Good evening everyone. So, this is it, the very last chapter. I wanted to write this to kind of tie some things up that had been mentioned in the story, plus hopefully give readers a taste of something big they'd been requesting (offspring). I hope you enjoy it as it was one of my favorite chapters that I wrote for this story. I had a ton of fun with it and sincerely wish it brightens your day :-)

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Not much else, so on with the Epilogue . . .

Sesshomaru sat in his study contemplating his life. He and Inuyasha had been mates for almost nine years and his Hanyou was almost finished with his schooling. In fact, to the DaiYoukai's continued pleasure, Inuyasha thrived in the hallowed halls of education, so much so that he'd not only earned the equivalent of his high school diploma, but an undergraduate degree as well. In fact, his Hanyou was just finishing up his doctorate in Environmental Sciences and the Lord of all Asia couldn't be more proud of his mate's hard work.

And Sesshomaru hadn't been the only one proud of the small InuHanyou. Lady Kadira had been there for Inuyasha's graduation from undergraduate work at the university, but she would not be there this time. Unfortunately the aged miko had passed from the earth soon after Inuyasha began his master's program. Old and in pain, Kadira had smiled through the end of her days, happy in the knowledge that she'd been privileged to not only meet the InuHanyou her ancestors held so dear, but to have also seen him happy and safe. As he'd done for countless generations, Sesshomaru asked the miko to name her replacement within his household. Now, it was Kadira's niece, Lady Kya living within Taisho Tower. Although still young, the girl was brimming with miko powers and far more brash than her aunt had ever been. To Lord Sesshomaru's constant irritation, Kya and Inuyasha were continually goading each other into some idiocy or another.

Just finishing reading the last of the documents on his desk, Sesshomaru's mouth curved down into a faint frown as he felt Kouga's Youkai just outside the door of his study. Before the wolf could even knock, Sesshomaru ordered, "Enter."

Without hesitation, Kouga did just that, striding into the room as if he owned it. Face carefully blank of response, Sesshomaru was anything but all right with the wolf Youkai's demeanor. Both Kouga and Ayame had been spending more and more time within the building and if things went the way they were hoping, the wolf's time within his home would only increase over the coming months. Sighing deep down inside, the Lord of all Asia was constantly amazed by the lengths he was willing to go to make his mate happy. Tolerating the increasing stench of wolf was only one of the sacrifices he'd made.

"You 'bout done in here or what?"

Sneering at the blatant disrespect, Sesshomaru answered, "If this night were not a celebration regarding Inuyasha's accomplishments, I would rip the tongue from your mouth, Wolf."

Shifting slightly in his seat, Kouga thought that maybe, just maybe, he'd been getting a bit more mouthy than usual, but knowing what he was going to be giving up soon for the mutt made him testy, he just couldn't help it. Shrugging his shoulders, Kouga's blue eyes drifted down. "I know the next few months are gonna be rough on you and me, so how 'bout I try and be a little less snarky and you try and be a little less violent."

Staring forwards, Sesshomaru had to ask, "Are you or Ayame having second thoughts?"

"No," Kouga shook his head. "If it works, then we'll both be happy to make the sacrifice." Blowing out a deep breath, Kouga slouched further into his chair. "But do you know how bad this sucks for me?"

Feeling perverse pleasure in the wolf's dismay, Sesshomaru found his mood lightening. "I admit, I do not fully know the extent of your woes, nor do I wish to."

"-Feh, if you had a female mate, you'd understand." Shaking his head of such thoughts, Kouga smiled. "But it'll be worth it to see the surprise on the mutt's face. Not to mention all the shit he's gonna be put through if this thing works."

"Then, we are still agreed. Tonight, during dinner, I shall bring the topic up. There is still a chance Inuyasha will decline."

"Doubt it. Besides, it'd be a shame if he did say no."

"Agreed. We shall endeavor to ease any doubts the Hanyou may have."

Nodding once again, Kouga stood. "So, are you finished? Shippo called a few minutes ago and said he and Kelniri are already on their way, along with their kits. Ayame's ready and Inuyasha should be back from his school any second."

Feeling the comforting Youkai of his little brother as Inuyasha rode the elevator up towards their home, Sesshomaru's heart automatically slowed into a languid pace of peace. "He is already here. Let us meet him in the foyer and depart for the restaurant."


Amber eyes drifting around the table, Inuyasha never got tired of feeling so calmed; so accepted. Here, there were no enemies - no Youkai looking down upon his mixed heritage. Here, in this small room, there was only friendship.

He'd thought it would only be he and Sesshomaru celebrating his achievements, but instead, Kouga and Shippo's families had come as well. Hell, even Jaken had come along. Blushing with all the attention, Inuyasha couldn't help but be embarrassed. Then again, mokomoko constantly brushing up against his groin might be contributing somewhat to the heated color his face had taken on. "Will you get that fuckin' fur under control," Inuyasha hissed into his brother's ear.

"Mokomoko does what it likes. Have you yet to figure that out?"

"So you keep sayin', but I don't buy it." Feeling the fur press even harder into his most sensitive of areas, Inuyasha barely suppressed a whine of pleasure.

"It is an extension of my Youkai and it is no lie to say that my beast has no other desire than to be seated deep within your delicious body."

Sucking in a deep breath, Inuyasha wondered if he'd ever get used to this side of Sesshomaru. He'd always assumed his elder brother to be cold and hollow inside, but nothing could be further from the truth. Since their mating, he'd found out the DaiYoukai's appetites were damn near insatiable. Not that he was really complaining.

"Hey, mutt," Kouga interrupted Inuyasha's musings, "what ya gonna do now that you've finished with all that school shit?"

Giving mokomoko an affectionate pet before pushing the fur off his body, Inuyasha's eyes narrowed. "It ain't shit ya ignorant wolf."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. Still, what are your plans?"

Sending a questioning glance over towards his brother, Inuyasha saw Sesshomaru's eyes glint with approval. "Well, Sesshomaru and I've been talkin' and he's agreed to fund some research I wanna do."

Before Shippo had a chance to respond, one of Shippo's kits, a female named Ioni began hopping up and down in her chair. "Ooh . . . what kind of research?"

Looking over at the fox, Inuyasha thought he really shouldn't be calling her a kit. Ioni was Shippo and Kelniri's oldest and was mated herself. She also held a doctorate in biogenetics and worked in one of Taisho Industries many labs. If there was anyone sitting at the table who'd be excited about what he was about to do, it would be Ioni. "In the vaguest of terms, I wanna try and bring back a little bit of the feudal era – at least the foliage of that time."

"In anticipation of such an event," Sesshomaru interjected, "Taisho Industries began buying up available land these past few years. Most of it has been deemed unsuitable for use by the humans."

"Unsuitable my ass," Inuyasha huffed. "I'm gonna turn those wastelands into a haven for all wildlife." Looking back towards Ioni, Inuyasha's ears twitched. "I might be needin' some of your help later. I know plants aren't necessarily your thing – "

"Nonsense, I'd love to get involved."

