FAGEtastic Four

Title:The Slow Burn of Love

Written for: BloodRedLust/BloodRedLost/Bec BRL FFnet

Written By: LPlover93

Rating: M

Summary/Prompt used: AU fic - A couple are best friends for a long time before realizing they have feelings for each other, but one of them struggles to come out due to fears of rejection from their family.

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This is the first Wes/David story I have written. Hopefully you like it, bb!

Thanks sooo much to my wifey/beta CrazySue05 for editing this for me.

Disclaimer : I do not own Glee and/or any of its characters. Though I adore their wallpapers on my computer.


Blaine was so excited that he was getting to share Kurt's eighteenth birthday. He was already sad that he had missed Kurt's seventeenth birthday as they could have had a Harry Potter themed party where they would have gotten a letter for Kurt that he was now eligible for Apparating and the Trace was finally removed from his wand. That he was a magical adult now but he could not tell Muggles the truth about Wizardry. Blaine then blushed as he saw the notepad in front of him. While dreaming about his could-have-been party, he had drawn a portrait of Kurt in a Hogwarts sweatshirt and nothing else.

He then tore off that page and kept it in his jewellery box, where he kept everything precious in regards to Kurt. The first coffee cups they had shared (he washed the inside, of course), the bill of their first not-date at Breadsticks, his gas bill of when his car ran out of gas when he went to meet him at McKinley (he conveniently forgot it was to confront Karofsky), some glitter from when they had kissed for the first time and lots more, which could be called rubbish, but totally wasn't.

He had called up Wes and David to help him decide on what theme the party should be. They had in turn, called up Jeff and Nick. Nobody invited Thad as he would have thought they were mocking him by telling him to plan a party for a boy who had transferred schools.

Wes and David sat as close to Blaine as possible as they perused the long list of themes on his laptop. Jeff and Nick were sitting on the other bed, snuggling with each other. They had started dating only recently, and were still in the honeymoon stage.

Nick could only laugh at Blaine as he saw that half of the themes were suited for kids under the age of ten. Disney, Harry Potter, Twilight (he gave Blaine a weird look at this). Blaine got up from the bed and left all of a sudden.

Wes and David moved away from each other like they had touched a hot stove and almost got burnt. Jeff raised an eyebrow at them but said nothing. David coughed and asked, "Should we plan something embarrassing to happen to them during the party? I mean, it would be funny, nothing too extreme."

Jeff immediately said, "No! We are not risking anything. Kurt has already suffered through so much of the bullying and now that he's back over there, we can't even protect him from that homophobe, the last thing we want to do is make him suffer where he is safe."

Nick gave a silent smirk to Jeff and asked, "Why don't we match make for two people I am pretty sure are into each other?"

Wes asked, "Who? Who? Tell me, I am the ultimate match maker. I mean, I got Kurt and Blaine together."

David made a sound of protest and said, "Both of us did."

Wes gave him a smile and said, "Yeah, both of us did."

Nick was sure of it now. They gave sweet looks when the other wasn't looking and both stressed on the both part when they spoke. They were definitely into each other, no doubt about it. And then Jeff said, "You two, of course."

And then it was like a pink elephant had flown into the room and spread "Powder of Awkwardness" everywhere. David just frowned and left the room immediately.

Wes started crying as Jeff and Nick looked at each other, shocked.

Wes was handed a handkerchief by Nick, who was flabbergasted at the boy, who acted like a leader even in his sleep, crying like a toddler whose parent had left them alone for the first time.

Jeff, who could never see a person cry, went over to Blaine's bed and hugged Wes immediately. Wes leant his head on his shoulder and wiped his eyes. He said, "I don't know what to do, seriously. I don't mind if he doesn't return my feelings, I just want my best friend back. I want the epic bro-mance we had back. I want us to be able to sleep in one bed and not make it awkward. I want us to be able to hide in secluded closets to spy on couples and not make it unpleasant. I want us to be able to talk about girls. I don't want to think about kissing Dav…"

And then Wes started crying again as he realized that he had just outed himself to Jeff and Nick. He sobbed, "Please don't tell anyone. I promise you I'll do anything you want. Seriously, anything."

Nick said, "We will definitely not tell anyone. But why are you so worried?"


At the same time, David had gone to the room he and Wes had shared for the last three years. He went into his cupboard and removed the gavel he had stolen from Wes the first time he had realized he had feelings for him. It was complicated. He knew it from the first time when he had seen Wes call for order in the choir room. And when he pouted because no one would listen to him, David wanted to just turn Wes' face towards himself and kiss that pout off his face.

Since then, almost every time they had gone on one of their adventures together, well adventures were more like half-thought out plans which never worked out, the proximity between them was really hard to handle. Every time he wanted to kiss Wes, he had to physically stop himself from doing so. So when they helped get Blaine and Kurt together, it was so difficult for him not to say, "Hey Wes, I like you. You move me too. Can I kiss you?"

The worst part was that he knew Wes liked him too. And he knew there was a very sad reason why they couldn't date.


So ? Let me know what you think about the story. I'd love to see some reviews instead of my painful textbooks.