(Your Desicion by Alice in Chains plays)

The show opens live from the Donbass Arena in Donetsk, Ukraine. Fans cheer louder as the camera pans them, with signs like "Why, Ayano, Why?", "Beware Victor!", "VIVA LA FRANCE!", "UKRAINE IS ROCKO COUNTRY!", "BABJABBERS!".

"Privet! We're live from Donetsk, Ukraine, in the Donbass Arena!" greeted Bumblebee. "I'm here again with my colleague Hikage Miyakawa!"

"I'm enjoying my job, Bumblebee!" cheered Hikage. "I never thought that Ukraine would have delicious foods like the Penchenya! Anyway, tonight we're in a former Soviet Union republic and i don't think that Omega Red's presence might be a good idea at all."

(Soviet Union anthem plays)

"And talking about the King of Rome..." commented Bumblebee.

"I remember Ayano Minegishi from Lucky Star." stated Hikage. "Why did she align herself with that communist mutant son of a..."

"Watch it!" said Bumblebee stopping Hikage.

Omega Red comes acompannied by Ayano Minegishi, dressed in a North Korean military uniform while carrying the U.R.S.S. flag and the North Korea flag. She takes the microphone.

"First, to all the Lucky Star fans, are they asking me. "Why, Ayano, Why?". "Why did you become a communist symphatizer?" I'M GONNA TELL YOU, WHY!" yelled Ayano at her top her lungs. "Because in Lucky Star, i was nothing else than another boring filler character, i just given a song along with Misao Kusakabe, you'll see, she, along with the rest of the Lucky Star characters with the exception of the Miyakawa Sisters, they all have their Character Song discs... but... wait, what about Ayano Minegishi, the blonde that accompanies the brown haired Misao Kusakabe? NOTHING, NOTHING, i grew up tired of being just another filler character! I left Japan and i came to North Korea to have better chances for a job and i met this man, the now CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!"

The crowd boos at Ayano, while a notable group cheers to her, these are Ayano fanboys.

"I remember the times when Ukraine was known as the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, the times when the people worked everyday to gain the bread of each day, blood, sweat and tears, but in happiness." commented Omega Red while looking down at the crowd as he points up to the sky. "HAIL THE SOVIET UNION! UKRAINE ALONE SUCKS!"

The crowd boos louder, angry at the remarks made by Omega Red.

Then the titantron turns on and Jean Kazuhiza appears.

"As far as i'm concerned, Omega Red, you think that you belong to the people, it wasn't communism which destroyed itself?" asked Jean rhetorically.

The people cheers, the comment made Omega Red glare at Jean.

"Whatever, you'll face a rising star tonight, tonight you'll be facing Yoink of the Yukon, in a Donetsk Brawl Match!" said Jean.

"NO HOLDS BARRED!" yelled Hikage.


(Commercial Break)

(Shiawase Negai Kanata Kara by Sumi Shimamoto plays)

"The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Kusakabe, Saitama Prefecture, Japan... Kanata Izumi!" (Crowd Cheers/Boos)

"Many Konata's fans are happy that she's here again with us." commented Hikage.

"But Kanata has been criticized for attacking her own daughter." stated Bumblebee.

(Evil Music plays)

"And introducing her opponent, from Dimmsdale, California... Vicky Carper!" (Crowd Boos).

"We haven't heard of Vicky Carper for the last weeks." said Bumblebee.

"I heard she bullies on little children as a babysitter." stated Hikage.

The ring bells... Kanata Izumi hits some chops on Vicky Carper a few times before grabbing her by the head and attacking her with some knee attacks, making Carper fall on the mat, then she grabs her right leg and slams her right knee against the mat, the ref tells Kanata to not go far, just earning a cold glare from her, then she grabs Vicky intro a Cradle Piledriver, then she cradles into the turnbuckle, and prepares for the Shining Wizard, and hits it! Kanata covers Vicky 1...2...3!

"Here's your winner... Kanata Izumi!"

"Well, this is a warning to her daughter..." said Bumblebee.

"She's not seeing Vicky Carper lying in the mat unconscious, she's seing Konata Izumi lying in the mat, while holding the CASZ Women's Championship!" stated Hikage.

"We'll go now with our new and permanent replacement for Frida Suarez, we have a new brand interviewer, she's a diclonius and her name is Lucy. She's backstage." announced Bumblebee.


"Hello, there." deadpanned Lucy.

"You don't seem excited for your new job." stated Hikage.