Smiling brightly, Inuyasha nodded his thanks.

"So, does this mean we've got to call you, Dr. Inuyasha?" Shippo asked, his tails swishing merrily behind him.

Before he had a chance to answer, Kouga dramatically spit out his food, "Hell's no! The mutt's – "

Sesshomaru was getting ready to reprimand the wolf when Kouga yelped, his blue eyes bright with unshed tears of pain. "What the hell, Ayame?"

"Honestly, you are an embarrassment," Ayame huffed before turning a sweet smile on Inuyasha. "Of course we shall call you by that title if that is what you wish. It has been hard earned."

Smirking, Inuyasha could only shake his head. "-Keh, that don't suit me. Those in the professional world will call me that, but not you guys. I'm just Inuyasha."

"Or muttface," Kouga grumbled, earning another warning shot from his mate.

Soon enough, the banter around the room quieted as food was delivered. Smiling widely, Inuyasha inhaled the delicious scent of the four different types of ramen set before him. After his first dinner at Lady Ballara's restaurant, it had become tradition for him to get all four types as he never could decide on which one was his favorite.

After the food had been delivered, Lady Ballara stepped in, giving a short bow before asking, "Is everything to your liking, my Lord?"

"It is sufficient, Lady Ballara."

Bowing once again, Ballara gave a quick, but kind smile in Inuyasha's direction before leaving. Once she'd closed the door, the Youkai dove into their meals, eating heartily of the mixture of Youkai and human dishes. Once appetites had been sated and the food devoured, all present leaned back in their chairs, full bellies making for a content group.

Feeling mokomoko wrap around his shoulders, Inuyasha didn't fight when the fur pulled him towards his brother's chest. Relaxing into the strength that was Sesshomaru's body, Inuyasha began feeling the pull of drowsiness. Safe and protected, the strain of these past few months spent finishing his thesis pulled at the Hanyou's senses.

Slender fingers rubbing the base of an ear, Sesshomaru's lips caressed a furry edge, his voice soft and warm. "Are you happy, little brother?"

Without hesitation, Inuyasha answered, "You know I am."

"Although that pleases this Sesshomaru, perhaps there is a way you could be even more so."

"I don't see how."

Content as he was, eyes half lidded in sleepy pleasure, Inuyasha failed to notice that conversation around the table had ceased and now anxious eyes focused in on him. Taking a deep breath, Sesshomaru's golden orbs looked pointedly at both Kouga and Ayame, giving them both one last chance to back out before he broached this topic with his mate. But far from any misgivings, both wolves merely nodded, their own eyes shining bright with determination. "If I were to tell you that it is possible for us to have a pup, what would you say?"

Not taking Sesshomaru seriously, Inuyasha simply hunkered down deeper into his brother's arms. "I'd say you were full of shit, as usual."

Pushing his mate up and away from him, Sesshomaru turned Inuyasha so his Hanyou was forced to look into his eyes. Irritated that his warmth had been taken away, Inuyasha's amber eyes narrowed, "What the hell, Sesshomaru?"

"Little brother, I need to have a serious conversation with you and by your earlier response, I do not believe you are grasping the gravity of my words."

Now more confused than irritated, Inuyasha cocked his head to the side, his puppydog ears twitching madly upon the top of his head. "Okay, I'm listenin'."

Satisfied, Sesshomaru's hands began making soothing circles along his brother's back. "I do not like to repeat myself, but in this case, I shall make an exception. If it were possible for us to have a pup, would you wish for this?"

Blinking once, Inuyasha's face shut down into a mask Sesshomaru would have been proud of. "I don't understand. That's not possible." Eyes suddenly going wide, Inuyasha felt panic seize his gut. "No. I can't . . . you're my mate. Mine! You promised me that it would just be you and me." Whining low, Inuyasha felt as if his world were crashing. He'd asked Sesshomaru if he needed an heir, if mating another male would be a problem and the bastard had promised him that was a nonissue. And now he was going back on that.

Puzzled by Inuyasha's response and obvious distress, Sesshomaru was at a loss. "Inuyasha, I do not understand – "

"You're gonna fuck some bitch just to get an heir!" Slamming his fisted hand down upon his brother's rock hard chest, Inuyasha's anger began taking over his hurt and pain. "Damn you to the seven layers of Hell! If you think I'm just gonna sit back while you fuck some other – "

Slamming his mouth down upon his mate, Sesshomaru let his powerful Youkai aura seep into the room. At first, his Hanyou struggled in the embrace, but soon enough his beta nature folded beneath its alpha. Running his hand through Inuyasha's slivery-white hair, the DaiYoukai was at once frustrated and pleased. Frustrated that his mate had so misunderstood his intentions and yet pleased that Inuyasha would react so violently at the thought of him rutting another. "Inuyasha, this Sesshomaru has no intention of rutting another. You are my mate and I desire no other nor would I fuck a bitch simply to produce a pup. If I had wanted or needed such, I would have done so centuries ago."

Even more confused, Inuyasha asked, "You don't expect me to stick my dick in some female?"

Growling low in his throat, Sesshomaru's eyes flashed red. "I would kill the bitch before she could take her next breath."

Having forgotten about the others within the room, Inuyasha was startled when he heard Kouga whistle low. "Damn, you two are scary."

"Oh, and exactly how would you react if you thought I wanted to rut another male?" Ayame asked, her voice innocent.

"Excuse me?" Kouga growled. "You know exactly what I would – "

"Relax," Ayame soothed, the palm of her hand gently rubbing down the side of her mate's cheek, "I have no such intentions. You have always been the only wolf for me."

Quirking a lecherous grin, Kouga's tail wagged back and forth. "That's cause I'm so damn sexy."

Knowing her alpha needed his ego stroked, Ayame licked her mate's chin. "Indeed, that you are."

Pulling Inuyasha's attention back to himself, Sesshomaru stroked the edge of a tanned jaw. "Inuyasha, I once offered adoption as a choice to you, but another option has become viable, an option which would allow us to have a pup of our own making."

"Ours? You mean like a combination of us both, just like a normal male and female would produce?"


Now thoroughly confused, Inuyasha glanced between the expectant eyes around the table then back at Sesshomaru. "Have you lost your fuckin' mind?"

"No, little brother. I assure you that is not the case."

"Lord Sesshomaru, perhaps if you would allow me to explain," Ioni offered, earning a slight inclination of approval from the DaiYoukai. "Inuyasha, you know some of the work I've been doing, but not all. Shortly after you were both mated, Lord Sesshomaru asked if I would focus my research into reproduction. He wished to know if there were a way to combine two male's DNA into a viable offspring. I am happy to report that with a little help, we are now capable of doing so."

Eyes darting between the fox and his mate, Inuyasha couldn't quite wrap his head around what was going on. Deep inside, he began feeling the first stirrings of excitement, but he'd been through enough hardship in his life to simply accept the miracle he was being offered. Pushing down his brewing anticipation, Inuyasha focused on finding out all the facts. "I wanna know exactly what you're all talkin' about."

