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"Damn," Inuyasha mumbled as he stumbled his way along the forest floor. "Fuckin' hell, Sesshomaru." Going down on one knee, Inuyasha coughed; spewing blood and turning the green moss a garish brown. Wheezing, the InuHanyou stumbled to his feet, dragging a rusty sword in his wake. "W-what, the f-fu-uck, is your p-problem," Inuyasha sputtered as his relentless feet kept moving forward . . . forward to where, he had no idea. All the Hanyou knew was that something was calling him, calling his inu blood, what little of the substance there actually was still running through his veins instead of littering the forest floor behind him, leaving an all too tell tale trail.

Looking down at his body, Inuyasha knew the color of his Firerat was darker than it should be, not an inch of it free of his own blood - blood spilled by his bastard of a half brother. Inuyasha had thought, stupidly it now seemed, that after the death and defeat of Naraku, he and his brother had come to some type of nonverbal "live and let live" agreement. But it appeared as if the full-blooded Youkai simply couldn't stand the presence of his half-breed brother as he wondered the earth alone. And now, if anything, Sesshomaru's wrath had only increased, along with his venomous words, which still managed to do more damage to the InuHanyou than his brother's claws or poison ever, could. Worthless. Stain. Abomination. Half-breed. Embarrassment. Weak. Sesshomaru's words filtered through Inuyasha's mind in a never-ending loop, chilling the Hanyou's body as much as his very own blood loss.

Wincing as his foot hit another tree root, Inuyasha's clawed hand came up, covering a particularly evil looking gash wrenching its way through his abdomen. It wasn't the first time he'd felt his brother's fist pierce that particular patch of flesh, but this time, Sesshomaru had left his claws there, pumping more and more poison into the wound. Over the years, Inuyasha had felt his brother's poison enough to have formed a semblance of tolerance to the substance, but this was different. This was like being caught in a monsoon of shear agony.

Stopping once again, Inuyasha leaned heavily upon a large tree, smearing the bark in sticky crimson. Had he ever been in this much pain before? The Hanyou wondered and he had to admit that the increase in brutality from his brother was taking more than a physical tole on him, leaving his body worn and weary. Raising his head, Inuyasha felt the tug of that inexplicable call, pulling his broken body and soul ever forwards. And beyond that call, creeping up behind him, stalking his pitiful movements, was the ever present suffocating aura of Seshomaru's Youkai - pulsing and breathing like a massive impenetrable force.

"Fuck, gods damned a-arrogant prick is j-j-just, messin' with me. Fucker," Inuyasha cursed his pure blooded brother to Hades and back. Given his condition, if Sesshomaru wanted, he'd be upon the Hanyou in the blink of an eye. But instead, the asshole was following at a leisurely distance. What he was waiting on, Inuyasha had no idea. Most likely he was simply drawing out the Hanyou's pain. Sighing as deeply as his aching chest would allow, Inuyasha knew this was the last time they'd be playing this game. Even if Sesshomaru pulled back and left him alone, the poison spreading throughout his body right now was more than enough to kill him - slowly and painfully. It seemed, after centuries of fighting, that Sesshomaru had finally done what he'd been threatening all of Inuyasha's life - he'd killed him. Only now, after their more recent throw-downs did the Hanyou understand that he'd always been living off his brother's good graces. No matter how much he hated it. No matter how much he railed against it. Sesshomaru was powerful. The most powerful Youkai walking the planet and Inuyasha was little more than a toy to his brother. A toy he'd evidently grown tired of playing with.

Catching a clawed foot on nothing more than an upturned patch of earth, Inuyasha fell face first into the ground, his whole body screaming out in agony at the sudden jolt. Opening his mouth, nothing but a silent scream left his lips, followed by a short, choking sob as the young InuHanyou struggled to remain conscious. Taking shallow breaths, Inuyasha tried slowing his fluttering heart, but it was to no avail. Sesshomaru's poison had already taken hold and there was little that could be done now. Barely able to feel his lower legs, the Hanyou somehow managed to pull himself up onto his knees, palms planted in the dirt, head lowered as Tessaiga lay rusty and useless under his hand. Forcing his right leg into motion, Inuyasha tried standing, but soon fell back upon his knees.

