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Warnings: Angst, slavery.

Pairings: Atem/Yugi, Seth/Kaiba

Chapters: 1/?

Summary: Atem is forced to go to the auction. To everyone shock, he buys a human pet. What will this human bring to Atem and his family?

Notes: Hello readers. This is the first chapter and I need comments on this one. I am not sure about this story and would like to know what your thoughts are on this story. Also should I keep the pairing, Atem/Yugi and Seth/Kaiba or I should I add a mix up pairing too.

The air was thick, smoke clouded the large room. People, well if you called them that were drinking heavy. The scent of blood everywhere making him thirty but he sat down still. He usually didn't come around the auction ever. His companion would have no as an answer, forcing him to go. He crossed his legs, looking bored as the auction started to go. The first person was a young girl, maybe in her early twenties, long black hair with piercing gold eyes. She was nude and her face was lowered to the ground as the creatures in the room whistled. He rolled his eyes, asking himself why he came again. He was the most powerful vampire that ever walked the earth. He knew there weren't many humans and he also knew some humans had a special gene that allowed a vampire to feed from them and they would never die from the blood loss. He heard yells as the bidding rose in number, but it wasn't high. The girl didn't interest him in the least. He was bored out of his mind. It would have been good if his companion came with him but the second powerful vampire sneered out something about teaching his pet to behave. Ruby eyes glanced around the room, watching as the highest bid paddle went up. The man looked onto the woman in lust. He went back to staring to the front.

The trader spoke, "One thousand dollars, going once, twice, sold to Aoki-san."

He rolled his eyes, knowing the name very well. If he remembered right, Aoki had at least five other pets at home, making this woman his sixth. The next person who walked onto the stage was dressed, making the creatures hiss in disappointment. He tilted his head as he stared at the human who had every part of his body covered. He found it strange to see that since usually every human being sold was dragged out nude.

The trader spoke, "Ladies and gentlemen, this is a rare gem. He has not been touched and only his buyer will see him completely bare."

Aoki hissed out loud, "How are we supposed to know what we are getting?"

Everyone in the room agreed with him. He crossed his leg over the other leg and spoke unable to stop his voice, "I'll buy him for one million dollars." He could sense the boy was in his teens and the trader wasn't lying, the boy hasn't been touched. It also meant the teen wasn't trained in anything either. Everyone in the room became silent.

The trader looked around, speaking, "Any other bids?"

No one said a word or raised their paddle. Yes, they had the money to go over his bid but everyone usually stayed clear of him. Every vampire knew his story. He defeated the one who created him.

The trader muttered, "Sold for one million dollars to Atem-san."

Everyone stared at him in silence. No one said a word as the boy was dragged and pushed to his feet. He was given a ticket to pay his due after the show. He nodded his head, looking down at the teen. He lifted the chin to see breathtaking purple eyes staring right at him. He let go and ordered a drink of blood as he stayed for the rest of the show. He would love to leave the place but it was best to stay through the whole thing after buying himself a pet. He never did before and he wasn't sure why he did now. Many thought he cared for humans but that was lost on him a long time ago. He learned he must feed from humans. He learned he was powerful to stay alive from everyone. He learned to not to care for humans at all. It took another two hours as the auction was done with. He stood up, cracking his neck. He pulled his pet up from the ground by the chains walking forward to pay the amount. He pulled out his check book, writing the amount down. He walked out into the night air, finally able to breathe right. He didn't like smoke. Only one person in his house hood smoke and he went outside to do it. He pulled the teen toward his limo. He made sure the boy got inside as he slid in after him, ordering to be taken home. He asked, overlooking the teen, "What is your name?"

"I don't have one." The boy spoke softly. He knew nothing of his life. He was given to the trader when he was a baby. He always heard the women whisper he was like a gem.

"No name. Well I have something to call you. I think Yugi will suit you." Atem responded as he leaned back in his seat.