Smiling, Ioni nodded. "Of course a pup would require seed from both you and Lord Sesshomaru. In my lab, I would combine your sperm into a hollowed out donor egg. This would make the pup completely Inu in genetic make-up. The egg would simply be a shell to hold your growing offspring. The fertilized embryo would then be implanted into a female host, a female in heat whose body would be primed and ready for implantation. Of course, for the best results, the one whom donates the egg should be the one to host the pup. And, it would have to be a female with a powerful Youkai of her own to support such an offspring as the one you and Lord Sesshomaru would surely create."

Heart beating fast, Inuyasha licked his dry lips. "Is this really possible?"

"I am assured that it is, little brother."

"But . . . but we'd have to find a donor, a Youkai bitch willing to give up a chance to have her own offspring, someone we trusted . . . I don't see how that's possible."

"Yo, mutt, are you suddenly blind or what?" Kouga asked.

Leaning over the table, Inuyasha stared at his friend, noting the unusual intensity in Kouga's blue eyes. "Dogbreath?"

Eyes softening, Kouga placed an arm around Ayame's shoulders, pulling her close. "Ayame and I've discussed this for a long time. We've got five great pups of our own, although I'd always like more, they'll be plenty of opportunity for us in the future."

Sucking in a deep breath, Inuyasha couldn't believe what he was hearing. Amber eyes wide, he stared at Ayame. "Ayame, you sure about this?"

Waving a dismissive hand in front of her face, Ayame answered, "I'm sure. Currently, I'm satisfied with the brood we've got so I wouldn't have allowed another pregnancy this cycle. I would be happy to carry and birth a pup for you."

"Holly shit," Inuyasha murmured. Still trying to stay as calm as possible, Inuyasha looked back to Ioni. "Is it safe? I mean, for the pup and also Ayame. I don't want her getting' hurt – "

"It will be as safe as any other pregnancy, Inuyasha. You needn't worry overly for Ayame's health. However, given the power of your combined seeds, there is a good chance even Ayame's Youkai will not be enough to sustain your pup so she will need both you and Lord Sesshomaru to lend some of your Youkai power to the developing pup. As such, she will need to be in close contact throughout."

"I would not allow the carrier of our offspring to be far from us anyways," Sesshomaru answered.

"Yeah, and she's not stayin' in your place alone which means I'll be hangin' closer as well."

Suppressing a growl of irritation, Sesshomaru was actually pleased when Jaken muttered an "Oh great." He'd have to remember to say something bordering on pleasant to the little kappa later.

"Kouga, you really okay with this?" Inuyasha asked, the fact that he'd used the wolf's real name indicating just how serious he was.

Smiling, Kouga's blue eyes remained warm as he stared across the table at his friend. Inuyasha had been through hell and back and more than anyone deserved happiness. "Yeah, I'm sure. I won't lie, this is gonna suck big time for me, at least while the conception is goin' on. Nothin's better than when Ayame's in heat." Eyes looking distant in memory, Kouga's smile turned wistful "Nothin' but ruttin' all day and night. Damn but those are good times."

"Kouga," came Ayame's stern voice.

"Anyway's, I won't get to rut her while your pup is doin' what Ioni calls implantin' but after that . . . well, lets just say pregnancy hormones can be a good thing. I'll get my fair share of lovin' while your pups cookin' in Ayame's oven."

Feeling a little sick at the idea that Kouga's dick would be anywhere near their pup, Inuyasha paled slightly, only to feel Sesshomaru's muscles tighten. Evidently the bastard didn't like that idea any better than he did. Shaking his head of such thoughts, Inuyasha had just one more question, something only Sesshomaru could answer. By now he had little doubt his perfect brother had more than accepted his Hanyou heritage, but accepting the humanity in him was one thing, it would be completely different in a pup. "Sesshomaru."

"Yes, little brother."

Swallowing hard, Inuyasha raised his head, his eyes burning. "I gotta ask you, and don't get all pissy, 'cause I want a straight answer. Don't worry about hurtin' my feelin's here, just answer true, okay."

"You have this Sesshomaru's word."

"This . . . you know what havin' a pup with me would mean, right? You know that it will be Hanyou too."

Feeling a stab of pain in his heart, Sesshomaru never once let that pain show upon his face. "Do you believe I will find our pup deficient?"

Having been with his brother these past nine years, Inuyasha could hear the hurt in Sesshomaru's voice, no matter how hard he tried to hide it. "I gotta ask, Sesshomaru. I've moved beyond my past, but it don't mean I've forgotten it. I won't put someone else, least of all my pup, through what I went through."

Pulling Inuyasha close, Sesshomaru wrapped mokomoko around his Hanyou. Holding his mate always had a soothing result on both Inu's. "Inuyasha, there are none stronger than you. As I said before, I would produce a pup with none other than you. I shall cherish the being the two of us create – all of that being, even its humanity."

Breathing in deeply his brother's powerful scent, Inuyasha cuddled further into Sesshomaru's arms. "God's above, is this really possible?"

"I assure you, it is," Ioni answered.

Turning his head within Sesshomaru's embrace, Inuyasha stared over at Kouga and Ayame. "And you two are really willing?"

"Fuckin' hell, how many times and ways do we gotta say it, mutt?"

"I'm just makin' sure, fleabag." Smiling, Inuyasha felt his ears drop. "If this works, I don't know how I'm ever gonna repay you two."

Down the table, Inuyasha heard Shippo laugh. "Don't worry, I'm sure he'll think of something." Getting up, the fox walked towards his foster father, warmth coloring his green eyes. Careful not to touch that which the Lord of all Asia had claimed, Shippo merely knelt beside the Hanyou. "Personal experience tells me you're gonna be a great father."

Snaking an arm free, Inuyasha ran his fingers through a shock of fiery red fox hair. "Thanks runt." Locking eyes with Shippo, Inuyasha conveyed just how grateful he was for the kind words of support.

Not liking the fact that Inuyasha was touching any but him, Sesshomaru shifted his Hanyou within his lap. "Are you happy about having a pup together?"

Throwing his head back, Inuyasha's snowy-white hair drifted over the table behind them. Finally allowing the joy of the situation to settle within his soul, he lunged forwards, wrapping his arms around Sesshomaru's neck. "Fuck yeah! A pup! Sesshomaru, a pup of our own. Holly fuckin' shit, it'll probably wind up bein' a prissy ass punk." Shaking his head at the enormity of it all, Inuyasha added, "Damn, I hope it looks like you."

"On the contrary, little brother, I am hoping our pup looks like my beautifully perfect Hanyou mate."

Smiling wide enough to show fang, Inuyasha pushed his way off Sesshomaru's lap. "Now that we got that settled, stop pawin' all over me in front of everybody. It's embarrassin'."

