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Elizaveta wakes up slowly and smells the aroma of flowers in her room. She sits up and looks at her nightstand. There is a vase with red, yellow, and blue flowers in it. Demitri walks over to Elizaveta and sits down on the bed.

"Do you like the flowers?" Demitri asks as he helps Elizaveta stand up from the bed.

"They smell nice and look very pretty. Let me guess, you got them for me." Elizaveta says and puts her nose against the flowers. Demitri nods and looks away as Elizaveta pulls on her uniform. She goes into the bathroom and brushes her teeth.

"Ready for another day at school?" Demitri asks as Elizaveta is still brushing her teeth. Elizaveta nods and finishes brushing. She pulls out her comb and starts working at her hair. Demitri takes the comb and combs her hair.

"Thank you, but you do not need to do that." Elizaveta says and sits down in the chair. Demitri shrugs his shoulders and keeps working at her hair. A few seconds later her gets done.

"Alright time to go then." Demitri says as he grabs his backpack. Elizaveta grabs hers as she follows him out the door.

World History

"Okay today we are learning about World War II, but not about the main countries. I will tell you about the minor countries..." Elizaveta kind of just ignored her after that. She looked down at her desk and sees a folded up piece of paper. She looks up at the teacher then opens the paper.

"Please come to my house again sometime. I would really like that. Love Demitri :)" the notes says. Elizaveta rolls her eyes and writes back.

"Maybe, if you are a good little vampire. From Elizaveta." she puts the note on her desk and watches as it floats over to Demitri's desk. Demitri smiles and writes back.

"I will try my best to be good. Love Demitri." Elizaveta again rolls her eyes and looks up at the board. She quickly writes down her notes.

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