Hey guys.

Since I finished my latest story, I've had fan fiction withdrawal so decided to write a third one.

In my previous story, I invented PC Rebecca Young who I made out to be Kerry Young's younger sister and decided to keep her for this story as she fitted well.

She will be one of the four main characters along with Kerry Young, Dale Smith and Cameron Tait.

Hope you enjoy! :)

"Ah Sergeant Smith, come in. Please, take a seat" Superintendant O'Karo politely ordered, pointing to a grey plastic chair next to where DCI Jack Meadows was sat.

Smithy sat down and thought for a moment as to the reason why he had been summoned to the boss's office. Had he done something wrong that he hadn't realised? Within seconds, Smithy came to the conclusion that he was in trouble. Why else would he be sat in the Super's office, along with the DCI and Inspector?

"Sergeant Smith. Inspector Gold, DCI Meadows and I have a very important job for you, if you would like to accept it"

Sergeant Smith asked what the job was and Adam O'Karo started to explain.

Ten minutes later, Sergeant Smith left the Superintendant's office and headed down the corridor towards his own office where he closed the door, took a seat and started flicking through the pile of paperwork covering his desk. Smithy was honoured to be asked to take part in such a special job and even though he felt a little apprehensive, the young Sergeant was quite looking forward to it. Pulling out his mobile phone from the top drawer, Smithy entered his contacts, scrolled down to his mates name and started typing out a short text before hitting the send button.

"There we go, one coffee, small drop of milk, one and a half sugars. Fuss pot!" Kerry Young giggled as she handed her colleague his hot drink.

Beep beep

"Oh no worries, I'll hold your coffee while you check your phone Mr Popular" Kerry joked, rolling her big blue eyes.

Cameron Tait slipped his hand into his jacket pocket and emerged with a black iphone. After tapping in his pass code, Cameron scrolled down to read his text before filling Kerry in on what it said.

"It's Smithy. He text saying he wants to see me when we get back to the station"

Been as they weren't actually doing anything except for drinking hot coffee, both PC's decided to head back to the station to await further instructions.

"G'day Serge, you wanted to see me?" Cameron asked after arriving back at the station.

Smithy looked up from his pile of paperwork and smiled at the sight of his mate standing in the doorway.

"Yeah Cam, shut the door"

Cameron closed the door and took a seat opposite Smithy, waiting to hear what was so important.

"Okay, I had a meeting with O'Karo, Meadows & Gold this morning..." Smithy started but stopped to pull out some papers from a large white envelope. Putting them on the desk in front of Cameron for him to read, Smithy remained silent for a moment so that the Aussie PC could flick through the information. After seeing that Cameron had finished reading the last page, Smithy continued.

"O'Karo told me all the info then asked if I was interested and, I told them I was"

Looking up from the papers and standing up from his chair, Cameron smiled at his colleague.

"Sounds great Serge. I'm sure you'll do great, good luck"

Smithy smiled and spoke quickly before Cameron had a chance to leave the room.

"Cam, that's not all. The Chief Super wants to keep this in tight nick so only wants our station to be involved but he wants four officers to go. I'm the first and O'Karo has asked me to choose a sensible officer who I think would be great for the job. Cam, fancy a little trip?"

Cameron smiled and not needing to think twice, replied

"I'd love to!"


"Oh Sir, sorry to disturb you, are you free a moment?" Sergeant Smith asked after putting his head around the Superintendant's door.

"Sure, come in" Adam O'Karo signalled.

Smithy and Cameron both entered the Super's office and took a seat opposite his desk.

"I've had a think and have decided that I'd like to take Cameron with me. I've shown him all the paperwork and he's informed me that he's interested. If that's alright with you Sir?"

Adam instantly nodded and agreed that PC Tait was a suitable officer for the job.

"You need to think of two more officers by the end of the day but, I want you to think hard. I need two officers who will be willing to push the boat out to get the right results. We need to nail this and get a breakthrough. It will be great for the station. So, think hard and give me a decision by the end of the day so I can authorise it with the Chief Super" Adam explained to his two male officers.

