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Wes gulped; the sound echoing in the suddenly silent room and said, "Tonight actually."

Kurt sarcastically said, "Yeah, right," to which David continued, "No, seriously. We were going to wait up after the other guys had left and tell you about it." Kurt asked, "Why does Blaine know about it then?"

Santana said, "Why don't you enjoy your birthday and do all this drama afterwards?" Kurt pouted but realized what she said was correct. So he shouted, "BRING IN THE CAKE!"

Puck and Finn brought in a large Chocolate cake. It had frosting dripping on the sides and Kurt knew it was sinfully full of calories. He decided to indulge as today was his birthday though. He called out, "Blaine, I want you near me when I cut the cake." The look of relief on Blaine's face was palpable.

As everyone started singing the song, despite protests from Kurt not to, the latter cut a thin slice of cake and put it in Blaine's mouth, mouthing "I love you" to him as he did so. Blaine then put a slice of cake in his mouth and he smiled, not even caring that someone took a photo of him like that.


The party finally came to an end. The girls were going to have a sleepover but then Mercedes noticed that Kurt was actually upset that the two boys didn't tell him about them dating. She told the other girls, "If these guys don't talk today, it will hurt Kurt in the long run. So we'll go now. We can have mani-pedis with Kurt any other time."

The other girls agreed and they said bye to the guys, hugged Kurt and left. Once they left, it was like an air of awkwardness had entered the room.

Kurt asked Blaine, "Just tell me one thing. Did you do it on purpose?"

Blaine said, "Well, not exactly. There were a lot of complications behind it."

Wes said, "Putting it in a better manner, my parents did not approve of me being gay, so it was a no-no topic. But these guys made their parents and Burt speak to my parents and they are okay with it now."

Kurt was trying to calm himself down. He said, "I didn't like the way you guys excluded me, but I know there's a solid reason for it now. So it's okay, not that you need it."

After all of that was cleared, Kurt got a call from Jeff and Nick. They almost screamed over the phone, "Please forgive Blaine! Don't get mad at him. We didn't tell you because it would have revealed the secret of your birthday party. You know us; we don't have a zipper on our lips at all. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEA…"

Kurt screamed over the phone, "Don't worry! I forgave him almost immediately. So, you guys go to sleep now. You guys don't even have roommates. So, go have fun."

Jeff and Nick snickered as they closed the phone. Wes, David and Blaine decided to have a sleep-over at Kurt's place. Wes told Kurt, "Just because you missed a sleepover with the girls because of us doesn't mean that you should miss out on the fun. We are fun, aren't we?" And then he showed what he thought were his puppy-dog eyes.

Kurt giggled and said, "Your eyes don't work on me. So don't even try. Maybe Finn's eyes and always Blaine's eyes, but not yours."

Wes just pouted and they all started laughing. Kurt then got up and put Pirates of the Caribbean on, as they had decided together.


Burt finally entered the house at midnight. He was going to go in earlier, but he knew how teenage parties worked and he didn't want to be a buzz kill to all the kids inside. Though he was shocked at what he found inside. The place was actually clean, which he was surprised but not shocked about.

He entered the living room to find Kurt, Wes, David and Blaine lying together and a film going on the TV. It was the cutest thing that he had ever seen after Kurt trying to wear his dad's coveralls when he was only five years old. He was so adorable then. Burt wasn't ready to see his baby grow up. But he had to, and he had one year to do it. Burt decided he would make sure he would have more father-and-son days with his son so he would be able to remember those times when Kurt went off to New York for University.

He then saw the four boys again and decided that this was a scene worth preserving. He took the camera off the shelf and immediately took about five-six pictures of the guys together. He then went to sleep.


Twenty years later:

Kurt and Blaine were going through the usual routine of showing a month's photos to Neil. Yes, their first kid was named after Neil Patrick Harris. Neil suddenly stopped at a page and asked his dads, "Papa, is this Uncle Wessie and Dave?"

Blaine smiled and said, "Yes baby, this was your Daddy's 18th birthday. We had prepared a surprise party for him and Uncle Wes and David got together during this party."

Neil squealed and said, "This is so nice!" Then, with the memory of a seven-year-old child, he asked, "Can I have waffles, Daddy? Pleeeease?"

Kurt nodded and then told Neil, "Go take a bath first, or you won't take one later."

As Neil scampered away, Blaine hugged Kurt loosely. He said, "We've come a long way, haven't we? I am so happy you didn't break up with me that day."

Kurt smiled at his foolish husband and said, "Maybe we wouldn't have spoken for a week or so; but I would never ever have broken up with you."

They both then kissed each other sweetly, thankful for the fact that they got a chance to get together, despite all the odds stacked against them.


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