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"Hey, Jen! Wait up!" I heard from behind me. I turned around and there was Liam, who plays Gale. "What floor are you on?" he asked. "14 why?" "Me too. Hey, do you want a ride?" he asked. I smiled and nodded. At least I have one friend here. "So, what do you think of the cast?" he asked. "Everyone seems really nice. Well, except…." "Yah, sorry about Josh" he interrupted. "What's his problem?" I asked. "He just had a messy break-up and has been on edge lately. Especially with girls."

OH! I remember reading People last month. Him and his co-star from 'Journey 2 The Mysterious Island' Vanessa Hudgens just broke up. They've been going out for over a year and it was bad. "But don't worry about him. He's a really nice guy and I think once this blows over you two will be fine together" Liam added. "I hope so. How awkward would it be if we hated each other on set?" I said. Liam laughed. We talked for the rest of the ride home. Liam's really nice and I love his accent. "Are you hungry?" he asked as we pulled into the parking lot. "Yah. Why don't we ordering in. Any recommendations?" I ask. "Yah," he adds, "there's a really good Italian place in town. We can get heroes' or something." "Sounds good."

We go into the elevator and go up to the 14th floor. "Let's change and then order" I say. We go our separate ways and change. When I get to my room, I see that all of my stuff has been put away and my lacrosse stick and volleyball are in the corner. I change into a pair of green sweatpants and my old lacrosse jersey and go to Liam's room. "Liam, what do you want?" I ask so I can order. "Um, a shrimp parmesan hero" he says. I nod and walk back into the kitchen. The number for the restaurant is on the table and I call.

"Michael's Pizzeria, this is Jessica. How may I help you?" the girl asks. "Hi, can I have a shrimp parmesan hero and a chick-" "Liam, you home?" I hear someone say. Soon enough, in walks Josh Hutcherson. "Um, I'll call you back" I say and hang up. "What are you doing here? Don't you ask or something before coming into someone else apartment?" I ask. He laughs and says, "Really? I didn't think I had to ask to go into my own apartment." Oh god. Oh no. He is not sharing this apartment with us. Just then, Liam walks in. "Hey Josh. Jen, did you call the pizzeria?" "I didn't get a chance to. Josh interrupted my call" I respond. "I'll call," Liam offers. "Chicken parmesan hero" I tell him. "Same" Josh responds.

I roll my eyes and go back to my room. I grab the lacrosse stick and make my way back. I don't know why, but whenever I have my lacrosse stick, I feel more relaxed. When I get to the living room, I put on MTV and see that my favorite shows is on- Saved by the Bell. It's a really funny show and I think Zack Morris is just too cute. This was the Valentine's Day episode. When I turn it on, Slater says, "What, no rose for me, preppie? And I thought we were real close." "Slater, face it, it's over" Zack says in a silly tone. I laugh and someone walks into the room.

"Saved By The Bell. Classic" Josh says as he sits down on the couch. "Well, I used to watch it all the time at home. Especially since my brothers love it" I tell him. He nods and looks at me. "You paly lacrosse?" he asks. I smile. I almost forgot it was in my hand. "Yah. I was on varsity in the 7th grade. Same with volleyball" I tell him. "I play a bit of lacrosse. Maybe we can have a catch" he suggests. "Sure" I respond with a smile.

For the first time, I look up at him and take in his features. Brown eyes and hair (which will be blonde soon enough), beautiful jaw line and nice teeth. We sit and watch TV until Liam yells from the kitchen telling us our foods' here. We eat, talk, and laugh. Josh is actually really nice and funny. After dinner, we go back into the living room and watch Bridesmaids. I soon begin to drift into sleep and the room goes soundless. Then, I am lifted up and placed into my bed. "Sweet dreams Jen" I hear someone say. Then, a pair of lips touches my forehead.


He leaves and I fall into a sleep filled with dreams of Josh.

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