"Move, damn-it," Inuyasha growled. "I w-won't let the b-bastard find me layin' down." But no matter how much the determination. No matter how strong the will, the Hanyou's physical strength had gone, leaving a quaking shell in its wake.

Leaning forward, Inuyasha's forehead came in contact with something scratchy and harsh. Pulling back as much as his body would allow, the Hanyou managed raising his head enough to find himself staring at one of the largest, and most likely, oldest trees his golden eyes had ever seen. Tipping his head further back, Inuyasha was amazed at how far up the tree went and had a vague feeling of loss knowing he'd never be able to leap through those endless branches. He'd never be able to climb to the very top and see all of the western lands spread out before him in all its endless glory.

"N-not fuckin' f-fair," Inuyasha lamented, knowing full well nothing about his life had ever garnered that phrase. Lowering his head, the Hanyou managed a weak smile, somehow, this place felt right. That invisible, indescribable pull he'd been feeling was gone and in its wake was an odd feeling of peace. "Well, if t-this is g-gonna be it . . . wheeze . . . t-this is as go-ood a place as a-any." Raising a tired, blood soaked hand, Inuyasha patted the bark of the tree.

Gasping, Inuyasha began coughing, desperate for air as the blood in his lungs began working its way up his trachea. Glaring at the blood-splattered trunk in front of him, the Hanyou knew he'd spoken his last words. Verbal speech no longer a possibility, he slumped forward, leaning his shoulder against the massive tree before him, the long silvery-white strands of his hair, thick with congealing blood, draped messily around his head. Damn, can't even give the fucker a final piece of my mind, Inuyasha thought before a deep frown marred his face. Even now, at the end, knowing it was Sesshomaru who'd caused his death, he couldn't hate him. Oh, he was pissed to be sure. Pissed and hurt more than words could ever convey (not that he'd ever willingly try and voice those words). But hate? No, for whatever reason, Inuyasha could never hate Sesshomaru. After all, how could you hate the one thing you always wished you could be? And besides, in his heart of hearts, way down deep inside and locked in the strongest of cages, Inuyasha actually felt as if his brother was right. That, in fact, he was nothing more than a disgusting half-breed whose worth didn't even merit the oxygen he breathed. In a way, he was always saddened that he'd never been what Seshomaru wanted - what the exquisite Youkai needed. In short, the Hanyou wasn't the brother Sesshomaru deserved.

Closing his eyes, Inuyasha felt the stabbing pain of need thrumming through his twittering heart. Each beat bringing a cadre of agony. Gods, but I'm tired, the Hanyou thought and then winced at his own perceived weakness. Soon, soon the bastard will be here and it will be over. Finally, this whole thing will be done. I just hope I don't embarrass myself anymore when he gets here. I can't . . . I won't let him see. I won't let him see how much it hurts. How much . . .


Despite the fever and pain wracking his body, Inuyasha's body stilled. What the? That , , , that wasn't Sessh -

Little InuHanyou, son of the great Inu no Taisho?

Raising a quivering hand to his head, Inuyasha felt his forehead. God's, I'm burnin' up. No wonder I'm hearin' voices.

A deep, rumbling laughter echoed throughout his head. No, little one, I am not a side effect of your foolish brother's poison.

Blinking rapidly, Inuyasha tried speaking out loud, a painful, hacking cough and more blood his only reward. Fuck, that was stupid, Inuyasha berated himself.

Do not try and speak, little Inuyasha, verbal communication is not necessary as long as we are in direct contact with each other.

Through the haze of his ever-increasing fever, Inuyasha tried focusing. Whatever was in his head had implied they were touching each other. Paying as much attention to his surroundings as possible, the Hanyou tried figuring out what was going on. As far as he could tell, the only things he was touching were the dirt below his ass and the tree currently holding him partially upright. Somehow, he doubted it was the dirt talking to him. He'd seen demon trees in the past, so . . . Are you the tree?