"Yugi." The teen rolled the name over his tongue. It sounded like a nice name. He wasn't sure what the auction was about. He only knew he had to serve the one who bought him. Would he have duties? Would he be a meal and that is it?

Atem glanced out the window, speaking, "I figure you were never trained to serve a vampire."

"No I was not." Yugi answered as his fingers rubbed together, nerves. He felt a drawn to the vampire sitting across him, but he wished to know what he would have to do. He heard whispers from other humans how vampires treated them horribly.

Atem sensed the fear and nervous. He turned his ruby eyes on the teen. He stated calmly, "In my house hood, the pets go to school and better their human life. So you will be signed up for high school. There is another human who is about your age. He belongs to my companion. Only one other person you will follow the orders from. You will give me your blood when I am hungry." He turned his head back to the window, watching the streets go by as it drove down the road to go back to the mansion. He continued, "There is another kid. I will warn you, the other pet will protect him with his life and will not stop from doing harm to anyone who tries to harm him. They are brothers and it is impossible to break their family bond."

Yugi nodded his head and kept silent. His owner looked deep in thought. What would it be like to live a life as a pet to a vampire? The limo stopped in front of a huge mansion. He was pulled out of the limo and made to walk up the stairs to the front door. He walked inside, looking around. He heard heavy footsteps coming down the stairs. He stared at the other teen who was staring back coldly. Those blue eyes showed only coldness.

"No way." A teen mumbled, shocked to move. He was trying to escape his owner and he ran right into Atem who had the boy beside him. As long as he has been in the house hood, Atem has never got a pet before.

"Hello Kaiba. Where is your owner Seth?" Atem asked, not waiting long to see his companion come down the stairs with his trade mark smirk in place. The smile disappeared and those deep blue eyes widened to see the other teen beside him. He released the chain and remarked, "We need to get these chains off of him and set up a room for him."

"I told you to go but I never thought you would buy a pet." Seth remarked still in shock. His pet stood there, crossing his arms in front of his chest, staring down the other teen. He ordered, "Seto, get the chain cutters."

"Do it yourself." Kaiba growled lowly.

"Do not make your punishment worse by your mouth." Seth responded calmly. Kaiba glared at him and walked away. He finished climbing down the stairs, remarking, "He is clothed. Usually they are bare when you buy them."

"He is special, it would seem." Atem replied as his glaze turned to the teen who was trying to hide behind him. He introduced, "This is my companion, Seth. You will follow his orders like my own."

Yugi looked at the other vampire and nodded his head. He thought it best not to say a word. The other teen came out with a cutter. He was ordered to raise his hands and he did what he was ordered. He rubbed his wrists when the chains were taken off of him. He saw the teenager lean against the wall with his arms crossed.

"I would love to see what is under those clothes." Seth chuckled, hearing his pet hissing lowly. He turned his eyes to Kaiba and smirked. He watched as his pet walked down the hall. He laughed, "Excuse me, Atem. I have someone to keep in line." He followed the teenager down the hall with a smirk on his face.

Atem shook his head and started to head up the stairs as he called, "Yugi, come. I need to check you out and show you are owed." He heard running footsteps coming after him. He entered his large room, letting the teen inside. He shut the door and ordered, "Strip."

Yugi felt his face went red. He has never had anyone see him bare. He was only taught how to read, write and the basic stuff. He took off the veil covering his head and moved his foot back and forth.

Atem saw the other could be a mirror to him. He sighed, "Everything, Yugi."

Yugi felt more heat come on his face as he started to do what he was ordered. It was embarrassing. He never showed anyone his skin before. He dropped the shirt and went to take off his pants. He squirmed as the creature circled him, humming. He wished to cover himself up. Those ruby eyes seemed like they were trying to steal his soul.

Atem circled the teen, sensing the human being nervous. He didn't see one mark on the teen. He stood in front, tilting the pale neck to the side. He must admit he was attracted to the human, making him crave the other. He leaned forward, teasing the flesh with his fangs. He felt the pulse speed up. He warned, "This will hurt but remain still. It will go away in a few moments." He didn't let the other time to pull away and he sunk his fangs into the skin. Two hands tried to push away as the teen gave off a scream. The blood that entered his mouth was so sweet he knew he could get addicted to it.

