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Chapter 35 Outtake

The Ties that Bind

Third person POV (Omniscient)

Omnisicient POV

"My venom nearly claimed her life, and it changed her into something… else." Edward's eyes begged Carlisle to understand.

"My son." Carlisle pulled Edward into his arms. "You are such a sensitive and caring young man. You may be over a hundred years old, but you were forever frozen at seventeen years old. I forget sometimes because of the maturity that comes along with introspection, that you are still so young. If you want to have forever to share with Leah, you have to accept what is, and stop regretting every decision you make. You need to be strong for her. Stop beating yourself up for what you cannot change. Make a choice and stick to it. That's all any of us can do!"

"Did you ever regret your decision to change me?" Edward asked as he relaxed into the fatherly embrace.

"Never! I have regretted your regret. I have struggled wondering if you would ever open yourself to the inherent beauty of life. I have worried for your sake that you always seemed to be so withdrawn." Carlisle pulled back from the embrace, and placed his hands on either side of Edward's head, with his thumbs on his cheeks, and his fingers wrapped around the back of his neck. He looked Edward square in the eyes, communicating with his heart, and mind, and everything inside of himself. "But I have NEVER regretted saving you. I have always been proud to be your sire. I have connected with Emmet and Jasper over the years, and I consider them my children. I love this whole family, you know this; but Edward, I could not love you more if I had conceived you. You are my son."

"Father." Edward whispered, burying his face into the crook of Carlisle's neck as he embraced the man he had thought of as a father figure all along. It was, however the first time he had ever said the word aloud. It was the first time he had used the title to address him.

If tears were possible for a vampire, they would surely have been falling from both sets of eyes. The bond that had always been between them strengthened in that moment as Carlisle and Edward embraced each other. This was the first time that they had ever held such an intimate conversation about the innate connection that existed between them, but it would certainly not be the last.


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