***Thank you so much for reading this! I have not read Mocking Jay yet so I am basing everything off of The Hunger Games and Catching Fire. If you don't want to read all the stuff before (which I would love it if you would read the whole thing) then skip to where the three Asterix are (its a new paragraph). Please leave a comment! :) And again, thank you, I hope you enjoy it.***

My eyes fluttered open. Where was I? My eyes were trying to adjust as things moved in and out of focus. I heard a voice. Footsteps. Another voice. It was Prim! And my Mother! I desperately tried to see them.

"Close your eyes." I heard my Mother whisper. "The drugs they gave you were quite strong." I did as she asked, but only after Prim took my hand. I squeezed. She squeezed back and that was when I knew it would all be okay.

When I woke up next I could see everything clearly. I was in a room, lying on a bed with all white sheets. To the side of the bed, there was a doorway, with no door, leading into what looked like a kitchen. In the corner of the room sat a dark wooden chair. And on the floor a small rectangular rug. What was happening? This was not home. Then it dawned on me, I wasn't in District 12. I was in District 13. Underground. How was there sunlight filling my room then? My head hurt. I closed my eyes and blacked out agin.

As I awoke the third time I sat up quickly. I didn't want to fall back asleep. Especially since I could never tell how long I was sleeping for. Prim came skipping in the room, in a flowing white dress.

"Katniss!" She said.

"You're up!" She was being a little too loud, but I figured I wouldn't ask her to quiet down.

"What is happening? Where are we?" I asked. She sat down next to me and in a very serious voice told me everything.

"We live underground. But we still get sunlight. I'm not really sure how that works though." She paused, looking up in confusion. "And once a week a group of people go up to the top and hunt and gather food for us."

"Is that safe?" I ask.


"Who goes?" I say. There is another pause.

"Not you!" I say, scared.

"No, not me." She looked at her feet dangling off the bed. "People from here. You know. People. Like Gale and other people." Before she can say anymore I stand up.

Gale! How could I forget Gale! Even if I don't have Peeta because the Capitol does, I still have Gale! "Where does Gale live?" I ask. Prim shrugs.

"I don't know. He doesn't like visitors though." I quickly take off my nightgown and get changed in pants, my hunting boots, a t-shirt and a jacket. And perfectly, as if waiting for me, is my Father's bow and arrows pinned up on the wall. "Who found these?" I ask Prim.

"Gale." She says quietly.

"Thank you Prim. Thank you for telling me everything." I open the front door.

"Where are you going?"

"To hunt. To find Gale. To do something." I say. I close the door and I become so confused with what is before me. Above me is a ceiling of sorts with glass paneling to let the sun flood in. The ceiling appears to be made out of some sort of metal. While it is light out, it is much darker than it would be if I were above ground. Houses are everywhere. I'll never be able to figure out where Gale lives, I say to myself.

Suddenly I see a group of people going somewhere. I run and catch up. I ask the man I am next to where they are going. "To hunt." He says, not even looking at me.

"Oh," I say.

"Stay here." He says ruffly, "it's not a place for a woman up there." I continue to walk with them. Finally he stops and turns to me.

"Look, I know-" He stops and his mouth hangs open. "You're Katniss Everdeen, aren't you." He says.

"Yes," I say quickly as I keep walking to join the group.

"Wait! You really shouldn't go up above. Like I said, its dangerous." I roll my eyes slightly.

"I've survived two rounds of the Hunger Games I'm sure I can survive whatever is up there."

"Suit yourself." He says. We get to an elevator of sorts and once I realize we are going in it I start to hyperventilate.

"You okay there Miss Everdeen?" The man asks me.

"Fine." I say, taking a deep shuttering breath. A man at the front makes an announcement. "We are all going to get in the elevator. Once up top follow your route to hunt game down. If it leads you off the path you follow, don't chase it. We already lost Laudy last week."

All the men bowed their heads. "The first group already left. They are already hunting. But we will all leave together. Meet back at the elevator when the sun begins to set." Everyone got in the elevator. I was squished between a rather skinny man and a burley man with a beard.

"First time?" He asks me, not glancing down. I was shaking out of fear. What if it fell? What if there was an explosion and we died? This would have been a great component to the games, I think dully. I would have failed probably almost immediately. Someone would have been able to kill me off.

"Yes." I answer. The elevator creaks and comes to a halt. The doors shutter open and I see my sky. I see the grass. I hear the bird chirping and I feel I am home. Until I turn around and see the ruin of District 13. All the buildings are black and burned to the ground. Nothing is smoking, but everything is black. I turn back to to direction everyone has now walked off in. Towards the woods. And I follow. I tread lightly, while all around me I hear people stomping around. Where is Gale? I wonder, readying my bow in case I see anything worth shooting for dinner. Then I see it. A small wire hanging from a tree. It is tied so perfectly, only Gale's fingers could have done it. Since there was no bird in it I figured it was done today. Which means he is nearby! My footfalls gather speed, but gain no sound as I run through the woods, following traps set.

