(Shirley with part of her morning grooming routine)

Shirley Feeney is sitting on the sofa in her apartment in Milwaukee. She is waiting for her roommate Laverne DeFazio to come back from shopping at the supermarket. Laverne had a hankering for a Scooter pie and wanted to have one for breakfast when she discovered that they didn't have any.

Shirley has her foot propped on her coffee table and she's preparing to paint her toenails. She's listening to Fabian singing on the used radio she received as a gift from her boyfriend Carmine.

She has a bag of cotton balls, and takes out four of them from the bag. She sings out loud, "Turn me loose-I don't know the rest of the words but-turn me loose." She grabs four of the cotton balls in one of her hands while she holds the nail polish with the other and shoves all four cotton balls in between two of her toes. She continues to pry apart her toes and then inserts four more cotton balls between each toe. "Ouch, ouch, my morning grooming hurts!"

Booboo Kitty is propped up beside her and Shirley says to her stuffed animal, "I don't know why you insist on having your nails painted Booboo Kitty."

Shirley takes out a few more cotton balls and places them beneath Booboo Kitty's paws and she holds up her nail polish.

Shirley has two colors to choose from so she says, "Hm, what do you think Booboo Kitty? Fuchsia pink or French Rose, you know my mother sent me these as presents for my birthday a few years ago back when I was still in high school and I had to hide them from Laverne." She laughed at the memory, "Do you remember what she said when I caught her using my mother's gift to paint the L's on two of her poodle skirts? She said, 'Your cat made me do it.' She blamed that little transgression on you, when we both know she was only painting her skirts to impress the sailors. She said they could see her coming sooner on the docks when she wore brighter colors. Ah, but Laverne really is a good friend. Even though she is boy crazy she's the best friend a girl could ever have."