Easing back into his chair, Sesshomaru wondered if Inuyasha would ever truly be comfortable with public displays of affection. To him, touching his mate intimately in front of others was not only pleasurable, but also reinforced his claim as alpha. Thankfully he was confident enough to allow his Hanyou a modicum of space, but that didn't stop him from snaking mokomoko up Inuyasha's leg underneath the table.

Eyes narrowed and shifted to the side, Inuyasha gave his brother a look, but never once tried dislodging the fur from his body. Truth be told, deep down he rather liked Sesshomaru's need for physical contact. Comforted by the weight of mokomoko as it wrapped around his thigh, Inuyasha's bright eyes turned towards Kouga and Ayame. "So, when is this gonna happen?"

"I should be going into heat within the coming month . . . "

All through the rest of the meal, the conversation skittered too and fro. Glancing around the room, Inuyasha still thought some days that Bakusen'O had never released him, that instead, this was simply a dream his mind had concocted to sooth the pain in his soul. Driving a sharp claw into his arm, he winced in mild pain. He'd learned to only go so far with the pressure. Drawing blood also drew the attention of a certain obsessive DaiYoukai and Inuyasha had long ago run out of excuses as to why he was hurting himself. Still, he found the painful reminder necessary. This was real. He'd woken up and life wasn't a dream.


Inuyasha's amber eyes glanced around the sterile little room he was in, only now and again drifting to the equally sterile cup sitting on the counter before him. Ayame's heat had started a few days ago and according to Ioni, Ayame's body was now at its most fertile, which meant her womb would be most accepting of the embryo they were hoping to implant. But there was a problem, or at least Inuyasha considered it a problem, he was supposed to provide a "sample". Shoulders slumped, he stared daggers at the still empty cup before him. "How in the hell am I supposed to get it up in a place like this?"

Pacing, Inuyasha's eyes quickly roamed over the lewd magazines occupying one of the walls. He'd already tried that route, but there was nothing even remotely hard-on inducing within those pages. How could anything compare to his mate? Sesshomaru was walking perfection. And it wasn't just the DaiYoukai's looks, but the scent and feel of him as he held Inuyasha. For the Hanyou, there was only one way to stimulation and that way was nowhere near this room.

Frustrated, Inuyasha sat down. His dick had been limply hanging out of his pants for gods only knew how long and the damned thing refused to even twitch to attention. Staring down at his seemingly useless appendage, Inuyasha grumbled, "Dumb ass dick, why can't – "

Head snapping up, Inuyasha stared at the closed door. He could feel Sesshomaru's Youkai as it came closer and soon there was a light knock. "Little brother, are you well?"

Face flushed crimson, Inuyasha placed his head in his hands and answered, "Yeah, why the hell wouldn't I be?"

"You have been in there for some time."

Feeling a whole new kind of embarrassed, Inuyasha knew the real meaning behind that statement. Sesshomaru was wondering what the hell was taking him so long. "Uh . . . I'll just be a little longer, I, uh . . . "

"Inuyasha, do you require this Sesshomaru's assistance?"

Rolling his eyes, Inuyasha sat back, his legs spread as he stared at the ceiling. In his heart of hearts, he wanted to tell Sesshomaru to fuck off, but this was more important than his anxiety regarding his own lack of performance. This was about producing a pup – a pup of their very own. Pushing down his pride, the Hanyou walked over and unlocked the door. "Get in here, asshole."

With a gentle click of the door handle, Sesshomaru's regal form walked into his brother's small room. "Ioni was concerned."

Both frustrated and angry, Inuyasha crossed his arms. "Yeah? Well it looks like you gave up a sample quick enough. Nice to know ya don't need me to jack off."

Smirking to himself, Sesshomaru had thought this might be the problem and both he and his Youkai relished the thought that their physical presence was required to bring their mate to completion. Closing the short distance between them, Sesshomaru reached around his mate and pulled Inuyasha's back against his chest. Whispering into a flattened puppydog ear, the DaiYoukai's warm breath began heating his mate's body. "This Sesshomaru's body responds to his will, especially when memories of last night's rutting are still so fresh."

Blushing anew, Inuyasha allowed his body to relax into his brother's embrace. "Yeah, well, it looks like my body is just as stubborn as everything else about me. Damn thing refuses to get hard," he added while poking an accusing finger at his dick.

Without hesitation, Sesshomaru wrapped his long fingers around his little brother's cock, stroking and cajoling it to life. "You only lack the proper motivation, that is all."

Head lolled back, Inuyasha sighed in pleasure. Wrapped in the powerful smell of his elder brother, he allowed Sesshomaru's Youkai to pour into him, body and soul. Safe and secure, he could finally let his lust run free. "Sessh – "

"Shh, you need not speak, just feel. I am here."

Fuck, but that just seemed so wrong and right at the same time. Some days, when Inuyasha allowed himself to think on it too hard, it was down right terrifying just how much he'd come to depend on Sesshomaru. But with his brother's hand stroking his hardening cock, Inuyasha just couldn't concentrate on anything else.

"Are you close, little brother?"

"Fuck, yeah . . . gettin' closer all the time." Actively bucking his hips into Sesshomaru's hand, Inuyasha could feel a tightening building deep within his gut.

Loving the feel of his mate as Inuyasha eagerly masturbated within his fingers, Sesshomaru reached his free hand down, cupping his Hanyou's balls and earning a deep whine of pleasure. Without disturbing his mate, Sesshomaru slowly moved them both forwards, towards the awaiting cup. Once they were within firing distance, he leaned over and placed his fangs over Inuyasha's mating mark, biting down in one swift motion as he gave his Hanyou's cock a final stroke.

Sucking in a deep breath, Inuyasha threw his head back as he felt his body release its load. Bucking up erratically, he deposited his creamy load into the needed receptacle. Spent and panting hard, Inuyasha was glad Sesshomaru had had the presence of mind to guide his deposit so that it wasn't lost. "Damn, that never gets old."

Licking and nipping his Hanyou's neck, Sesshomaru felt as if he had to agree. "Indeed, it never does."

As his muscles returned to some form of usefulness, Inuyasha wiggled his way out of his brother's arms and opened the small sliding panel within the room, placing his donation within and then closing the small door. With that done, he turned to his brother, a look of awe etched across his face. "I guess that's it then."

"On our part, yes. Ioni has already harvested Lady Ayame's eggs and with the addition of your sample will soon begin the process. I am told we will know within the week if the procedure has been successful."

"And, if it's not?" Inuyasha asked, his head bowed.

"Then we shall simply try again when Ayame is next in heat."

Shaking his head, Inuyasha didn't think he could do that to his friends. "No, if it doesn't work, then next heat she and Kouga get to try again for their own sakes, not ours. Youkai don't go into heat very often and I won't do that to them."

Sesshomaru knew just how badly Inuyasha wanted this, what it meant to his mate. In truth, he could simply order the Wolf Queen to do as he ordered, but his mate would never accept this. Inwardly sighing, the DaiYoukai wondered if Inuyasha would retain his morals during the long years spread before them or if his Hanyou would come to understand the power of his station and use it to his advantage. Somehow, he thought the latter highly unlikely.