***And then I see him. He is setting a trap on an old log. My heart skips a beat. I sling my bow over my shoulder and run full force at him. Not taking care to quiet my footfalls. He barely turns around it time and almost pulls a knife, but I have him on the ground before he can grab it from his belt. "Katnip?" He says as a bury my face into his strong chest. I sigh. His muscular arms rap around me and suddenly I feel, for the first time since I have arrived in District 13 that I am safe. I just lie on top of him, breathing in his woody scent. Finally, but too soon for me, he begins to sit up.

"Why did you follow me here?" He asks. "You know they don't let women come up here, right?" I sigh and take his huge hand in mine. "I had to. I had to see you Gale." My voice chokes on his name. He pulls me into a hug.

"You know I'll always be here for you." He says.

"I know," I whisper back.

"Is your family all okay?" I ask.

"yes." He says.

"Good." I smile, looking into his green eyes. My heart flutters. He chuckles.

"Can I tell you something?" He asks, looking down at the ground and picking up a small stick, absentmindedly breaking it into smaller pieces.

"Anything." I say. I can tell he is smiling.

"You won't laugh?" He asks.

"Never." His eyes slowly meet mine as he says "I love you." I feel like the whole world has stopped spinning.

"Gale-" I start, but he puts his finger over my lips and has moved forward to kiss me. I let him. His warm lips mould to mine perfectly and slowly my mouth opens and his tongue enters my mouth. My arms wrap around his neck, pulling him down on top of me. His breathing gets heavier as the kiss gets deeper.

Suddenly I want Gale. I want him so badly. He belongs to me. I need him. His hands find mine and push them to the ground over my head. He leans into the kiss even more. I let out a moan. He stops.

"Did I do something?" He asks. "I'm sorry." His hands let go of mine and he sits up getting off of me.

"No Gale." I beg, trying to pull him back.

"I don't want to hurt you Katniss." He says, his tone getting serious.

"You're not." I say, earnestly looking into his eyes. "Please." I beg. He stands up, brushing himself off, clearly done.

"Katniss, I need to make more traps." He says, walking towards his ball of wire. I stand up. Gale can't lead me on and then stop. I walk towards him.

"Please?" I say again.

"Katniss." He says. And I can't take it. I kiss him. I hold his face in my hands, his scruff, feeling so nice on my fingers. I push him. He pushes back. My back is on a tree and he picks me up, as I wrap my legs around his waist. I squeeze.

He moves from my lips to my neck and I moan again. I can tell now he is smiling.

"Gale" I say as I feel myself going into oblivion. Nothing has ever felt so good in my life. He presses me harder on the tree and I feel something hard pressing on me. I move my hands from his back and begin to undo his pants. His hand stops me.

"Katniss," he says out of breath. "We really shouldn't."

"I want to." I say.

"Do you?"

"Of course I want to Katnip." He says.

"I just don't think-"

"What?" I ask, pulling him back in for a kiss. His hands try to stop me again when I go to take his pants off but I win, pushing then aside. He takes his pants off completely while still kissing me and pulls my pants off too. He then begins to rub up against me. A moan escapes him. His breathing is ragged in my ear as he carries me over to a soft bed of moss and places me down. He rips off his underwear and takes mine off too.

My first thought is it won't fit. He is way to big. There is no way, I tell myself.

"Wait." I say, shocked that I am even saying it. He stops kissing me.

"We don't have to." He says, looking concerned.

"I want to, I just thinkā€¦" I trail off, looking at his manhood. He laughs.

"Katniss, I won't hurt you. If I do, I'll stop." I let him trail kisses from my neck to my abdomen and then my inner thigh. I moan as his kisses get closer to down there. He spits on his finger and gently slides it in me. My head goes back. He slides his finger in and out, and then adds another finger.

"Gale!" I choke out. He smiles as he comes back up and begins to insert his manhood into me. At first it hurts. I almost let out a scream except Gale sees it coming so he covers my mouth, as his grits his teeth, trying not to make noise either. The other people out hunting shouldn't hear anything. He pushes slowly in, finally breaking my hymen. He kisses me to keep me quiet and we moan in each others mouths. He starts to go faster and faster until we both can't stand it anymore and he collapses next to me on the ground. We breath in time, both slightly sweaty but smiling.

We manage to get out clothes on and shoot some game before heading back towards the elevator back down to District 13. As I walk into the house for dinner, my Mother gives me a hug and asks how hunting was and seeing Gale.

"It was great."

"I'm so glad they let you go." She says, pouring soup into bowls.

"Someone wants to see you." She continues.

"Who?" I ask. Who would want to see me?

"Peeta. He is waiting in your room." My heart skips a beat.

"He was caught by the Capitol! He couldn't be back!" I say, almost angry.

"He is back." My Mother says sounding defensive. I walk into my room to see Peeta Mellark lying on my bed, legs crossed, arms above his head, lounging.

"Hey Katniss." He says, staring at the ceiling.