"I'm sorry, is that i'm not acostumed to be social, i'll try anyway." Lucy said before clearing her throat and start again. "Okay, thanks for your introduction Bumblebee, now last week we have seen one of the most cruelest things to ever happen in the history of fanfiction wrestling, in Grifter's last match, after winning it, he was attacked by the self-procaimed Ren & Stimpy N°1 Hater, Victor The Schoolbully. Now i will not only be the first one to interview this problematic monster, but he will enter along with Francis and the Bullies leader Wolfgang."

Wolfgang, Francis and Victor enter into the interview segment.

"You're the principal cause of that many children have commited suicide upon watching Elfen Lied, did you know that?" said Wolfgang in a very mocking way.

"If i were you, i should restrain of saying such things, you know what happened to the last bunch of bullies who tortured me? I maimed them to death!" warned Lucy.

"What are you going to do, pink haired-horny girl?" said Victor menacingly.

"Don't believe me? I can do this." said Lucy coldly.

Suddenly one of the reflectors broke and a pile of metallic tubes was flying towards the bullies. This made Wolfgang and his henchmen run away.

"You're a talentous one!" said Bumblebee to Lucy.

"We're glad that JK hired you!" added Hikage.

"Thank you, both" replied Lucy while blushing and bowing.

(Back at the ring)

(Ren & Stimpy theme plays)

"The following contest is scheduled for one fall... Introducing first, from Hollywood, Yugoslavia... Ren & Stimpy!" (Crowd cheers)

"Well, at least Victor won't be here tonight after the trauma that Lucy gave to him, Wolfgand and Francis." commented Bumblebee.

"The chihuaha and the fat cat are safe... for now..." added Hikage.

(True Tears opening plays)

"Their opponents... from Toyama, Japan... Shinichiro Nakagami and Miyokichi Nobuse.. The True Tears Team!" (Crowd Cheers)

"Their first tag team match!" said Bumblebee.

"I heard that the anime what they come from is loosely based on the visual novel of the same name." commented Hikage.

The ring bells as Ren and Shin'ichiro shake hands and both start chain-grappling, Shini'chiro puts Ren against the ropes and referee separates both wrestlers, before Ren can seize the chance to slap Shin'ichiro and he replies Hoek with a Arm whip, and grabs him, before applying on Hoek a Fujiwara Armbar, Hoek takes the lower rope and the ref forces Shin'ichiro to break the hold, he grabs Ren Hoek, who's groggy and runs to the ropes and gives him a hurracarrana and pins Ren 1...2... Ren breaks the count!

"Shinichiro has some good aerial ability." stated Bumblebee.

"Let's see how does it Miyokichi." added Hikage.

Shinichiro tags Miyokichi, who enters jumping over the top rope and delivers to Ren Höek a Sunset Flip Roll and pins 1...2... Ren Breaks the count and tags Stimpy, who enters with an idiot face, Stimpy goes to the ropes, bounces, he runs towards Miyokichi, who jumps dodging Stimpy and receives him with a Hurracarrana, then he runs to the turnbuckle and jumps from the 2nd Rope and kicks Stimpy on his face with the Tearful Experience (Jumping Kick from the Second Rope, knocking out Stimpy and covers him 1...2...3!

"There are your winners... The True Tears Team!"

(Commercial Break)

There's a white cloth in the titantron, then some black drops of ink fall on the cloth, forming two symetrical R's

"And i'll whisper... NO!" said a man with a raspy voice.

(End of Promo)

A Bar somewhere in Donetsk...

The Full-Blooded French are sitting around a table drinking wine while listening to Daft Punk's Robot Rock. All their members are wearing blue t-shirts with the word F.B.F. in white stencil.

"Okay, guys, we made our big crash at CASZ last week, now i think we're try to going make a bigger impact, next week." announced Gwizdo, who was in the middle of the table.

"Yeah! Like eating boars!" shouted Obelix happily while hanging his tongue out.

"OBELIX!" snapped Asterix.

"WHAT? Eating Boars? Are you insane?" protested D'Eon. "We don't came here to work to the CASZ just to eat boars, we're here because to want to put our mark on the history of fanfiction wrestling as la creme de la creme of Stables!

"So, Gwizdo, what we're going to do next?" asked Lian-chu.

"We're going to start, first... at the tag team division... Asterix, Obelix, George De Sand and Lian-Chu will go for the CASZ Tag Belts... Moville will go for the CASZ Iron Fist Championship!"

"A-A-A-AWESOME!" said Mosley Moville anxiously.

"D'Eon de Beaumont will go for the CASZ Olympic Champion, meanwhile, I, your leader, Gwizdo, i'll try to contend for the CASZ Championship!" said Gwizdo in a confident tone.

Lian-chu palms his face in annoyance.