Warmth seeped into his body, easing some of Inuyasha's pain as the voice responded, I am Bakusen'O, a demon tree and long friend of the Inu family.

Bakusen'O, huh? Well, Inuyasha had never heard of him, but that didn't necessarily mean what the tree was saying was a lie. In the end, Myoga had been a piss poor choice of a retainer who'd stingily doled out information regarding his Youkai heritage. You knew the old man?

Very well. Very well indeed.

And, you know my bastard brother?

Instead of the previous quick response, silence filled his head. Bakusen'O?

Inuyasha swore he heard the tree sigh within his very own mind. Yes, I know your foolish brother, Sesshomaru.

Inuyasha mentally scoffed. Foolish? How about sadistic prick.

I am all too aware that Sesshomaru is to blame for your current condition, as well as past trauma.

The Hanyou felt his eyelids droop, golden orbs barely visible in the dim forest light. A pain unrelated to his physical wounds swept through Inuyasha's soul as past memories flooded his mind. Abandonment, pain, disappointment . . . these were the gifts Sesshomaru had given his younger brother. Yeah, well . . . nothin' to be done about it now.

Again there was a brief silence before the tree spoke. Are you so ready to die young one?

Closing his eyelids completely, Inuyasha tried raising a hand to his face, but his fingers barely moved before the combination of Sesshomaru's poison and his own blood loss pulled them back down, laying helplessly within his lap. Don't see how I've got much of a choice.

But, if you did have a choice, I wonder, what would you chose - life or death?

With his eyes closed, the Hanyou hadn't thought things could get darker, but as his consciousness began struggling to hold on, an even blacker night began curling around the edges. I ain't got time for riddles . . . I . . . fuck, I'm so tired.

The voice of the demon tree softened and soothed the young InuHanyou's soul. I know time is slipping away, so I shall be brief. Inuyasha could practically feel the tree take a deep breath before it continued. One day, your brother will come to regret his actions. One day, he will value your life above all others. I had hoped he would come to this conclusion before it was too late, but sadly, he has not. Instead, he has let his arrogance blind him to what you both truly need and in doing so, has cost you your life and him his soul. For the love of your father, I would see his sons happy. I would undo what Sesshomaru has selfishly done.

No longer able to feel anything but the burning presence of Sesshomaru's poison, Inuyasha's breathing became increasingly shallow and labored. Happy? I'm dyin', there's no fixin' it. I don't . . . I mean, how . . .

But if I could, if there were a way to preserve your life and keep you safe from this world until Sesshomaru realizes -

If he'd been physically capable, Inuyasha would have been shaking his head in vehement denial. Never happen . . . Sessh . . . hates me.

Shhh, little one. I promise, one day it will and if it doesn't, you have my word that you shall never reawaken. I will protect you both body and soul within my branches until the end of time.

Shit, the darkness was closing in even more and beyond that, Inuyasha could feel Sesshomaru moving ever closer. Soon, his brother would be right on top of him. Concentrating on Bakusen'Os words was a battle unto itself. You would protect me? Even from Sesshomaru? Inuyasha simply couldn't believe a pure Youkai would place his well being over that of his perfect brother.

I swear it on the grave of the great Inu no Taisho.

Will I . . . will I dream? God's, he hoped not.

No, for you shall not be asleep, but held apart from time itself. Unfortunately, you will remain as you are and shall awaken with the current wounds you carry. It is only the poison I shall be able to remove.

But, won't that kill you? I don't wanna . . . I don't wanna . . .

Fear not, I shall remove a little at a time. My body can withstand such minute quantities.

Inuyasha barely heard the last, his mind holding on by a mere thread as his body began failing him even more.

Child, time is short. I must have your answer.

I . . . I . . . Sessh will never . . .

One day, he will.

One day . . . would be Inuyasha's last thoughts for unknown centuries to come.