Yugi felt his hands grabbed and tears fell down his eyes as he felt the pain. When would this be over with? He felt the fangs pull out a tongue licking at the bite. He was released and he wanted to hide but he stood there, waiting for what would happen next. His eyes were closed tightly. He heard his owner moving around the room and some stuff being tossed aside. Fingers ran across his neck, making him shiver. Then he felt something circle his neck and he realized it was a collar. He stood very still, not wanting his new owner upset with him for disobeying. He felt a warm fluffy robe wrap around his body.

Atem sighed, "Sadly, drinking will have pain to it." He pulled Yugi out of the room, heading down the hall. He nodded his head as he picked one of the rooms, three doors down from his room. He unlocked the door with his key, walking inside with his pet. The bed was a middle size and it was under the window. He responded, "For a few days it will be hectic with getting you your own clothes and stuff you wish to have. I will also have to enroll you into the high school. You will go to the same school Kaiba does." Yugi nodded his head. He stated coldly, "There is one rule that you must follow no matter what. The collar will only come off if I take it off. If it is off any other time, you will be punished. Do I make myself clear?"

Yugi meek out, "Yes." Was this going to be a horrible experience? He stared down at the ground as his owner left and came back inside with some stuff in his arms. It was tossed onto the bed and glanced over to see some clothes.

"I know it might not be your style but it will suit you for a while. For right now, I will come to get you when dinner is ready. Later on, I will put my power over you soon enough. So I can call you on will." Atem remarked, thinking over everything. He nodded his head toward the other door and explained, "That is your private bathroom. You may take a bath if you wish. Dress afterwards." He started to walk to the door once the teen nodded his head. He shut the door, locking it. The last thing he needed was losing the pet since he did not do the mark to have the boy's mind linked with his. He walked down the hallway, stopping as he sensed Kaiba walking toward him. He grabbed the arm, asking, "What did you do this time to have him chasing you around the entire mansion?"

"I didn't do a damn thing." Kaiba hissed, trying to pull his arm away from the creature. He heard footsteps walking toward them and sneered, "Let go."

"Disobeying with your mouth again." Seth sighed in disappointment. He glanced around and asked, "Where is your pet, Atem?" He grabbed Kaiba's arm before he moved again, holding him still.

"I have him in his room until dinner is served. I will still have to set up the mind link." Atem explained, noting Kaiba's shiver, no doubt remembering when he was marked with it.

A loud voice stopped their conversation all together, "Big brother, I'm home!"

Kaiba kneed him in his knee and walked down away, down the stairs. Seth hissed lowly and he heard a chuckle from Atem. He muttered, "He'll regret that later. I would teach him now but Mokuba is here." He waved his hand and left his creator alone in the hallway.

Atem shook his head and entered his room to clean up the mess he made before. He heard laughter from the young child as he talked about his day. They were a sad case. Sold off by a man they believed would protect them. He glared at the wall, remembering that man. It was good that Seth let loose his anger and killed the man. He walked to the window, sighing. He would need to do the mark and that was going to hurt the human he bought. He shook his head, muttering, "Growing soft never suited me."

In the pet's room, Yugi flopped down on the bed, dressed. He tried the door to find it locked. He sighed. It didn't make a difference to him. He was always locked in a room. He laid back on the bed, staring up the ceiling. He was bored like he has been for so many times. At least back in the trade market, he was taught human life. Of course, he was never taught anything about servicing a vampire. He only knew that only the humans who held the gene that would never run out of blood was sold. The humans who didn't have the gene weren't so lucky. Some of them never came back.

An hour later, Seth sat down seeing Mokuba chatting about his day with Kaiba. Atem sat down, telling the teen with him to sit down. He started to eat, staring at his own pet. He felt the tension in Kaiba from him watching his every move.