Pulling Inuyasha to his chest, Sesshomaru stroked his fingers through silvery-white strands of cotton soft hair. "Then we shall hope that Ioni is successful."

Shifting his face so that he could look into his brother's eyes, Inuyasha's fingertips traced lightly along Sesshomaru's chin. "No matter what, pup or no pup, I don't regret a day of bein' your mate. And, I can't thank you enough for willingly givin' this a try."

Still not used to the warm feeling Inuyasha stirred within his soul, Sesshomaru's eyes were flooded with emotion, even though his face betrayed none of it. "Only with you would I ever desire offspring, Inuyasha."

Smiling softly, Inuyasha went up on his tiptoes and licked his brother's chin, a soft, "I know, bastard," floating from his lips.


It was three month's into Ayame's pregnancy, half way there, and things were going well, at least with the pregnancy. Sesshomaru found the constant presence of wolf within his private residence more than annoying, although most of that annoyance could be laid upon the feet of Lord Kouga alone. The Lord of all Asia thought Lady Ayame to be tolerable, but with her mate added to the mix . . . the next three months couldn't go quickly enough.

Riding up the elevator, the DaiYoukai could already smell the stench of those mangy cretins. Sighing, Sesshomaru knew he would change nothing. Inuyasha was beyond exuberant with their expected arrival and truth be told, so was he. The thought of bringing another Inu into the world, whether that pup be pure Youkai or Hanyou, was more than pleasing to him. Passing his father's legacy on, continuing their bloodline, it was more than he'd ever dared hope for. And, to make matters even more perfect, the miko Kya had informed them that this pup was strong. Their brewing offspring's Youkai was powerful and Sesshomaru wondered if its strength would rival that of Inu no Taisho's. God's above, but he hoped so.

Stepping into the foyer, Sesshomaru ignored the normal grumblings Jaken spouted off about the wolves eating them out of house and home, not to mention the constant smell polluting their residence. Although he agreed with the little kappa, the Lord of all Asia would be damned if he'd admit to such annoyances.

With Jaken's words fading into the distance, Sesshomaru quickly walked to the door of his and Inuyasha's bedroom, and as per usual, opened the door without so much as a quick knock. Breath catching in his throat, the DaiYoukai simply stood within the frame of the door, soaking in the scene before him. Upon their bed, Inuyasha lay, his head resting against a very pregnant Ayame's stomach as the palm of his hand made small circles against the wolf's skin. It was a scenario he'd seen more than once, and yet it never failed to stop his heart. Just as Ioni had said, although Ayame was a strong Youkai, even she was not powerful enough to fully support the growing Youkai of their pup, and so, on a daily basis, the Wolf Queen would come to their bed and both he and Inuyasha would feed their Youkai into their growing pup.

Amber eyes drifting up from their position, Inuyasha continued his ministrations as he beckoned his mate closer. "The little one's movin' around like crazy today, come feel."

Moving around the bed, Sesshomaru gave a nod of respect to Lady Ayame, appreciating her warm, responsive gaze before crawling upon the bed and spooning his body behind his little brother. Once situated, he reached over his mate and placed his hand over Inuyasha's, instantly feeling a small kick in response. Not able to hide the smile upon his face, Sesshomaru tucked his body in even closer to that of his mate. "Indeed, our pup is most active today."

"Yeah, and the little brat just keep's gettin' hungrier and hungrier. That pup soaks up my Youkai faster than I can replenish it."

Releasing his own power, Sesshomaru allowed his Youkai to join that of his little brother, instantly feeling the tug as their pup began soaking it in. True to Kya's words, their pup would be a force to be reckoned with.

Not long into the feeding, Sesshomaru felt Kouga enter their residence and inwardly groaned. He and the wolf had come to a compromise early on regarding these feeding sessions. Understandably, the wolf did not appreciate his mate being surrounded by two Inu's, especially when one was another alpha. Similarly, Sesshomaru did not want Kouga anywhere near his own mate. And so, when it came time to feed their Youkai into their pup, the two beta's, Inuyasha and Ayame, would lay close together with their respective alpha mates at their backs. Sesshomaru need only touch the Wolf Queen with his hand, nothing more. Somehow, neither Kouga nor Sesshomaru deeply minded the fact that what Inuyasha and Ayame were doing could be considered cuddling. Although it didn't make them exceptionally pleased, the act was acceptable considering they both trusted their mates.

"Started without me?" Kouga huffed while walking into the room.

"This Sesshomaru does not remember your presence being necessary." Feeling a sharp elbow in his ribs, Sesshomaru looked down to find annoyed amber eyes staring back up at him.

Feeling as if he'd conveyed his displeasure with his bastard brother, Inuyasha looked back to the wolf, "Come on and join in, dogbreath."

Glowering and with a growl still on his lips, Kouga flopped down on the bed, cuddling up behind Ayame. Seeing her mate's distress, the Wolf Queen tilted her head and kissed Kouga deeply. "Be nice and I'll give you a reward later."

Blue eyes brightening, Kouga smirked. "I'm lookin' forwards to it."

Feeling the rumbled annoyance brewing within Sesshomaru's chest, Inuyasha reached a hand behind him and began stroking it down the DaiYoukai's thigh. Turning his head, he whispered into an elfin ear, "Just bare with it. Think about what we're gettin' outta a few months of dealin' with him."

Staring into those hope filled amber eyes, Sesshomaru knew he had no regrets, but he still answered, "I sincerely hope you are content with the one pup."

Chuckling lightly, Inuyasha smiled. "Don't worry, I never thought I'd get this. I'm not greedy."

Inhaling deeply his mate's InuHanyou scent, Sesshomaru had to agree. Inuyasha was easily satisfied. Sometimes, too easily satisfied and he knew deep down that if his Hanyou ever desired another pup, he'd move Heaven, Hell and Earth to make it happen.


Pacing across the room, Inuyasha couldn't believe they wouldn't let them into the birthing chamber. "It's our pup! They have no fuckin' right – "

Tired of the constant movement, Sesshomaru let mokomoko loose, capturing his Hanyou as Inuyasha paced within range. Sitting his squirming mate upon his lap, the DaiYoukai waited patiently for Inuyasha to settle.

Pouting, Inuyasha finally gave up fighting. It was always useless anyways, Sesshomaru's arms were stronger than any steel he'd seen. Huffing, he laid his head upon the DaiYoukai's chest. "I just wanna know what's goin' on. It's not right that they get to see our pup before we do." Raising his head, Inuyasha's amber eyes looked worried. "What if our pup doesn't recognize us? What if – "

"Hush, you are worried over nothing. Although I am not pleased Kouga shall see our pup before us, as Ayame's mate, he is needed to support her through the birth." Rubbing clawed fingers against the base of a puppydog ear, Sesshomaru's eyes softened. "Our pup has been receiving both our Youkai over these past few months, they shall know us."

