Hey guys! It's been a long time no read! Anyways, this is my first attempt to write a Hey Arnold! Fanfic. I'm also going to make a Pucca one, but… I figured I should do this one first, since I feel a little bit inspired about it. I hope you enjoy this one!

Oh, and spread the Helga Arnold love. :D


I. Helga's Locket

The girl with the pink bow and one eyebrow sat in defeat; a deep frown casted upon her face.

"So… it's over." She sighed, "My life is officially going straight to hell. I just hope my beloved is kind enough to keep my deepest, darkest secret."

She sighed once again. When tomorrow comes, her reputation she had built up for the past six years will be all going down the drain… everyone will know her love for Arnold and she will be humiliated to no end.

She is finally writing her own death wish.

*later at Arnold's house*

"Arnold, my soul, you'll always be in my heart… Love, Helga G. Pataki."

He must be dreaming.

After all the years of teasing him and tormenting him, Helga G. Pataki doesn't hate him.

She doesn't like him

She doesn't like him like him.

She LOVES him.


"You okay there, Shortman? Why are you standing there like you've seen a ghost?" Steely Phil asked.

"Uh, Grandpa." Arnold said slowly, "I don't think this is your locket…"

"Huh?" He stared at his grandson with wide eyes, "What do you mean it's not mine? Pookie gave it to me as a present!"

"Yeah, but it says here it belongs to someone else…"

"Oh really? Who is it, Shortman?"

"Helga… Helga Pataki…" Arnold averted his gaze away from his Grandfather. He didn't want him to remember whom he was talking about.

"Oooh! You mean the girl with the pink bow and the one eyebrow right?"

He sighed, "Yeah…"

"Oh, I told you so Shortman! She's got it bad for you!" He laughed out loud.

"Grandpa… I'm serious…" he blushed from embarrassment, "What should I do, Grandpa?"

"Easy! Confront her and tell her how you feel!"


"I'm serious Shortman! She likes you. The only way for her to cut the bullying act is to confront her! Something like that happened to me back in the old days-"

"Is this going to be a long story?" Arnold sighed.

"Well, of course, Shortman." His grandfather gave his infamous toothy grin.

"Then I don't want to hear it, Grandpa." The football-headed boy grumbled, "I don't feel like listening to your stories right now…"

"Aww, Shortmand," Grandpa Phil patted his shoulder, "Don't let it get to ya. You just have to follow your instincts. Your good ones, I mean."

"But what if she denies everything, Grandpa? What then?" the boy looked at him with pleading eyes.

"Then fight till you find the truth to everything." He said, "That girl can hide a good secret, but she has a small weakness you've got to hit before she becomes vulnerable. Trust me, Shortman, that girl is full of surprises, and you have to be really, really prepared. Do you understand?"

Arnold nodded, still a little confused, "I guess so… I'll try to…"

"Good!" he clasps his hands together, "Oh and Arnold?"

"Yeah, Grandpa?"

"Never eat raspberries…"

To be continued…