Chapter Zero Part 2

FlashBack Usagi Raise

"Oi, Uchiha. What the hell do you think you're doing, messing with the restrooms and such?"

For those of you wondering, Inuzuka Kiba, wearing a gray T-shirt, gray shorts, blue ninja sandals and red fang-like markings on his cheeks, was seeing that Usagi was going to use the girls' restroom, and he thought that she was her brother Sasuke. Now, there was no way of telling the two apart, so of course there would be no way anyone would know that Usagi took Sasuke's place for the day… even though Akamaru, the puppy of the Inuzuka clan, was with Kiba that day, the dog familiar of the Inuzuka clan assigned to him couldn't smell out the difference, due to female pheromones not being released yet at her age. What Kiba thought of the matter was that "Sasuke" was being gay, and that "he" needed to be straightened out, for a whole array of the entire structure of the human anatomy of males.

Now, Usagi was a good actress, due to thinking of the situation in advance and plotting out the possible situations that she would face in the long run. As she had thought of this situation in advance, she had said, in as masculine a tone of voice as possible, "Oh, actually, I was given a dare from my sickly little sister to use the girls' restroom for today. Now, as to why you never heard of her, it's because of the fact that she is bedridden for possibly the rest of her life, and the Uchiha clan doesn't pay any attention to her that much for it, unless it's my family, or when she has some way of going out of the house for a short amount of time, and the latter is hard to come by in the first place.

Those of the Uchiha clan fail to get immune to her except for those that actually care about her, and that's apart from my family and I, and that's by giving her a kiss somewhere… though preferably somewhere appropriate. There was one person that was a good friend of hers named Uzumaki Naruto, but since the Haruno incident, he couldn't come anywhere near the Haruno clan compound for fear of the civilian council at this point and time… and the Uchiha clan compound was within the radius by one Uchiha clan compound-sized city block in between the two compounds."

Kiba was silenced by the speech given by Usagi for two minutes, and then he shook his head, before saying, "I fail to see the point of following a dare that your imaginary sibling gave you. Use the boys' room for the rest of the academy days, idiot, and don't get any weird ideas about it." After he said this, he thought to himself, "DAMN, there was no way of knowing that Sasuke-san was a pervert at this age in his life! Makes me want to beat him at his game… hey, wait a minute! He's trying to beat me at MY game, the Uchiha bastard! Well, I won't let him beat me at my game. After all, all the girls in the school are all for ME! I won't let some stupid Uchiha steal what's mine to begin with, even if he had no intention of it!"

Usagi was not exactly going to get used to using the boys' room for her business, especially when she got her period when she grew up to puberty, as there would be a lot of need to explain why there was blood in the bathroom… and I highly doubt that a girl going to use the boys' room in her teen years would sit well with a lot of people in their right minds.

Few min's later

Oi, dobe, get your butt here!"

Naruto was wondering what was going on to have Sasuke talk to him, but he obediently went over to the "boy", unaware that it was Usagi that was wishing to talk to him about the important matters of their friendship. When he got over there, he asked, "Yeah, teme, what do you want of me now?"

Usagi then said to Naruto, "Do you remember a girl named Uchiha Usagi?"

Naruto was starting to wonder what "Sasuke" was talking about, but then it hit him like a ton of bricks. "Usagi? Of COURSE I remember her! Is she doing better than when I saw her last?"

Usagi looked at Naruto happily, but in one of Sasuke's ways, which was more appropriate for the situation. She then said to him, "Yes, she is. In fact, she was hoping to see you at the Hokage monument later today, if you don't mind."

"You really wanted me to know about a great chance to get reacquainted with her? YATTA! I'm going to wait for her there at 5:30, so please let her know, okay?" Naruto was obviously ecstatic about the fact that he could hang out with Usagi, one of his first childhood friends, and that he could be with her when she wasn't sick.

Usagi was obviously happy that she could arrange a play date on her own, so she said, "Okay, I'll let her know immediately when I get home, so just get ready to have fun with her."

"You got it, Sasuke-san, and tell her that I said, 'Thank you, Usagi!'" This statement caused Usagi to blush, without her knowing what about it would make her blush, and then she said, "You're welcome, Naruto."


"Uh, nothing, dobe, just let me be, okay?"

"Oh, okay, teme."

Flashback Usagi Raise End

Usagi could still remember the fact that it was a fun play date. It was even one of the best ones that she had in a long time with him. The perfect day, however, was going to have the worst ending.

Before Usagi could recall the events after the play date, she noticed, as she was walking out of the academy grounds, that Naruto was heading out with Mizuki over to his apartment building, which piqued her curiosity. She knew from experience that Mizuki absolutely loathed Naruto. How else would Naruto's tests be so poorly scored, other than someone sabotaging the tests on him, anyway? She also noticed that Mizuki gave her easy tests that could be completed by a toddler in the first place. She knew that something was amiss, so she decided to follow the two of them to the apartment, where she saw Naruto's life get changed by one conversation.

Naruto's Apartment

When Naruto and Mizuki arrived at Naruto's apartment, they immediately went to the balcony, unaware that Usagi was following them through her unique spying abilities. When they got to the balcony, they sat down on one of the corners of the balcony, facing away from each other, and then went on to talk about the subject at hand.

Mizuki said, "Iruka-sensei's tough, but he's not against you."