(Back to the ring)

"The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Cybertron, Outer Space, Megatron!" (Crowd Boos)

"Last week, Megatron asked Jean for a match." reminded Bumblebee.

"If he wins, Dave The Barbarian will face him at Hardcore Games, for the Olympic Championship." added Hikage.

(Black Jack opening)

"His opponent, the World's Most Greatest Surgeon, Black Jack!" (Crowd Cheers).

The match starts abruptly as Megatron goes out from the ring and attacks Black Jack, giving him a few jabs to his faces, then he takes Black Jack to the ring, thus, officially starting the match, he goes the ropes, bounces and makes a Running Leg Drop over Black Jack, then Megatron climbs the turnbuckle As Black Jack stands groggy, Megatron delivers a Flying Lariat Clothesline, then he grabs Black Jack and finishes him with a Megastone Piledriver! He covers Black Jack...1...2...3!

"Here's your winner... Megatron!"

"It seems that at Hardcore Games, Dave's days as Olympic Champion might be counted." commented Hikage.

"I don't think so at all, Hikage. But knowing Megatron, you might BE RIGHT!" added Bumblebee.


Assurancetourix looks to the fans through the titantron.

"Dear fans, i came to sing you a song..." said Assurancetourix while holding his infamous arp.

The crowd replies chanting "NO,NO, YOU WON'T SING!"

"Just kidding." said Assurancetourix. "But anyway, as CASZ Commisioner, i came to inform you that next episode of CASZ, by the first time ever, we will celebrate The Diva Birth, a contest where you vote beautiful ladies to decide who deserve's to be... CASZ's NEXT DIVA!"

(Dirty Little Thing by Velvet Revolver plays)

(Commercial Break)

"The following contest it's a Donetsk Brawl Match, scheduled for one fall!"

(Soviet Union anthem plays)

"Coming down the aisle, currently residing in Hanoi, Vietnam... from Moscow, Russia, Omega Red!" (Crowd Boos)

"Ayano Minegishi has received orders to not interfere in this match." reminded Bumblebee.

"Jean did the right thing on banning that Lucky Turncoat!" said Hikage in agreement.

(The Mountie theme plays)

"His opponent, from Yukon, Canada... Yoink!" (Crowd cheers)

"Well, here comes our Mountie!" said Bumblebee.

"Will he win this one? Let's find out!" added Hikage.

The match begins with Omega Red and Yoink staring at each other, before Omega Red pointed somewhere else, making Yoink look away, giving Omega Red the chance to give a hook punch right to Yoink's face, then he gives him a kick to the gut and tries to choke Yoink into the turnbuckle, since it's a Brawl Match, he can't be DQ'ed, then Yoink surprises Omega with an elbow, then he gives a series of chops, left, right, left, then he grabs Omega into a Electric Chair, Omega yelps in pain, then Yoink proceeds to damage Omega with a Stall Suplex, throwing him out the ring, then Yoink grabs his shockgun and goes to harm Omega with it, much to the delight to the crowd, but Omega Red spits on Yoink's and gives a low blow.

"OUCH!" yelled Hikage in shock upon seeing that low blow.

"The people is chanting the name of the country!" commented Bumblebee.

The crowd chants "UKRAINE!" as Omega Red glares at them and starts insulting them in their native tongue, then he grabs Yoink and slams his into the steel stair, Yoink bleeds, as Omega Red grabs him and bathes his face with Yoink's blood and shouts "LONG LIVE STALIN!", making even angrier the crowd, then he puts Yoink back in the ring and climbs the turnbuckle and delivers a Flying Elbow, then he grabs Yoink into a Scissors Armbar, choking Yoink, then Omega makes a gesture that he's going to put Yoink away! Omega Red grabs Yoink into the Carbonadium Coil Hug, as Yoink is about to pass out.

"Hey look!" shouted Hikage, while looking at a familiar figure.

"It's Rocko!" said Bumblebee.

Rocko comes from the crowd and smashes Omega Red with his baseball bat, then he delivers the Wallaby Deathdrop, knocking him out, he then goes away from the ring as Yoink recovers and grabs Omega Red into the Carotid Control Technique, the referee starts lifting Omega's hand...1...2...3...4...5!

"This winner of this match, by submission... Yoink!"

"Well, this is is just a warning to Omega Red!" said Hikage.

"What will happen at Hardcore Games?" asked rhetorically Bumblebee.

"See ya!" said Hikage, while waving good bye to the audience.

CASZ Results

Kanata Izumi defeats Vicky Carper.

True Tears Team defeats Ren & Stimpy

Megatron defeats Black Jack

Yoink defeats Omega Red.