Well, I guess I should start the story shall we? First off, my name is Sam Jackson, short for Samantha. I have shoulder length golden blonde hair and blue eyes and love my jeans and sneakers which you will rarely see me out of. But no one is allowed to call me that, well besides Chiron because he doesn't "approve" nicknames. I was adopted by none other than Percy Jackson's family when I was twelve years old. My Mom died when I was born and was found by my first adopted parent who abandoned me when I was eleven. At the time they adopted me, Percy had just turned 16; ring any bells at around what time that was? Well if you don't know, it was the time of the war between Gods and Titans that I was not allowed to take part of. I bet you're all wondering why you haven't heard of me, well I'll tell you; it's because I am the screw up, the unwanted child, the bane of every ones existence. When I came to camp half-blood everyone thought I was the daughter of Apollo due to my musical talent in which I play multiple instruments and can sing very well. To everyone's surprise I was the daughter of Poseidon which makes me Percy's half sister. But that isn't where all those names came from. Not only am I half god, I am half Shadowhunter.

When everyone found out, I was shunned by everyone because I was different. Every one except for my best friend Nick that is. Nick is the son of Athena, and we came here at the same but we've known each other before that, since we were 5 actually. So, let's get to today, my seventeenth birthday.

"Sam! You will never guess what happened!" Nick shouted running towards me sitting by the beach with my guitar. when he reached me he adjusted his glasses so that they are properly on his face and move his black hair away from his eyes.

"What happened that is so important to interrupt me trying to figure this song out." I said coldly.

"Well, as a birthday present, I decided we will do something we should have done a long time ago, two things actually, 1. Go see Wicked on Broadway, and 2. Find if you have any relatives that are still alive." Nick said excitedly.

"WERE SEEING WICKED!" I screamed, I've always wanted to see that show and Nick knew it. I had a infatuation with Broadway.

"First we are going to research your family to see if you have any family." Nick said trying to be superior due to the fact he was a few months older than me.

"Whose idea was that because I know, you know, that I don't want to figure it out." I said matter of factly.

"It was mine." Chiron said walking out of the trees. "You need to learn how to be a Shadowhunter. There was a prophecy many years ago, stating there would be a half-blood with no human blood, but not a god. That is you, Samantha."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you and Nick will go to the New York institute and you will find there your twin brother, Jace Herondale. And before you ask you can see the show first. I informed the people running the institute of your arrival. Nick, you will be going with Samantha because she trusts you and if you go, it will be easier for Samantha."

"Well, I guess we should go pack our stuff. I will meet you at the entrance in 10." Nick said a little startled.

"Alright see you in 10."

I went back to the Poseidon cabin to find Percy inside.

"Hey Sam, whatcha doin?" He asked as I started packing. Nice to see he remembered it was my birthday like always.

"Packing, Chiron as a quest for me." It wasn't a total lie, but I really didn't care what he thought at this point. I've learned over the years not to.

"Oh, well good luck." Percy said with a fake smile.

"Thanks" I said walking out of the cabin

"Oh, and Happy Birthday!" he shouted but I never replied.

I met up with Nick at the gate with a huge smile on my face, the first time all summer. I stood by Nick who was a few inches taller than me being 5'8 and me being 5'5.

"Ready to go?" I asked

"Of course, now let's get out of here." Nick smiled, and we ran out of camp and never looked back.

After the show…

"OMG that was amazing!" I squealed.

"I know, I honestly thought I would hate it." Nick replied.

"Well, I guess we have to go to the institute." I mumbled

"Ya, Chiron gave me the address cause he thought you would lose it."

"Nice to know that he has faith in me." I scorned.

"Well, let's get going."

We walked for what seemed like forever until we reached an old church. I took a deep breath and walked to the door and knocked. (AN/ I have no idea if they have a doorbell or not so just go with it.) A women opened the door and smiled.

"Hello I'm Mayrse you must be Sam. Welcome to the New York institute, we were expecting you."

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