The remainder of the evening and the following day was spent in bed. Loki demanded it as Anthony recovered and regained his strength. Of course, that did not stop him from having his way with Anthony, but there was hardly a force in all the realms that could have stopped them from that activity. The day after that Pepper sent in a work crew to clean up Anthony's bedroom and rebuild his windows. With people in the house, he and Anthony had to at least dress and attempt to see to business. Anthony was still stiff in his movements but overall he was doing far better, able to get up and around on his own. They spent most of the afternoon downstairs in his lab. Loki enjoyed merely watching Anthony work. The man fixed up his robot Dummy and then set about tinkering with some new contraption. Loki adored the way Anthony's mind worked. The man would be a genius on any realm, he was certain of it. Only when half the day was gone did he bother to begin answering the questionnaire Pepper had sent along from Fury and SHIELD as prep for their meetings in the following days. Most inquires were deemed too unimportant to answer seriously and many of his answers were merely musings on Anthony's heroic actions and perfect smile. They were both quite important details.

Only as the afternoon waxed into evening did the work on Anthony's room cease. They saw the crew out and Anthony insisted on cooking omelets for dinner. Loki raised his eyebrow at Anthony's sudden decision to cook but he was shooed out of the kitchen while Anthony 'worked his magic'. Left alone, Loki wandered the home, still not having seen each room. He found himself out on the balcony as the sun disappeared over the horizon, already out of sight, but its bright rays fanned out over the water and faded into orange and purple. This planet was so very different from Asgard and yet he felt at home here. He had no wish to spirit Anthony away to Asgard. He was content here. He would have to find something to do with himself but in all honesty he wished nothing more than to spend the foreseeable future at Anthony's side.

He sat on a large lounge chair and folded his legs up underneath himself, watching the sky turn darker and the yellows mellow into oranges and then into blues.

He could feel the difference inside himself. He was calmer. He was more certain of his life. He knew no matter the twists of fate, he had Anthony to weather them with. He would prove his father wrong. He would make something of himself not out of spite or to get his attention. No he would do as his heart deemed right for no one but himself. He would not dwell on the past. He would embrace his future. He would embrace himself.

He heard Anthony's footsteps and looked as the man joined him, pride on his face as he set a rather ragged looking omelet on a plate down onto the small table beside Loki, along with a glass of juice. "For you."

"Thank you," Loki smiled up at him and reached to pull the man down onto the lounge chair with him. Anthony happily bounced down beside him and pulled out one of his display devises, tapping the screen and moving his hand up. The blue outlined sketch of a hovercraft of some description floated up above the screen in a 3D model. "So? What do you think?"

Loki raised an eyebrow at him. "It is rather like the Chitauri personal vehicles from the invasion."

"Exactly. Only it's got my rocket boosters in it so it can actually take corners." He spun the model and it formed a skin over the sketched exoskeleton, a green and black paintjob with gold highlights covering it as it slowed to a stop. "I thought maybe you'd like to not be carried everywhere. In case, ya know, Nick Fury has more of a brain than I think he does and recruits you."

Loki melted instantly at the details to the color scheme but he was mystified by the entire conversation. "Recruits… me?"

"Well ya. I'm not really goin' anywhere without you so he might as well make it official. Why do you think he wants so bad to talk to you anyway?"

"I thought… to make certain of my intensions on Midgard?"

Anthony shrugged, "Ya sure that's the official reason but he'd be stupid not to want you on his speed dial too." He spun the model again and pouted just a little at Loki, "Don't you like it?"

"It's marvelous," Loki sighed appreciatively, clear surprise and wonder in his voice. Anthony beamed with pride that he did not bother to cover up and Loki giggled, pressing a kiss to the man's cheek. "Thank you. I cannot wait to see it completed. The colors are fantastic." He paused a moment, thinking back to their quick flight across Los Angeles, and then added, "I may need goggles."

Anthony snickered and pressed his own kiss to Loki's cheek. Loki reached to take the devise away from Anthony, setting it aside. "Watch the sunset with me, darling." He picked up the plate of food and snuggled back up against Anthony's side. He tried some of the omelet and even though it was rather unpretty it was delicious.

He felt a kiss to his neck as Anthony's arms went around his waist. "I'd rather watch you, baby."

Loki met his gaze and found himself instantly lost in Anthony's deep brown eyes. They held the world for him. They held his future.

Through so many disappointments. Through so many upheavals in his life. Through so many callous words and abusive actions. Through so much strife and hurt.

He had finally found home.