"Bunshin no Jutsu!"

This statement was heard, quite literally, from A to Z throughout the graduating classes. Everyone had to do the requisite hand seal (ram), say the requisite statement, and make the requisite replications (3 at the least). Now, this may seem ridiculous, but if you want to be a ninja, which the kids do, then you had to do it to graduate. So far, among the students wanting to graduate, all of them succeeded at making the replications….


Oops, spoke too soon. Apparently, a student with spiky blond hair, cerulean blue eyes, and a kill-me orange jumpsuit made a really pathetic attempt at the Bunshin no Jutsu (one half-dead clone from chakra overload) and failed his tests. Said student was really hoping to be a ninja, but after failing twice before, it was starting to look rather pathetic. Still, he never gave up, even at a time like this.

The one that failed him, Umino Iruka, had a scar on his face that went from below his left eye, across the bridge of his nose, all the way to below his right eye. He also had a tanned complexion and brown hair and eyes. He wore a blue shirt and gray-black pants under a green military flak meant for ninja of the rank of Chūnin while, on his forehead, was the headband of a ninja from Konohagakure no Sato.

Now, even though he failed an aspiring ninja, it didn't mean he had anything against the boy; quite the contrary. If anything, Iruka thought of him as a little brother, even though they weren't related by blood. Both were orphans from the Kyūbi attack some 12½ years ago, Iruka's parents dying while fighting the Yōkō, while Naruto, the blond youth born the day of the attack, had no knowledge of who his parents were, what caused his birthmark of three whiskers on each cheek of his face, and why most everyone hated him for just being alive. Now, the younger generation wouldn't know about it, but Naruto housed one of the terrors of the known world: the very beast that terrorized the village that October 10th and caused the death of the Fourth Hokage.

"Iruka-sensei," said a silver-haired Chūnin that wore what Iruka wore, minus the headband, named Tōji Mizuki, "he was off, but his moves weren't bad, and he did manage to replicate. This is his third try, so I suppose we could cut him a break," at this, Naruto brightened his expression visibly to a great degree, "and pass him."

"Mizuki-sensei," said Iruka, "the other students successfully created three replications each. But Naruto could only create one. Just look at it; it's pitiful." As Iruka was saying this, Naruto was getting angry, not only at Iruka, for his harsh treatment of him, but at himself, for not getting the proper training to finally obtain Iruka's approval, as well. "I can't pass him."

Haruno Sakura was in a pickle emotionally. For starters, all she had hoped for was a boyfriend who would graduate with her and actually love her, but nobody met her precise standards 'Naruto didn't graduate, Uchiha Sasuke was more-than-likely gay, and every other boy was either perverted *cough*Kiba*cough* or not interested *cough*Chōji, Shikamaru, Shino*cough*'. Then there was her role as the head of the Uchiha Sasuke Fan club. In all reality, she never liked gay people, but she didn't have a choice. The fact that she met the requirements for Club President 'low back-length hair, lives closest to the Uchiha Compound, and was a natural bookworm', even though she never heard of this fan club when she met the requirements since she was 2, did nothing to sway her to the Uchiha.

If anything, she had said that the Uchiha liked a certain type of woman, but went and became a different type of woman 'What she said was "deprived body, tiny chest, no skill as a kunoichi, little to no boy sense, and all make-up and glamor". What she did: well-fed body, 36C-cup rack hidden under a genjutsu, top-rank kunoichi 'trained in the Forest of Death', understood boys and their brainwaves 'thanks to her male cousins living with her family', and a minimal amount of make-up and glamor 'unless it's one of the month-long beauty contests that, as club president, she is forced to participate in, 'I hate those thing'. In short, unless something weird happens, she was living incognito as the Uchiha Sasuke Fan Club president.

In truth, she had feelings for Uzumaki Naruto, as it was he who saved her from a group of Root ANBU. Somehow, Root ANBU thought she had a bloodline limit from a long-forgotten clan, and wanted to claim her for Shimura Danzō. So, long story short, both ran from their respective chasers, just an normal day of running form the mob as Naruto ran into Sakura, trying tp escaped the mob together as Root ANBU surrounded them, Naruto killed the two-score Root ANBU and Sakura was in love ever since.

Now, knowing Naruto wasn't well liked, Sakura checked with her parents about their opinion of Naruto for understanding if they hated him or not. Their response was "Sakura, we don't have anything against Naruto-san, as he didn't do anything to receive that hate. Now, there is a strange thing about him, but so few people are allowed to speak about it, due to the hate people have for him because of it, which is not becoming of a love struck girl like you. Don't worry, Sakura, he is a person we encourage you to have feelings for." These events happened on Naruto's 7th birthday.