Before Inuyasha's heart could beat its last, Bakusen'O flew into action - the Hanyou never felt the myriad of woody limbs pierce his already damaged flesh as the demon tree moved to protect its most precious cargo a moment before the Lord of the West sauntered into its glade.


Sesshomaru didn't need his keen nose to detect the Hanyou's whereabouts. The proof of the half-breed's condition littered the forest floor and the great Lord suppressed a snarl of revulsion. Even Inuyasha's blood reeked of inferiority. How his father had ever sired such a being was beyond Sesshomaru's comprehension, or, at least that's what he'd been trying to convince himself of.

Sesshomaru wasn't quite sure when he'd first noticed his Youkai being drawn to his pathetic half brother. What Sesshomaru was sure of was that after the prolonged contact between himself and Inuyasha during their continued battles with the vile half-breed, Naraku, his own Youkai began making it increasingly clear that it wanted nothing more than to be in the presence of his younger brother. Something the Youkai Lord found wholly unacceptable. Oh, how he'd railed against his inner Youkai self upon this realization. The first five decades after Naraku's death, Sesshomaru had merely tried ignoring his brother's existence, but found it impossible. A mere whiff of the Hanyou's scent on the wind sent his inner Youkai into a type of keening which was beyond bearable. And so, his anger blossomed anew.

Soon enough it was obvious to Sesshomaru that simply tolerating Inuyasha's existence would not be possible. It was on a particularly irritating night, when the Hanyou's scent was closer than usual, that Sesshomaru finally snapped. Racing through the moonlit night, he soon came upon his younger brother, the proximity of the half-breed making his Youkai pound within his soul, desperate for that which it so desired to be near. Furious that any part of this Sesshomaru would want anything to do with such a disgusting mistake of creation, the Lord of the West lashed out with all his fury, surprising and wounding his half-breed brother almost to the point of death.

Sesshomaru's Youkai had screamed in fury, but it could not dash the sense of self-righteous glee the great Lord felt at seeing the thing he detested most, cowed in fear - a festering wound lying on the forest floor, just as it always should have been. And, in that moment, Sesshomaru took great pleasure in torturing his own Youkai just as he perceived the damnable thing had been doing to him these long years. As an odd sense of contentment settled upon him, Sesshomaru walked away from his brother, leaving him writhing in pain, only to heal and repeat the process over and over again.

But after a time, the fiery angst of his Youkai began to be too much and the DaiYoukai knew he must finally bring an end to his father's most heinous of mistakes. Finding no more pleasure in the half-breeds continued displays of weakness, the only solution to the problem would be the Hanyou's death. Surely then his Youkai would forget its disgusting obsession and leave him in peace. Sweet, contented, peace. Yes, soon the miserable excuse of his brother would be gone . . .

"Bakusen'O?" Narrowing his eyes imperceptibly, Sesshomaru cursed the existence of the half-breed once again, for no other creature could have occupied his thoughts so thoroughly that he would have failed to notice his own proximity to the demon tree known as Bakusen'O. Getting over his initial surprise at seeing his father's old friend, Sesshomaru's eyes narrowed even further, becoming mere slits of gold. As expected, the bloody body of his brother lay motionless, what wasn't expected was the location of said brother - cradled within the branches of the ancient tree. "What is the meaning of this?" Sesshomaru all but hissed.

"Foolish InuYoukai son. Your father would be very disappointed in his heir."

Shifting his gaze from the suspended Hanyou, Sesshomaru looked upon the face forming in the trunk of the tree. "My father should have destroyed the half-breed upon its birth."

The face on the tree frowned, it's formed eyes lowering in sadness. "After all these years, you still do not see what a gift Inuyasha is."

"Gift?" Sesshomaru sneered.

"The life of a DaiYoukai is a lonely one, this is something your great father knew well."

"I fail to see your point."

