Sister Dearest

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I love you, sister dearest.

People say that love between siblings is incest. They might be right. But, how I feel for you does'nt even compare to what they say. I am free to love whoever I wish. The same with you, dear sister.

Well, let me explain how this all started.

It was the usual Thursday in the Vocaloid house, with everyone preparing for the upcoming concert we were supposed to have. We were all busy: I was working on a duet to sing with my darling angel of a sister, Miku was playing her guitar and singing, Meiko was working on a song, Kaito was practicing his vocals, and Rin? She was'nt working on anything. I was the one who normally wrote the songs, and we sang together. She always had a beautiful voice when she sang...

But, I knew she would'nt love her own brother like the way I love her.

If I told her the way I felt, she'd hate me, not want to sleep in the same bed, in the same room even. I just can't tell her about how I feel... If I did, she'd flip out, then tell everyone else, then, in five minutes, the whole world would know that I was hot for my...


Speak of the devil. She came running into the room, and tackled me to the bed. The pencil and notebook I'd been using fell to the side as she laid her hips on my torso. "Brother, what're you doing?" She asked, a smile spreading on her angelic face. Oh, sister dearest, how can you lay on me like this? My feelings for her are strong enough why?

"Nothing, sister." I said, trying to hide my...never mind, too late. She did'nt notice, thank god. However, I'm pretty sure she noticed the blush adorning my cheeks. "Brother...I want to play a game." I looked at her. "What kind of game?" I inquired, curious as to what she had in mind, but not surprised, really. She was the most cheerful girl out of the Vocaloids. She smiled sweetly and innocently, twirling her golden locks thoughtfully. "Truth or Dare!"

I smiled. If I played my cards right, I could get her tonight.

"OK, you go first, sis." She looked at me, then winked. "OK~! Hmm...Truth or Dare?" I thought for a moment. "Huh...I pick dare." She smirked a bit, as if thinking of a really devious thing for me to do.

"I dare you to...kiss me, brother."

I literally almost died.

"K-kiss you?" I asked, as sweat started to pour down my brow. I could'nt. I just could'nt. Making out with my sister was too risky, especially since anyone could walk in at the time. However, the situation I thought of, instead of being sinful and wrong, it just made it more hot.

I pressed her beautiful form onto the blanket, and pressed my lips to hers in a spark of hot passion. Our lips molded together perfectly, and I moaned. I slid my tongue along her lips, begging for entry into her mouth. She moaned, and I smiled into the kiss, enjoying that I was finally able to show her my true feelings.

"Now it's my turn," I said in a sexy, seductive voice. "Truth or Dare, my love?" Um, did I just say that out loud? I flushed, my cheeks turning bright red at the nickname I had just given her.

She blushed. " I. Pick. Dare!" She smiled deviously, and I wrapped my well toned arms around her. "I dare you to make love to me." I whispered in her ear.

She blushed a little, as we descended into the devious act of sin.

And boy, was I happy.

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