"Then why? Why only me?" asked a depressed Naruto.

"He wants you to be strong with all his heart, but it's not going to happen if he goes easy on you." Even though he said that, with Naruto believing him, Usagi seethed with anger on the inside, as she murderously thought, "You… BASTARD! If you lie to Naruto again, you're DEAD! I know that you have nothing good in mind for him, so just get something good to happen in your head to clear you up!" Completely unaware of Usagi, Naruto sighed, with Mizuki finishing up with, "He's like you, you know. No parents; no family."

Naruto then said, "But… this time I really wanted to graduate."

As Mizuki heard this, he chuckled, and then said, "Then I guess I have to tell you." Both Naruto and Usagi were curious as to what he was saying, with Naruto getting the noticed expression of facing Mizuki, who said, "It's a secret, but I'm gonna let you in on it."

Naruto thought, 'A secret?'

middle of the woods at 11:30 P.M.

Naruto thought back to the interesting test that he had to do to graduate as a make-up test. All he had to do was steal the Sacred Scroll of Sealing from the Hokage's office, take it to the hidden shack three miles into the forest just west of the Hokage tower, learn one technique from the scroll, and show it to Mizuki when he got there at midnight to grade Naruto on his performance. Of course, even an idiot would notice the fact that Mizuki was trying to control himself, and Naruto was not an idiot in all the regards that he made it look like. When Naruto finally made it to the conclusion that they hated him for something that he had no control over, he decided to play along with the villagers on their idiocies, even if he couldn't make a good set of Bunshin that was actually necessary for him to graduate. That was why he had to take this chance to finally graduate: Not only to prove that he didn't need to use the Bunshin no Jutsu to graduate, which was the reason he had at the time, but to finally be with the two people that mattered in his life apart from the Sandaime and the family that owned the Ichiraku Ramen Stand.

So, with that in mind, he takes out a digital wristwatch to make sure that he would have enough time to learn a jutsu. The time he noticed was 11:30 P.M. on August 15th and that he had time to learn some jutsu's before Mizuki would grade him. Given the fact that he needed to learn something fast, he took a look at the scroll to realize that the first jutsu on the list was a version of the Bunshin, the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!


15 minutes later

Naruto took a look at his watch; it took 15 minutes to master a A-rank jutsu that was taxing on chakra for so many people. That was a good sign for him. So far, no bad effects were going on for him, which was a good thing for him.

"KAGE BUSHIN NO JUTSU!" Just then 1000 poof out of then air, "I AM THE GREATEST!" Just then of the clone kicks an other clone in the balls and dispel it, cause naruto to relive the clone last moments. "WAHT !" Naruto stops and think about that for an moment and tries it again and when the same happen again. He jumps for joy as he dispel half his clone and goes back to the scroll.

"Hmmm… I wonder what else I can learn." Scan though the Scroll 'Hello, here's something interesting that shouldn't be in a scroll of jutsu's. I wonder what the 'Galaxy Bracelet' is doing here. Just what is a GalaxyBracelet? That's something that I think would be interesting to see what it is exactly. Onto some else first...Let see KazeKiri.. Takes the wind and water in the air to make and piecing attack. Also can be made into ball of power or can be used as an poison attack Well, must train in the new jutsu! What does it… oh, here we go, tree walking and water walking. Well, tree walking is easy enough, as I'm next to a bunch of trees. Now where can I find a nice body of water? Ah, I got to focus if I am to learn how to walk on trees right now; I have no other choice on the matter, anyway.'

"ALL RIGHT CLONE PICK AN TREE AND START WORKING!" so, with the multitude of trees in the area, Naruto and his army of Clones start getting the tree walking exercise properly trained into his chakra control. Little did he know that Usagi was watching him get the exercise taken into account for the training that he was doing.

With Usagi

Usagi was looking at the object of her love intensely and with a great determination in her eyes… the determination to be with him for a long time and to make sure that they would be the strongest pair together in the entire history of this world of theirs. As she was looking on, she noticed that Naruto was lying on his back for an exercise requiring chakra in his feet. As she watched on, she noticed that there was something going on with the scroll when it came to when Naruto's chakra would flare up in his right wrist, though she had no idea why it would do that.

That was when she noticed that the scroll was giving a call of sorts to Naruto. As her curiosity got the better of her, she decided to investigate, but was not fast enough

Naruto was starting to go and learn more of the jutsu's that were available in the scroll when he finally got the call that the Dawn Bracelet was giving him. As he was finally getting ready to learn something that he thought was useful, he decided to see what the Dawn Bracelet was and what it could do.

"Huh… I better give it a check-up. This seems interesting to see what it actually is right now." With that, he placed chakra in his right hand, and put his hand on the seal for the Galaxy Bracelet. When the smoke cleared, it revealed that his right wrist had a unique bracelet on it. The bracelet was five oddly shaped triangles that were connected by a string of invisible chakra running around the wrist. As he was looking at it more, he was suddenly able to feel a pull on him from a time-space anomaly in the area.

"What the hell is going on here? I mean, why is this going on at a time like this, any-WAY?" With that, Naruto was pulled into a time-space vortex that was taking him to a different dimension entirely, one in which the world he was going to was not the real world… he was going to the world of Dot Hack.

Chapter Zero Part 2 End