Worrying his bottom lip with a fang, Inuyasha finally nodded. "It's just . . . things have been so good recently, I . . . I just keep expectin' somethin' to go wrong."

Hiding his frown, Sesshomaru wondered if Inuyasha would ever truly be rid of his past. Unfortunately, he thought he knew the answer and as always, there was none other to blame but himself. "Little brother, should something happen, this Sesshomaru will be standing at your side to face it. Together there is nothing that could stand in our way."

Offering his brother a smile, Inuyasha knew Sesshomaru was right, but his own personal life experiences wouldn't allow him to be so cavalier about important issues, especially when it came to something as important as their own offspring. Leaning into the continually massaging fingers of his mate, Inuyasha closed his eyes and tried to think only positive thoughts. Lost as he was within Sesshomaru scent and Youkai, he almost didn't hear the door open – almost.

Turning his head, Inuyasha's gaze met that of a very cheeky wolf. "Hey, you guys wanna see the little heathen you've created or what? I'm tellin ya – oof . . . hey, what the fuck was that for?"

Pushing past the Wolf King, Kadira's niece, Lady Kya smiled brightly. "The birth went fine. The wolf mid-wife says you may come in and see your pup anytime."

Jumping off Sesshomaru's lap, Inuyasha darted forwards. "Is it really okay?"

Laying a hand on Inuyasha's shoulder, Kya's brown eyes shimmered with unshed tears. "Yes, your pup is really okay. Lovely in fact."

Shaking with relief, Inuyasha turned towards Kouga, not missing the way the wolf was still rubbing at his side. Most likely he'd been hit with a small amount of purifying energy. "Hey, dogbreath, is Ayame all right?"

Nodding while still looking down at his side, Kouga answered, "Tired but otherwise lookin' as good as ever." With a smile, Kouga added, "Naw, that's not true, she looks even more beautiful than usual." And truly, he meant every word. Nothing was more appealing than a pregnant mate, even if the pup she'd carried had not been his own, the Wolf King thought Ayame looked nothing short of radiant, even after a few hours of delivery.

Having been reassured regarding his friend's health, Inuyasha took one look back at Sesshomaru before darting into the room. Although he did not move with as much speed, Sesshomaru was anxious to see what they had created. And so, with a nod of acknowledgment in the wolf's direction, he too went inside.

Entering the small room, Inuyasha slowed his steps. Lying on the bed, Ayame leaned heavily onto a thick pillow, her arms cradling a small, blanket wrapped pup. Eyes shifting from the bundle within her lap to Ayame's tired eyes, Inuyasha anxiously licked his lips. "Ayame – "

"Why are you still standing over there?" the Wolf Queen asked.

"I . . . is it a boy or girl?"

Eyes drifting to the powerful Lord of all Asia, Ayame smiled. "Why don't the two of you come closer and find out."

Legs moving without his knowledge, Inuyasha was drawn to the bed. In front of him, he could feel Ayame's strong Youkai, but beyond that was the new one of their pup, and oh gods above, what a Youkai it already had. Hands shaking slightly, Inuyasha reached forwards, pulling the small bundle out of the Wolf Queen's arms and into his own. Pushing the blanket aside, the Hanyou stared down onto a face he thought sure was sent from the heaven's. "Oh gods, Sesshomaru . . . look at our pup."

Leaning over his mate, Sesshomaru took in the appearance of his newborn son. Below a shot of silvery-white hair lay pale alabaster skin slashed with the hint of lavender stripes, along with the shadow of a crescent moon. Tucked neatly at the side of their son's head were a pair of elfin shaped ears covered in downy fur and when he opened his eyes, twin suns of the brightest gold stared back at them in wonder. Truly, their pup was beautiful. No, not beautiful – perfect.

Yawning widely, the small being exposed two tiny fangs just beginning to puncture through fresh gums. Staring at those sharp teeth, Inuyasha looked dubiously at Ayame. "He's already gettin' his fangs." Looking over his shoulder at his brother, the Hanyou's eyes narrowed with worry. "What if he inherited your poison? Could he hurt Ayame while nursing?"

Running a clawed finger over the fur-covered ear of their pup, Sesshomaru shook his head. "No, traditionally the poison of my mother's lineage does not flow until adolescence. It should be safe for the Wolf Queen to nurse our pup."

Smiling with relief, Inuyasha stared down at their offspring with awe. "He looks so much like a pure Youkai. I'm glad."

With a hand placed at the small of Inuyasha's back, Sesshomaru knew he'd wished for their pup to inherit the Hanyou's ears, but the soft fur lining his son's Youkai shaped ears would have to be enough. "He is three quarter's Youkai. I am pleased by his appearance, but would not have been less so should he have demonstrated more Hanyou characteristics."

"Yeah, I know. But I'm glad he looks more Youkai. Trust me, it'll be easier for him this way." Taking in a deep and steadying breath, Inuyasha still couldn't believe he was holding his pup, his and Sesshomaru's very own pup. "Holy shit, Sesshomaru, we're parents."

"Indeed. Most likely he shall get into all kinds of mischief."

Sauntering up behind the two Inu's, Kouga squeezed past the ogling new parents to sit on the bed by his mate. "Knowin' who the little runt's sires are, there's no tellin' what kind of hell he's gonna raise." Shaking his head, Kouga kissed Ayame on the forehead before adding, "When the Youkai around here get a good taste of his Youkai, their gonna piss their pants."

Leaning back into Sesshomaru's chest, Inuyasha had to agree. "It's good isn't it? I mean, him bein' so strong."

"It is exceptionally good, but this Sesshomaru expected nothing less from the joining of our seed."

"Cocky bastard, just like always," Kouga gruffed.

Narrowing his golden gaze, Sesshomaru let a small snarl show. "I am just pleased my pup does not smell of wolf."

"Addin' a little wolf to the flavor of Inu wouldn't be a bad thing at all. Matter of fact, it might be an improvement."

"Wolf – "

"Hey you two, shut it. This our son's first day of breathin' the air and I ain't gonna have his ears tainted with that shit just yet."

Pulling back his annoyance, Sesshomaru complied but not before sending a look that could freeze fire in Kouga's general direction. Turning his attention back to the bundle within Inuyasha's arms, he could see his pup beginning to get restless. "Perhaps our little one is hungry."

"Yeah? You think so?"

Stretching her arms up, Ayame took the newest Inu and held him to her breast. Soon enough, the pup began sucking eagerly.

"Looks like the runt got your manners, mutt."

Face flushed, Inuyasha just couldn't get mad, not really. With his pup healthy and feeding, all he could feel was overwhelming joy. Never had he ever imagined he'd be mated let alone have a pup of his own. Looking over his shoulder and up at his mate, Inuyasha smiled. "We gotta introduce him to Bakusen'O soon."

"Agreed, our son should know his godfather as soon as it is safe to take him to Bakusen'Os woods."


"Sesshomaru, there's one more bag," Inuyasha ordered as he scooted across the seat of the car and out the door. "I've got two of 'em plus Katsumi so you can damn well carry that other one."

