E/O Challenge: Ease

Warnings/spoilers: A random line from 4x10 "Heaven and Hell" and grossness/torture. It's Alastair, what do you expect?

Word Count: 106. High, I know; but "Picasso" is really mouthy.

Disclaimer: I can honestly say I'm happy to say I don't own Alastair. Kripke can take him back now. I'll just go scrub down my brainpan with bleach. Lots and lots of bleach.

Poland, 1943

He decided it was the music that soothed him. The cacophonic symphony of the dead and dying played idly against the sizzle of flesh. A little piece of home in this otherwise frozen wasteland.

"You know," he mused, examining his newest patient thoughtfully, "Back home, in my workshop, I had this apprentice...Clever lad, really. My best student in over a century...He once strung up four souls in the back corner and arranged their intestines so they moaned when you strummed them. A regular string quartet."


"I wonder if you're a tenor or a base?"


The scalpel sliced with buttery ease.