Well, the years had made things difficult, as Naruto was forced away from her area by the damnable civilian council going behind the Sandaime Hokage's back by putting a restraining order on Naruto that prevented him from being within a 3-city block radius of the Haruno Clan Compound.

…Yeah. Life was just sad for a love struck girl who wore a red Chinese-style battle dress along with knee-length black pants and a red ribbon – err, excuse me, a hitai-ate3 where a ribbon would go – that loved a boy most of the village hated for just being alive.

It therefore came as a shock when she saw Mizuki, one of the numerous Naruto haters, go over to the swing he was on and leave with him to go over to his apartment outside the area of no clearance by the restraining order that was issued by the stupid civilian council.

Uchiha Usagi had one of those annoying days at the academy. Ever since she had a break from being sickly, she had to adopt the persona of her twin brother, Uchiha Sasuke, who was expected to have his hair in the shape of a duck's ass, a blue shirt, white pants, a pair of belted arm sleeves, white pants, blue ninja sandals, a Konoha hitai-ate over his forehead, and a penis that was "worthy" of the Uchiha Clan… except that it would never come to pass. There was nothing to split the two of them apart, as they were clones of each other (in a way), unless it counted that one had to stay in the house to prevent others from getting her germs never kissed her anywhere, or had family that kissed her anywhere, whatever the case.

A: Kisses her and you die other Uchiha where not save, but what every disease she got if you got it it was ten times worst then her version.

b) not carry a bit of her genetics her parents and brother were immune because of this rule, thats right only her family was immune

C: Naruto was also save form the disease how and why you might be wondering heres the story on that.

"Otou-san, who is it that's going to play with me today? You promised to have someone play with me, and you said that he was from outside the clan as well. Who is it, Otou-san, who is it?"

Uchiha Fugaku, who wore the appropriately green Jōnin flak, a sea green jacket underneath, sea green pants, an orange undershirt, his hitai-ate and blue ninja sandals, looked at his daughter Usagi, who was six years old at the time, and smiled. He had finally allowed the container of the Kyūbi no Yōkō to come into the clan compound to play with his daughter, after doing much backstabbing on the clan council, and set things to be perfectly acceptable for her playing with him. He only regretted that her illnesses might kill him if he didn't kiss her somewhere, as he had no idea how good his healing rate was, but that didn't matter. He wanted to make sure that his daughter's first play date went perfectly. Well, to that end, he made sure that nobody would hurt Naruto under penalty of Ultimate law, even going as far as asking his eldest son Itachi to make sure that nobody would hurt him, seeing that it was next to impossible to get the two of them to agree on when and where to be nice to each other.

"Itachi, get over here, right now!"

Uh, yeah, not the smartest thing to say to get someone's attention, especially one of the ANBU of Konoha, but this was a normal interaction that was getting started now. As you can probably tell, Fugaku can't really communicate with Itachi well, even if he wasn't trying to be rude in the first place. At that moment, as if by magic, there was a kunai pressed up to his throat and a familiar chakra signature at his back.

"You wanted me, father? I'm rather busy at the moment, so don't trifle me with small matters now… unless you would like to die." As he said that, Itachi, wearing a fishnet shirt, a purple shirt over the fishnet shirt, blue shinobi pants, blue ninja sandals, and the Konoha hitai-ate, was blazing his Sharingan, but Fugaku noticed that something was off about it…

"Itachi, what happened to your Sharingan? I mean, how long was it in the Mangekyō state?"

"I'm glad that you noticed without having to resort to look into my eyes. I had this for two weeks, now, after I was forced to kill my best friend in the ANBU squad. As it was, I had no other choice but to kill him, as he was shot with a poisoned Rasenbyô that was aimed for me. He even asked me to kill him, when he had a family to go home to, and a happy one at that!" Itachi explained that one without much trouble, except when he had to mention that he killed his best friend to get his Mangekyō Sharingan, which was a painful subject for him.

"L-look, son, I understand that you had, and still have, a hard time with losing a friend at a time like this. I didn't intend to bring up bad memories at this time, however, but bring up a new subject of interest for you."

Itachi let go of his dad, backed up a bit, and looked at him as if he had somehow grown a second head or some other ridiculous thing. Uchiha Fugaku giving him a chance to recuperate was something unheard of in situations that had turned out like this… but still, it would be a perfect thing to consider right now.

