Pair of Prom Kings

Rebecca "Awesome" Dawson's date pushed Brady out of the way, once he saw Mikayla walk into the gym, wearing a beautiful pink prom dress, which she wasn't wearing earlier.

The guard walked over to the two boys.

"Do you wanna dance, 'Pocahotness'?" He asked her, trying to act 'smooth'.

Mikayla just pushed him backwards with one hand.

"I already have a date with King Brady." She told him, very proudly.

The king walked over to her, very confused.

"You do?" He asked, very surprised. Then he changed to his 'cool' self. "I mean, yeah, yeah you do!" and then he became the sweet king, once again. "Mikayla, you look amazing." He complimented her. "Where'd you get the dress?"

Mikayla looked down to the item in question.

"Oh, just a little something I picked up." She told him.

"So, uh, what made you change your mind about being my date?" Brady asked her.

"I saw something that made me realise that you are pretty kingly." Mikayla told him.

"Oh, you saw that," the king laughed, proud that Mikayla thought so highly of his actions. "I mean, it's not that kingly, but it's called the robot." He explained, dancing, and obviously not understanding what Mikayla was actually saying.

The guard just laughed at the silly dance.

"Let's, uh, let's save that for the dance floor." She told him, patting his back to make him stop dancing.

"Wait a second, Mikayla, you wanna dance?" He asked, once again surprised by what the girl said.

"I'd be honoured King Brady." She answered, put her hand in his.

The king led her onto the dance floor, next to where his twin brother was dancing with Rebecca.

The two started dancing, with their foreheads touching, both looking towards their feet, making sure they didn't step on each other's toes.

Brady then boldly move his hands onto Mikayla's waist, while hers joint together behind his neck. They then looked up, into each other's eyes.

The king decided that, while they were having a romantic moment, he might as well turn into the sweet, romantic guy he secretly was hiding, which only became him when he met Mikayla.

"You know Mikayla, I never believed in love at first sight, until I met you. I know I can be annoying with my flirting, but I just do it to get your attention." He told the girl in his arms, barely above a whisper.

"Wow, Brady. That's so sweet." Mikayla told him, in the same, hushed tone.

"Mikayla, what I'm saying is, that I'm in love with you." The king told her, bravely, but still whispering.

"And I think I'm in love with you too, King Brady." Mikayla told him.

After the both admitted their love, they leaned in and kissed. The kiss was slow and passionate. They showed each other their love through the kiss, but still kept it sweet. After thirty seconds, they pulled apart, gasping quietly for air.

"Mikayla, will you be my girl friend?" Brady asked, unsure of himself, even after the kiss.

"Yes!" Mikayla squealed, albeit quietly. Four of the faces in the room broke into wide grins.

Brady and Mikayla weren't the only ones glad that they had finally gotten together. Boomer was proud that his brother had finally gathered enough courage to tell Mikayla how he feels, while Mason was glad his daughter finally had someone he knew would never hurt her.

The night eventually came to a close, and the kings and the Kinkowian guards all went to where they were staying, before they headed home the next morning.