam always longed for. He found them a small two bedroom apartment near to Sam's school and they had lived there ever since.

Dean was proud of his younger brother; admiring his ambition and watching him grow into a smart, level headed, extremely tall young man. This was the moment Dean was both waiting for and dreading all at the same time.

Sam Winchester was finally off to college; Dean was over the moon for him and hugged him tightly, fighting back the tears. Unfortunately for them both, the college was 3 states away and a lot more distance put between them than Dean had hoped for, but he was certain Sam would stay in touch. After all he practically raised the kid.

"You take care Sammy, ya hear? You better stay in touch and call me to let me know how you're settling in…" Dean said, gripping Sam's shoulders tightly and forcing a tight lipped smile.

"Dean stop fussing, I'll be fine and of course I'll be in touch…are you…gonna be ok?" Sam said slowly, a frown creasing his brow.

He appreciated everything Dean had done over the years and felt bad leaving him behind, but it had been his older brother that had encouraged him to go on and make something of himself. That was exactly what Sam would do, for himself and for Dean.

The older Winchester chuckled and nodded.

"Sure, you know me…"

Sam gave another sad smile and nodded in response.

"Yeah...I do…I'll miss you Dean, take care"

"I'll miss you too…now enough of the chick flick moments alright, you better get moving" Dean said with a humourless laugh and slapped Sam on the back.

They shared a final smile and Sam got into his car, started up the engine. With a final wave to his older brother, he sped off onto the open road to start his new life.

Dean watched as the car disappeared into the distance and his smile faded as a few built up tears finally spilt over the edge and trickled down his cheeks. He wiped them away with his sleeve, already feeling a lot more alone and dreading going back into his now empty apartment.

He turned and made his way back inside, wiping away any remaining silent tears. Dean was completely unaware of the figure in the shadows, which had been watching the scene unfold.