Aura of Betrayal

life for the past 3 years has been hard on Ash. Pain was a friend, and the brother of betrayal, to Ash. Not just his friends betrayed him though, his Pokemon did too. Only his most loyal Pokemon still follow him today. Pikachu, Sceptile, and his newly caught friends Gardivor, Gallade, Frosslass, Ralts, and the Kirlia sisters.

He was framed for stealing the Pokemon of the champion Cynthia the day before the last match. Although the trial ended with him being found innocent, and the missing Pokemon found in the care of team Rocket, Ash's so called friends still believe he put them there in order to win. Of all the people that turned their backs on him, His mother, Prof. Oak, Gary, Cynthia and her sister Shiro (Oc), Wendy (Oc), and surprisingly, Paul, all believed him to be found innocent before the trial happened.

With his new friends and mother, he moved to the island that called to him. Where a very important factor of his new life would begin, and his new title to come into play. He went to the island known as Altimore, home of the Eon twins Latios, and Latias. He went to the one place that he would be able to reach his full potential. He, in 3 short years, would become one of the most powerful trainers in his generation. He would become the friend and leader to all Pokemon He would become, the Aura Prince.

3 years later in Altimore

In the forest of Aura, named by the residents of the island because of the one who lives there, stood a man 6ft tall with long black hair, a toned body, and bright blue eyes. Around him, stood a plethora of Pokemon A pikachu on his head, a kirlia on either side of his shoulders, a dancing Gardivor, Gallade and Sceptile sparring, and three Pokemon flying around them.

The man spotted a Pidgeot with a roll of paper tied to its leg flying towards him. When it landed, he took the paper off Pidgeot's leg and thanked him as he flew away. He read the note, but slowly started shaking in rage. His Pokemon took notice and all looked at the note. They too, started shaking in rage and began to comfort their trainer. The two Kirlia, Kiri and Kari, started to try to cheer him up from their positions on his shoulders. Pikachu and Latios both headed out of the forest to find the people who could truly calm him down.

10 minutes earlier at the docks of Altimore

Seven figures stepped of the boat they took to get to Altimore and all headed to the registration center. "Names please?" said the Nurse Joy at the center. The seven all spoke their names and the Joy froze up. She wrote something on a piece of paper and gave it to a Pidgeot to take to someone called 'the Prince'. Immediately, the bird Pokemon knew who she was talking about, and quickly flew away. Afterwords, the seven made way for the hotel to rest up for the upcoming tournament.

Forest of Aura current time

"Ash!" cried several voices. Said 6ft man turned around only to be tackled to the ground. Around him stood 5 females of various ages. In order, stood the oldest, Shiro at 17, Former Sinnoh champion Cynthia at 17, Former Gym Leader Gardenia at 16, Wendy, at 16, and finally, Hinamori at 16. He looked down to see what had hit him, and found it was Latias in her human form. She looked about 16, with long red hair that reached past her thighs, and was about 5Ft 6. In short, all his girlfriends.

"Are you ok?" questioned Riley (Latias). "I'm fine now that the six of you are here." he said in a calm voice. "Is what we heard true ash?" Questioned a worried Gardenia. "Yes. " He replied, "Misty, May, Dawn, Max, Brock, Barry, and Drew have entered into the Aura Guardians Competition." "The nerve of them!" exclaimed Shiro. "Don't worry Shi-chan, they can't do anything to you or me without them getting punished in the most extreme of ways. Satisfied with his answers, Ash, his Pokemon, and his six Girlfriends went back to their house to sleep and prepare for the AGC the next day.

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