Smithy and Cameron nodded before leaving the office. Even though they had the rest of the day to come up with two more officers and reasons for their choice, both men already knew who they wanted to be accompanied by.

Two hours later, Cameron and Kerry were out together making a house call to check up on an elderly lady that had had a break-in the previous day.

"Thank you very much Mrs Daniels" Cameron said gratefully as a pot of tea was placed on the table in front of him and Kerry.

"That's a beautiful photo Mrs Daniels" Kerry announced, pointing to a photo of two people standing on a sandy beach. The photo stood inside a black photo frame and had been placed delicately on top of the mantelpiece above an old stone fireplace.

Smiling, the elderly lady replied

"Oh, thank you dear. That's of my Bill and I while we were on holiday in Cannes, France. It was taken...four years ago now. Sadly, he passed away the following week after we returned home"

Kerry offered her apologies and listened as the older lady explained.

"My Bill was unwell, had the big C. Our daughter and son in law bought us a holiday to Cannes for a week so that we could spend Bill's last few days by the sea. Bill loved the beach. Have you been to France before?"

Kerry thought for a moment and explained that she had spent a week in Paris back while she was in comprehensive school before Mrs Daniel's turned her attention to Cameron, who shook his head.

"Never been" he explained.

Mrs Daniels laughed and stated

"Well, if you were born and raised in such a wonderful and beautiful country like Australia, there's no need to visit anywhere else. Since I was a little girl, I'd always wanted to visit 'OZ' as you young ones say and I eventually did and I'm glad Bill was the one I went with. We went on an extended honeymoon after our wedding and spent a month there visiting different places"

Kerry and Cameron exchanged a look as they listened to the elderly lady's stories. The two officers swallowed the last of their hot drinks before thanking the lady and explaining that they had to leave. As they were leaving, the older lady had something to share with the two young officers.

"You know dears, even though I knew my Bill was unwell, I was still saddened and shocked when he left. I thought we may have had a little more time together before it was his time to leave. We did a lot of things together in life, travelled many places but there was so much more we could have done. What I'm saying is darlings; make the most of your lives. You're both still young but you never knew when Heaven will call you so make the most of your time before it's too late. Travel places, make new friends. Enjoy your lives and live them to the full"

Cameron and Kerry thanked the lady for her words of wisdom before jumping back into the car.

"Sierra Oscar 202 from Sierra Oscar 54, what's your current location? Over"

As Cameron turned the key in the ignition to start the engine, Kerry spoke into her radio.

"Sierra Oscar 54 from 202, we're just leaving Groves Road Serge"

For a few seconds there was silence as Kerry waited for a reply.

"Have you got another shout?"

Kerry looked at Cameron who shook his head.

"No Serge, nothing yet. Is everything okay? Over"

"Everything's fine. I want you and PC Tait to meet myself and PC Young, the second, at the River Cafe on the Thames Wharf in ten minutes"

Kerry made a confused face at Cameron but she pressed the button on her radio and simply replied


Kerry turned her head and stared at Cameron until finally speaking a few moments later.

"You know something"

Slowing down at a red traffic light, Cameron gave a slight smile

"How do you say that Kerry Young...the first?"

Kerry grinned

"Funny Cam. Why does Smithy want to meet us? I know you know something. I can tell by the way you're smiling"

Cameron laughed

"What you mean Ker, I always smile!"

Kerry made a funny noise and laughed. She didn't know what Cameron was hiding but been as they were on their way to meet Smithy and Rebecca, Kerry decided to drop it and find out when they arrived at the cafe.

"Hello my darling colleagues" Rebecca Young called out as she spotted her sister and Cameron entering the popular River Cafe.

Kerry took a seat next to her copper sister while Cameron headed to the drinks bar to help Smithy with their drinks, non alcoholic of course.