Internally scowling, Sesshomaru looked down at that black duffel sitting beside him and wondered when exactly offspring had begun requiring so much luggage for a simple day trip. When he was a pup, the DaiYoukai remembered long trips with not but the clothes upon his back as he clung to his father's fur while they raced across the Western Lands. Now it seemed as if that was no longer the case.

Standing beside the car, Inuyasha shifted the bags slung across one arm as he readjusted his pup in the other. Thankfully, Katsumi was still sleeping peacefully, but he knew from experience that situation would not last forever. "I swear Sesshomaru, if you don't get your ass in gear – "

Finally exiting the car, Sesshomaru's humanoid form somehow managed to look as stuck up and regal as ever while disdainfully holding the last black bag a fair distance away from his body. Seeing the clear irritation, Sang-di stifled a coughed laugh while Inuyasha smiled broadly. In his heart, the Hanyou dearly wanted nothing more than to poke at his brother's annoyance, but he didn't dare risk it with Katsumi sleeping so peacefully.

Sending a frigid look towards his chauffeur, Sesshomaru's blue eyes returned to his mate and pup, the coldness melting at the vision they struck against the thick forest beyond. "Are you certain we have everything, little brother?"

Not missing the sarcasm at bit, Inuyasha simply shrugged. "It's our first trip out of the house with him. You can kick my ass later for bein' over prepared."

Ignoring Sang-di, Sesshomaru walked around the car, his slender fingers gliding deep into his mate's ebony looking locks of hair. "When it comes to our pup, you may be as over prepared as you deem fit, little brother."

Face flushed, Inuyasha felt the heat of those words as well as their deeper meaning. In his own way, his alpha, Sesshomaru, had just praised his abilities for raising their pup. Although he'd fought them at first, Inuyasha had found his instincts difficult if not impossible to ignore and doing so only made him cranky and frustrated. Slowly but surely, he was learning how to accept them and go with the flow. Currently, that flow was giving him all kinds of warm fuzzy feelings at both Sesshomaru's words and actions.

Slightly embarrassed, Inuyasha pulled away from his mate's hand. "-Keh, we better get goin' before the pup starts throwin' a hissy fit." Glancing over at Sang-di, he added, "We'll probably be a while. We ain't got enough milk to last overnight, so we should be back before dark."

Bowing, Sang-di gave a small smile. "And this is where I shall be waiting."

"Gods' above, you've got one borin' ass job," Inuyasha muttered while shaking his head.

Chuckling, Sang-di's smile broadened. "I suppose it is a matter of opinion."

Still ignoring their driver, Sesshomaru somehow managed to weave his hand below the bags slung over Inuyasha's shoulder to place his palm at the small of his mate's back. "Shall we introduce our pup to his godfather?"

"Yeah, that old tree is gonna blow his leaves when he see's this little guy."

"Indeed, that would be a sight for this Sesshomaru's eyes."

Laughing quietly at the image that brought up, Sesshomaru and Inuyasha walked into the woods, both loosing their human façade's moments after the trees hid them from view. Within moments, the brother's feet came to lie at the base of Bakusen'Os roots, a wide smile already alighting the trunk's wood.

"Lords of the West, it is always good to see the son's of Inu no Taisho." Pausing, the old tree's attention turned towards the bundle within the Hanyou's arms. Pleased and full of a calming peace, Bakusen'O felt a joy he hadn't known in centuries. "This Bakusen'O senses a new InuYoukai has entered this world."

Looking up at Sesshomaru, Inuyasha thought his cheeks would start hurting soon from all the smiling he'd been doing recently. Easily setting down the bags he was carrying, the Hanyou walked forwards while tilting the blankets covering his pup's face. "Sorry it took so long, but we couldn't risk taking him away from Ayame until now. He wouldn't drink from a bottle until a week or so ago. Anyways, we wanted you to meet our pup and your godson, Katsumi."

As the gentle breeze tickled his skin, Inuyasha watched Bakusen'Os branches shift and morph until the gentlest of leaves brushed against Katsumi's pale cheek, instantly waking the pup and revealing golden orbs of light. "He is most beautiful, just as all of the Inu clan have been." Taking in the pup's Youkai, Bakusen'O wasn't surprised by the sheer magnitude of its strength. "He shall be formidable when he is grown. Truly, your pup is a proud addition to the InuYoukai clan. Inu no Taisho would have been overjoyed with such a legacy as this."

Pushing back the tears in his own eyes, Inuyasha felt mokomoko wrap around his shoulders as the fur cradled both him and their pup. "Yeah, Sesshomaru says the same thing about the old man. I didn't really know him, but I know my mom woulda been fussin' over Katsumi. She'd of spoiled him rotten."

"And am I to assume that he shall not be spoiled by you?" Bakusen'O asked, his wooden eyebrows wide with obvious doubt.

"-Keh, I ain't gonna spoil him, but my pup is never gonna want for anything." Frowning, Inuyasha was well aware that those two ideas didn't necessarily go hand in hand. "Well, anyways, with Sesshomaru's genes flowin' through him, it probably won't matter much how he's treated, he'll still manage to be a stuck-up, prissy jackass."

Although Inuyasha frequently said such words, Sesshomaru had long ago learned to let those same words flow through him as a drop of rain flows through a river. There would always be a grain of truth behind the Hanyou's musings, but overall, his little brother seemed to say such things more out of habit than accusation.

"One can only hope that our son has inherited the better parts of our individual natures, although, this Sesshomaru fully acknowledges that to be wishful thinking."

Shaking his head, Inuyasha's smile turned soft as he watched Katsumi's small hands reach out as they tried to grasp Bakusen'Os leaves. In his heart of hearts, he knew that how his pup turned out was of little consequence. Whether Katsumi had a raging temper, was cold as ice, or had inherited his own blustering arrogance mattered very little. As long as he drew breath, there was nothing he would not do to make sure his pup felt safe and secure.

Now fully awake, Katsumi's body began twisting and turning, unhappy to be confined to the blanket wrapped around it. "One thing's for sure, the little brat has a lot of energy."

"And a very loud voice," Sesshomaru added.

"Yeah, we don't have to wonder much about what he's thinkin'," Inuyasha chuckled as he knelt down, placing their pup on the forest floor. Immediately, Katsumi wiggled his way free of his blanket, wobbling forwards on hands and knees.

Sitting down next to his son, Inuyasha watched with pride as the small InuYoukai pup fell time and time again, only to get up each and every occasion and try again. Indeed, Katsumi was stubborn. Throughout the afternoon, Katsumi played in the small patch of earth and leaves at the base of Bakusen'Os body. Little did the young pup know that a little over five hundred years ago, this very spot was the site of one of his father's death and resurrection. He would never see the blood stained ground, the torn and tattered puppy-dog ears, the darkly stained Fire-rat. Katsumi would never know the full extent of the hell both his father's had been through nor the unfathomable depth of Inuyasha's forgiveness that had made his life possible.

