Disclaimer- I am not JK Rowling

Out of all the Potter-Weasley children you are the least like your namesake. And, it pains you inside because you know that no matter how hard you try, you could never live up to him. It is not from a lack on trying on your part either. For you have played the role set before you for many years, and have grown tired of it. You are not him and not matter what you do, you never will be.

You sometimes hate the way your parents look at you. Especially your father, who seems to believe that you really are him back from the dead. This happens just not at home but at school as well. The professors take one look at your name on their class roster and assume that you are just like him even before your first class with them.

It makes you frustrated beyond belief and you want to shout things to them like "I am not him," or "look at me, the real me, not the ideal that you think I am." But you don't. You know of the pain associated from what happen long ago still remnants with them, so you keep quiet.

When starting each day you put on the practiced smile, that you have mastered years ago and spend each day acting the way that everyone expects you to while pushing aside your own desires. While hoping in vain for the day that you could shed off your mask and show everyone the real you.

A/N- I started this with one second generation character in mind, but decided to make it more vague, because I think that all the children named after fallen greats could feel this way. I would be interested to get some feedback on who you think the mystery person is.