"*Sigh* Alright, Otou-san, what is it this time! I hope that you don't have anything stupid in mind for me."

Fugaku looked at Itachi with a look that fathers were known to give their children when they were going to give them something wonderful… in exchange for doing something for the father. That look was going to give Itachi some hidden trouble today and he definitely knew it.

"Why, Itachi, I have a way of getting you to have a nice vacation from work! All I need you to do is watch over Usagi's play date with Naruto that I finally managed to work into getting allowed by the clan elders, and I know how much you hate them, as I do too."

Itachi finally found a way to see that his father was telling the truth on the matter. And, so, he accepted it for now...

."Why, Usa-hime, it's a boy that has a very powerful entity sealed inside him. As to the identity of the prisoner, that is not a subject that I am willing to breach, due to Sandaime-sama decreeing that anyone that mentions it is to be punished by death. If I was to mention who it was, you wouldn't have an Otou-san, would you? Well, anyway, the boy isn't well liked by the village, but he has my seal of approval for this visit of his, and he really is a nice boy. His name is Uzumaki Naruto." Naruto you will be minds...

At the mention of Naruto's name, Usagi was all giddy inside, as she had heard all sorts of wonderful things about him from her onii-chan Itachi. It was a joyous moment for her to know what he was like in so many ways. She was anticipating so many fun things to occur; well, that included the very thing girls her age loved doing: playing "House" with lots of dolls, including one Itachi made of Naruto.

She had to wait a bit before Naruto got there, so she got into some clothes for playing in the compound, including a nice cerulean short skirt and a pair of gray ninja sandals that would prevent her legs from getting cuts in them As she went to get ready for the play date, she noticed that Sasuke, wearing a black shirt, white pants, and gray ninja sandals, was trying to beat Itachi's kunai target practice score of 90 bull's eyes and 10 that were next to the bull's eye, only to miss by having 15 bull's eyes, 3 that were next to the bull's eye, 12 next to that one, 20 next to that, 10 next to that, and the rest were all over the place (as long as they were off the mark). Noticing that Naruto had not yet arrived, she put on her crimson camisole and grabbed the necessary amount of kunai then rushed out to try her score for the first time.

When she got there, she said, "...huff... huff...Sasu-kun...will... you ….let ..me have a turn at this? I promise that it will only be this once today, so please let me try!"

Sasuke looked at his sister, saw the kunai in her momentary possession, and then said, "sigh Alright, Usa-chan, you may have a turn. Did you ever try this before?"

Usagi looked in a surprised manner at Sasuke, and said to him, while waving her arms around in a frantic manner, "N-no, Sasuke! I have no experience in this field whatsoever, even if I wanted to! Besides, do you really think that a bedridden girl like I normally am would even have the time to be a ninja in the first place, BAKA!" Sasuke, who was shocked at the fact that he forgot that she was not able to train as a ninja, thought back to his time in the ninja academy up until that day. He then made a decision that would impact the Five Greater Shinobi Nations in the near future: he decided to train his sister in what he knew of the way of the ninja.

So, with that in mind, he began, while keeping in mind that Naruto had to arrive sometime for his sister's play date with him, and that she needed time to recuperate from her illnesses. There was one thing, however, that truly infuriated him to no end:

Naruto stole his baby sister's first kiss. Of course, before he could beat up Naruto for it, he witnessed the one thing that he never thought would happen from the one guy that he believed was unable to know what it meant to be sorry: Naruto apologized for kissing Usagi in the first place like that, especially since he was never told how he was supposed to gain immunity to Usagi's ailments, and that he never intended to kiss her square on the lips. When he was apologizing, though, he called her Usa-chan, which was going to make sure he got reprimanded by Sasuke, except that Usagi said, "Um, actually, you can call me Usagi if I can call you Naruto."

Immune Flashback over

From there, they had a fun series of play dates, until the day that Naruto was given a restraining order on the Haruno residence. The day was when she had just turned 7, and she had asked Fugaku about the details, only to learn that the only Uchiha youth allowed to see him, due to the fact that he was in the academy, was her twin brother Sasuke. It broke her heart to learn about the restraining order on her best friend, but there was one way that she could manage to see him more often, though she needed to get better to do it: she needed to attend the ninja academy to make sure that she knew how he was doing.

Well, there was one day when she managed to get better for the whole day, as the doctor noticed. The only catch to this perfect day? Sasuke got a serious case of the flu. Usagi decided that she had to take her brother's place in the academy for the day, so she went and pulled it off, but not without a hitch.

Chapter Zero End