Yawning widely, Katsumi's small fangs pierced the daylight. "We'd better feed him and put him down for a nap," Inuyasha stated while rummaging through one of the bags they'd brought. Earlier, he'd started a small fire and after retrieving the chilled milk, he warmed it by the gentle flame. Once he was satisfied with the temperature, Inuyasha pulled their pup into his arms, placing the bottle's nipple in the gaping maw of his pup's mouth.

Although Sesshomaru often thought Katsumi's appetite rivaled that of his Hanyou, he kept his voice silent on the subject. Inuyasha's lack of food as a child and the consequences of such starvation were a part of the past that he could never atone for. Staring down at his mate as he fed their pup, Sesshomaru felt his Youkai flare with unrivaled pleasure as well as desire.

Tummy full, Katsumi let out another yawn, his golden eyes slowly disappearing behind heavy lids. Wrapping his son in his blanket once more, Inuyasha was getting ready to settle in when he saw Bakusen'Os limbs shifting and twisting together, in the end, forming a small cradle.

"If you would allow this old tree the pleasure, this Bakusen'O would enjoy holding the descendent of my dear friend, Inu no Taisho."

Glancing down at this sleeping pup, Inuyasha knew Katsumi could be in no better hands, or limbs in this case. Leaning forwards, he placed their sleeping pup within the gentle embrace of the demon tree and watched as the limbs moved up into the air, gently swaying as the breeze tickled across Katsumi's fair skin.

Eyes fixed upon the sight of his pup within the tree, Inuyasha failed to notice Sesshomaru's strong arms as they circled behind him. "Do you believe our pup to the be the only hungry InuYoukai within these woods?"

Shivering, Inuyasha felt the heat of those words as they passed over his mating mark. "I think he already drank all of Ayame's milk."

"It is not the wolf's milk that this Sesshomaru desires."

Turning within his brother's arms, Inuyasha's flushed cheeks shown in the dim light. Going up on tip-toes, he ran his tongue up the length of Sesshomaru's jaw. "Good thing, otherwise I'd of had to punish you."

Growling low in his throat, Sesshomaru loved this side of his little brother. The carefree, secure, seductive side that Inuyasha now felt he could show. It had not been easy, but through the years, he'd managed to coax this part of his mate out. No, getting Inuyasha to feel safe enough to act in such a way had not been easy, but it had been more than worth the effort. "Little brother, you may feel free to try and punish me any day or night."

Pushing Sesshomaru down upon the forest floor, Inuyasha sat upon his elder brother's straining erection, his fangs pulling along his lower lip as his eyelids became heavy with his own lust. "How can I pass up that kind of invitation?"

Without another word, Sesshomaru flipped them and soon had his Hanyou's clothes ripped and shredded, leaving perfect skin in their wake. Soon, the growls and moans of two lusty InuYoukai echoed through the forest, sending all creatures scampering for cover.


Lying within Sesshomaru's arms, his brother's seed cooling within his body, Inuyasha felt the DaiYoukai's breath even out into what he had come to recognize as slumber. Only here, at the base of Bakusen'Os roots would Sesshomaru ever allow his body to relax into a state of sleep while Inuyasha lay within his hold. It was a testament to just how much he truly trusted the old demon tree that he would allow such.

Shifting his weight back, Inuyasha placed even more of his flesh flush with his elder brother and mate, his own eyes heavy with exhaustion.

"Your pup is truly beautiful, as are his parents," Inuyasha heard Bakusen'Os words filter into his brain while he felt the gentle touch of a soft branch brush against his bare skin. Not bothering to open his eyes, Inuyasha sighed in contentment. "I never could have dreamed all this would one day be possible."

"The life you were given was one of deep pain and constant battle, dreams are difficult to find when one is struggling to survive."

"Ain't that the truth." Deep in thought, Inuyasha hugged one of Sesshomaru's arms tighter, a clawed finger tracing up and down the mating mark he'd given his elder brother. Behind him, he could hear a contented rumble echo through the DaiYoukai's slumbering body. "He's kept every word. I feel safe, happy . . . the emptiness is gone. I keep thinkin' it ain't real, but it is. Sesshomaru's my mate and now we've got a little hellion of a pup to complete us. I can't . . . I can never thank you enough, Bakusen'O. I don't know how you ever figured things would work out, but I'm glad you did."

"I am only pleased that the sons of my good friend are happy and well. Not only has Sesshomaru healed your heart, but you have returned his soul. For many centuries, I watched your brother struggle with his own wants and desires. The great Lord Sesshomaru could never admit to being confused about anything and yet when he looked upon your face, felt your Youkai and smelled your distinct InuHanyou scent, confusion was all he knew. It is amazing how much suffering can come of such conflicting emotions."

Flicking an ear against the grass below, Inuyasha thought on Bakusen'Os words. He'd long ago forgiven Sesshomaru. To move on and enjoy the level of happiness that now flooded his heart, he'd had to. It hadn't been easy and there were still nights he'd wake up, heart pounding as another nightmarish memory flooded his consciousness. But each and every time that happened, his brother's strong arms were there to hold him. Sesshomaru's massive Youkai would envelop him in a blanket of fierce protection as he lay there, silent and still while his heart rate returned to normal. And, in those moments, Inuyasha would swear to every deity that his own pup would never feel that kind of abandonment.

Lidded amber eyes gazing up, Inuyasha asked, "Mind if I have Katsumi back?"

In answer, the cradling limbs of Bakusen'Os body lowered, allowing Inuyasha to gently pluck his pup from the protective interlacing of branches. Careful not to wake his son, he pulled Katsumi down to his chest, wrapping both his and Sesshomaru's arms around the small Youkai.

"I am so very proud of you, little InuHanyou. It takes one of great courage and strength to forgive as you have. Many would have held on to their bitterness, allowing hatred to fuel their very existence – an existence that would hardly be worthy of such a claim. Instead, you chose life over revenge and in so doing have created life in return. It is no small accomplishment."

"Yeah, well, it wasn't like the jackass woulda really given me another option," but even as he thought the words, Inuyasha knew Bakusen'O was right, at least a little. He still didn't think what he'd done was all that special, most likely he never would. But that was part of the beauty of who Inuyasha was. Yawning, the lull of Sesshomaru's constant slow, but steady heartbeat was like a siren song, making the Hanyou's eyes heavier and heavier with sleep. "If it's okay with you, I'm just gonna close my eyes for a bit."

Brushing his leaves along Inuyasha's skin, the face on Bakusen'Os trunk began fading. "Sleep well, Inuyasha. This Bakusen'O will keep watch and will always be here when needed."

With that last whispered statement, Bakusen'Os branches moved again, creating a wooden den surrounding the three sleeping Inu's, blocking them from view as the demon tree covered them not only with nature's wonder, but an impenetrable barrier as well. Aware and always vigilant, Bakusen'O kept watch over his most precious of creatures. Nothing would harm the sons of Inu no Taisho, for he would keep them safe, even from themselves.

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