"So how's your day been chicks?" Rebecca asked her big sister as they waited for the boys to return.

Kerry explained about the house call to the elderly lady's house and shared the words of wisdom that she and Cameron had received.

"So basically she told you to get away and have a holiday?" Rebecca asked, to which Kerry nodded.

"Well, it's funny she said that because Smi..."

Rebecca paused as the male coppers returned to the table and placed four large mugs of creamy hot chocolate down.

"Oh my fave! Yeah as I was saying...well actually, Smithy can now tell you himself"

After taking a sip of his warm drink and licking his creamy lips, Smithy started to explain why he had asked Kerry and Cameron to meet them.

Five minutes later

"So, are you up for it?" Smithy asked.

Kerry didn't have to think twice and nodded, great full to have the opportunity to prove that she's a good copper.

"Oh Smithy, Superintendant O'Karo would like to see you in his office please. Quick as you can" Inspector Gold informed Smithy as they passed each other in the hall way.

Smithy nodded and pushed the double doors leading into the staff canteen. Glancing around, he soon found what he was looking for.

"Cameron, girls, come with me"

Cameron, Kerry and Rebecca followed their Sergeant up to the top floor where they stopped outside the Super's office. Knocking on the door, Smithy waited for an answer.

"Come" said a voice from inside and that was the four officer's cue.

"Sir, have you got a moment?"

Adam O'Karo looked up from his desk and smiled, signalling for his officers to enter the office. Cameron was the last one in so shut the door behind him.

"Seeing as there's four of you standing in front of me rather than two, I take it you've come to a decision?" Adam asked, directing the question at the two male officers.

Cameron Tait nodded.

"Yes Sir. Sergeant Smith and I unanimously decided we'd like to take PC Young and...PC Young along with us. If that's alright with you"

For a moment, O'Karo remained silent before eventually answering, this time turning his attention to the Young sisters.

"Rebecca, this will be your first big operation but I'm sure you'll do well. Kerry, you've had some...difficult cases in the past and a few problems but this could be your chance to prove how great a police officer you really are. I believe in you and knew you will also do great. So, you have my approval"

Smithy and Cameron smiled at the girls then thanked their boss. Even though Smithy had explained to the Cameron and the girls about the whole situation, he hadn't mentioned exactly where they were going. The reason for that was because he didn't actually know. O'Karo had purposely missed out the part of where they would be heading until four people had been found and approved. The four officers fell silent and stood anxiously in front of the Super.

"I'm guessing you'd like to know where you four are heading?"

Together, they all nodded.

"Officiers de bonne chance"

Cameron's face fell as the words his boss had spoken flew straight over his head. Smithy spotted the look on his mates face and mirrored it but then turned his head as he heard Rebecca's voice.

"He said good luck officers"

Kerry looked at her little sister and grinned while Adam O'Karo did the same.

"PC Young, you speak French?"

Before Rebecca could answer, Kerry beat her to it.

"She's literally fluent. It's like her second language"

Rebecca nodded and explained

"Umm yes Sir. I did this exchange programme back in college a few years ago. A French student came over here to live with Kerry, Dad and me for a month before I went back with her and lived in France for a year"

Adam smiled and nodded.

"Well, PC Young that will come in very handy. Faites vos valises - pack your bags. You four are heading to France"

The four officers beamed and started getting very excited.

"Come into work for a few hours tomorrow in plain clothes for a training session. The Chief Super will be arriving at 10am so if you could be here for around the same time. We'll fill you in on everything you'll have to do then, you'll leave the following day. That okay?"

Once again the four colleagues and friends nodded before heading out of the Superintendant's office. After they finished work that evening, Cameron, Smithy, Rebecca and Kerry returned to their separate homes to start packing for their trip abroad, each excited for their own personal reasons. That night, they made sure to get a good night's sleep before the training session the following morning. Who knew what the trip to the land of French would bring up? Would it bring them closer or drift them apart?