Mokuba put down his fork and asked, "What did you do this time, Seto?"

"Nothing." Kaiba replied as he leaned back in his chair.

"You had to do something for him to be staring at you like that." Mokuba remarked and then said, "I rather not hear you again." He laughed, falling off his chair as he saw a blush spread across his brother's cheeks. He never had a chance to embarrass his brother and it was too much to pass up.

Seth set down his fork, speaking calmly, "Mokuba that is enough."

Mokuba got off the floor and sat on the chair, playing with his food silently. He didn't want to be tossed away from his brother.

Seth sighed, "We have a new company and he doesn't understand any of us."

Mokuba looked at the person who could mirror Atem. He smiled at him and chatted like being scolded didn't happen, "I'm Mokuba. What's your name?"

"Yugi." Yugi answered as he continued to eat. The food was wonderful and he never seen that much food before. He finished his part and before he could even blink, there was more food on his plate. He beamed up at his owner and started to eat more. He never had this much food when he was in the market place.

Seth remarked, "He is too thin."

"Why do you care? He isn't yours." Kaiba hissed slamming his fork down on the table. His brother looked at him in concern. He stood up, ready to leave the room.

"I did not excuse you, Kaiba-kun." Seth sneered.

"Go to hell, Master." Kaiba spit out as he left the room in anger.

Yugi looked around. Was it something he did? Was he given more food than the other teen? He saw Mokuba stood up, asking if he could leave. Once it was said he was allowed, he ran out. He lowered his head, apologizing, "Sorry. I didn't mean to make anyone upset."

Seth turned his eyes on the new pet, stating, "He has anger issues. It is nothing you did, child." He stood up, bowing his head to his creator, muttering, "Excuse me while I handle my pet."

Atem watched as his pet sat there, playing with his food. The maid came in, cleaning the other plates. He stood up, speaking, "Let us retire, Yugi. I am hungry more for blood than human food."

Yugi froze but stood up. He was a pet and must feed his owner. He followed Atem up the stairs to the large room. He entered the room, moving his foot to side to side. He was told to lie on the bed on his back. He found it strange but he did what he was ordered without question. His wrists were tied to the bed and his eyes widened at the creature.

Atem tied up the ankles as well. He remembered Kaiba kicked out at Seth when he tried to mind link their minds. He leaned over the teen that was shaking under him. He explained softly, "I'm going to link our minds. That way I know where you are at all times." Yugi looked at him confused and he continued with his words, "It will be painful. You have to taste my blood and us vampires have powerful blood." He grabbed the knife from the stand, slicing his wrist, using his power to keep the wound open. He opened the teen's mouth, holding the blood wrist over the mouth. Once he knew there was enough blood in the mouth, he shut it, holding it in place.

Yugi squirmed back and forth, trying not to swallow the blood but his owner would have none of that. The moment the blood went down his throat, pain sored throughout his body, making him squirm even more. His mouth was released and he screamed loudly as the pain engulfed his body. It felt like there was a fire running through his body, destroying his body from the inside to the outside. He screamed, "AHHHHH!" His head tossed back and forth. He tried to break the bonds but he couldn't. Why did the vampire do this? He felt the tears run down his face and they felt like it was a flame sliding down his face. His head was spinning and soon darkness called him.

Atem looked down, sighing in sadness. He pushed the locks out of the pale face. The pet passed out from the pain. He muttered, "It better that he passed out than stayed awake for the entire thing." He remembered that Kaiba was awake for the entire thing.

In another room, blue eyes stared out the window. His brother left him alone once he said no words. He heard the loud scream, shivering remembering the mark. There was something different in the other teen. He couldn't place his finger on it but he knew Yugi was different. He whispered to whoever would listen to his plea, "Do not destroy my life." Seth was all he had beside his brother. Seth kept them safe from all harm. Atem was the same. He closed his eyes, trying so hard to figure why the other teen rubbed him the wrong way.