Sesshomaru watched as the whole of Bakusen'Os limbs sagged while the wind whispered a heavy sigh. "So strong and deadly, but so hopelessly lost." Moving slightly, the great demon tree delicately shifted the woody branches penetrating the young InuHanyou forward, suspending Inuyasha in front of his brother. As the listless form moved, crimson rain drizzled the ground below. "Tell me, young Lord, when you look upon the tortured body of your kin, what do you see?"

Sesshomaru's passive mask betrayed the twist in his gut at the pitiful sight Inuyasha presented. Pierced throughout his body by Bakusen'Os delicate, yet strong limbs, Inuyasha's body hung limp and impassive. His once silvery-white hair matted with congealing blood while his offensive puppy-dog ears lay torn and tattered. Along the Hanyou's still child-like face, lay a myriad of cuts and bruises while the red of his Firerat was soaked and darkened a deep brown. Scanning his eyes further down the body, Sesshomaru watched sluggish rivers of blood drip from broken and frayed claws. Gripping his own claws into tight fists, Sesshomaru ruthlessly tamped down his infuriated Youkai as he steeled his will yet again. In his mind, the Lord of the West convinced himself that Bakusen'O was only trying to save the bastard progeny of his long deceased father.

"You wish to know what I see? I see a weak, pathetic excuse of a creature. A vile, disgusting mistake that has finally been rectified."

At those caustic words, Bakusen'O drew Inuyasha's body closer to himself once again, pushing the still form deeper and higher into his great canopy of limbs. "Such blindness and cruelty from one whom claims to be so honorable."

Again, Sesshomaru's stoic mask remained intact while inwardly seething. "I tire of this conversation, tree. Release the half-breed to me and let us be done with it."

If possible, Bakusen'Os frown deepened. "I am sorry, but I will not do that."

A deep seeded rage began filling the Lord of the West - his golden eyes bleeding red. "You will release him. Now!"

"Here is where your brother rests, and here is where he shall remain."

Sesshomaru's Youkai flared. "You would keep him? To what end?"

"To whatever end you decide, young Lord."

"Speak plain, tree. What do you hope to gain by this? Once he is healed and you've released him, I will only seek the Hanyou out again. You are only delaying his death."

The frown Bakusen'O had been wearing finally turned up at the edges. "Foolish InuYoukai. Here is where your brother rests, and here he shall stay."

"Make sense!"

Slowly the face upon Bakusen'Os trunk began dissipating, harsh bark taking its place. "Only when you admit your brother's worth, will I release him. And then, it shall be the great Lord Sesshomaru protecting him."

A deep guttural growl echoed through the forest as Sesshomaru unsheathed Bakusaiga, quickly aiming it at the tree. Leaping into the air, he directed the sword at Inuyasha, only to hit a barrier midway, throwing his body back down into the earth.

"Bastard tree! This Sesshomaru will not be denied!" Again the DaiYoukai leapt at the tree, only to be met with the same fate as before. Time and time again this scene was repeated until the Lord of the West panted in exhaustion. Crouched upon the ground, Sesshomaru looked up into the branches of the tree, not a single leaf out of place since the start of his onslaught. "Damn you."

But Sesshomaru's curse was met with silence.

Above the exhausted Lord of the West, the sun passed through the sky and soon stars littered the darkened heaven's, and still, Sesshomaru remained where he was - eyes fixated on an unwavering shot of red cloth hanging high upon the tree tops. And, as the sun rose again, he yet remained. Only when the glow of the day had faded a second time did the DaiYoukai move, slowly sheathing his sword and raising his body from the ground, once again the image of perfection. With his calm restored and uncaring mask firmly set back in place, Sesshomaru's golden eyes stared at the faceless bark before him, his voice cold and uncaring. "Here my brother is, and here he shall stay. But by your very own terms, the Hanyou will be here until either the end of time, or the end of you, for this Sesshomaru will never desire the well being of his father's most hated mistake." And with those acidic final words, the Lord of the Western Lands turned on his heel and calmly left the glade, leaving both his brother and demonic tree behind. Unfortunately for the demon lord, he could not leave behind the wail of his very own Youkai as it screamed in bitter agony at the loss of the one it cherished so dear.

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