The Final Trimester

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Month #7: Gender Discovery, A Happy Couple

Well, we would now know the gender of our two beautiful children. I brought Rin for another ultrasound, and the doctor greeted us happily, inviting Rin and I into the examination room. She told Rin to lie down on the table, and pull her shirt up. Her stomach was full and round and the doctor began asking her questions.

"Rin, how have you been doing? Are there any other symptoms of the pregnancy?" She looked at me quickly, then back to the doctor. "Besides the nausea, irritability, and headaches, no, there were no other symptoms." She spoke in even tones, and took a deep breath. The doctor spread the gel over her stomach, and the ultrasound of the babies appeared on the monitor in the corner. Two pairs of legs were seen, and the doctor smiled at Rin. "The babies are developing nicely." She said, nodding and typing on the laptop beside her. I gazed up at the monitor, and got a good look at our beautiful children. The doctor looked up at me, and beckoned me over to her laptop. I gazed at the screen, and a smile graced my face. It read a boy and a girl. Twins, our twins. I smiled widely at Rin, and bent down to give her a small peck on the cheek.

God, I love her so much.

In two more months, I would be a father.

Month #8: Always Together, The Names Are Chosen!

When you really love someone, you'll do anything for them. They mean the world to you, and you want to keep them happy. I feel that way with Rin. She's just so perfect, in every way possible. Even though we're twins, we've always had a special bond. It will be tested with her- no, our children. Imagine knowing someone from the time of conception, being born of the same being, growing up with a person until you realize you love them more than life. That's our bond, as twins.

Before the final month, Rin and I sat down, notebook and typed list in hand, and tried to make sense of the names we had chosen. "Lenka and Rinto look like a good pair of names," She said. I nodded, smiling. "Whatever names you like, I'll agree with, my dearest Rin…~" She blushed, and circled the names "Rinto and Lenka." And so, it was decided that the names of our babies were Rinto, the baby boy, and Lenka, the baby girl.

I held her close to me, our bodies fitting together perfectly, as if pieces of a puzzle. She tangled her fingers in my sunny gold locks, and I pulled her into a loving kiss from behind, nuzzling and nipping her ear and neck. A soft moan escaped her, and I pushed the hair from her eyes, and stood in front of her.

"Rin, my god, I love you so, so much." I gave her a tender smile, and her sea blue eyes glittered. She knew that I would never leave her to fend on her own with the children, and I never would. She was my world, and I'd never let anyone take it away from me.

With that in my mind, I prepared for the birth of our beloved children.

wallpoper images/00/41/70/92/vocaloid-twins_ (Remove spaces to see the illustration :D )

Month #9: Final Month, a Glorious Birth

The day had arrived. Rin's water broke, and I rushed her to the hospital. Upon our arrival at the hospital, we were greeted by the other members of the Vocaloid family, as well as…

…Our parents.

They glared at us, but it was not long before Rin was taken into the room where the birth of our children would occur. I sat down with Gakupo and Kaito, eyes cast down at the linoleum tiles of the hospital floor. Gakupo rubbed my back, and Kaito whispered that I had done well.

"Hello, Len." My parents said coldly, moving closer to me.

I returned an icy stare, and just held my tongue.

Why were they even here, anyway?

I turned on my heel, walking towards Rin's hospital room. I stepped through the white door. There she was, the love of my life. "Rin, how are you feeling?" I asked, crossing the room in two, quick strides. I was now at her bedside, holding her hand comfortingly.

She had contractions every now and then, tightening her grin on my hand.

Soon enough, it was time for her to start pushing.

The nurses all rushed into the room, and positioned a blue medical blanket over her lower body. "Push on three. One…two…three!" I watched Rin's face contort into a face of pain as she pushed. She was panting hard now, stray hairs pasted to her forehead as she sweated with the effort. A few more pushes, and the baby began to crown, and eventually landed in the arms of the waiting nurse. The waiting doctor cut the umbilical cord, and a keening and sharp cry met my ears.

Happy tears rolled down my cheeks. Our baby was healthy, the first breath of new life. We had created a new life form from our love.

I turned as she began to push the other child out. I held her hand lovingly as she pushed, encouraging her. "Rin, you're doing great, my love. Just a little more.."

Finally, the baby landed in the arms of another nurse. She did the same thing done with the other baby, and one was handed off to Rin, the other baby to me. A fierce motherly pride emanated from Rin, and I was proud of her. She had been brave, and I respected her for it. "Rinto and Lenka…" She muttered.

"What, my love?" I asked, sitting on the edge of the bed.

"The names of the twins…Rinto and Lenka. A boy and a girl." Her tone was light, cheerful.

I carried her out of the hospital, and to our car. She carried Rinto and Lenka, both sleeping peacefully in her arms.

And that, is how I became a father.

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