Leviatha could barely put one foot in front of the other without it costing her great mental and physical effort. Her ears were ringing, her mind was spinning, whirling under the torrent of mingled emotions in the aftermath of what had just transpired between herself and Professor Snape in the Potions classroom. The stairs leading up to the fourth floor classroom might as well have been a treacherous mountain, and with each step she took, each time she lifted a leg to ascend another step, a flash of what had just happened flew before her mind's eye.

Severus was grabbing her wrist to yank her back to him. Another step.

Her hands were pushing his black clothing from his shoulders onto the floor. Another step.

His fingers dipped between her legs. Another step.

She was tugging apart the buttons on his pants. Another step.

His thick length pushed into her, causing her to moan in a most unladylike way. She had finally reached the top. Up ahead, students were filing into the classroom she shared with Remus, awaiting her arrival.

Leviatha supposed she should feel elated that her fantasy, the dream she had been having for months now, years even, had finally come true, but yet a very heavy weight of something she could not identify had settled into her stomach, leaving her confused and not all together pleased. No, Severus had not disappointed her; he was just as perfect as she had always imagined he would be. A very large part of her was screaming to have more time with him, a chance to kiss him and find out if he had enjoyed it as much as she has. But on the other hand, perhaps it was better that they had been forced to part immediately afterward. Perhaps this would give them both some time to figure out how they truly felt about it. And if one good thing had come from the experience, she could now say that sex with Professor Snape was a surefire headache cure.

The residual stickiness between her legs was hugely uncomfortable and as Leviatha entered the classroom behind the students, she wondered whether there was anything more obvious about her appearance to hint at what she had just been doing. Guilt was beginning to wash over her, not for screwing another of their teachers, but for doing so in the middle of a school day, for losing control so thoroughly as to forget where she was. Remus' class of Hufflepuffs and Gryffindors were all being seated around her when she arrived at the lectern and turned to face them with a heavy sigh. However just as she reached out to open the book before her, to see where her colleague had left off, she blinked, her eyes widening down at the words on the page when she felt a new, fresh gush of moisture seep out of her; a last reminder of her tryst with Severus Snape. She swallowed hard on a new lump in her throat as she looked up at the class before her.

"Please begin reading at the beginning of chapter fifteen, and I will be right back," she instructed, and with that, she took off between the rows of desks amidst the rustling of turned pages. Fortunately, a girls' bathroom was just up the hall.


The end of the day could not have come any sooner for Severus. While his bad mood from earlier had completely vanished, it had been equally and fervently replaced with a sensation of crushing, suffocating guilt. Why did Potter's class have to be the first one he had encountered after his first bout of sex in over a year? Why had the boy been staring at him with those damn green eyes, as though he had known exactly what had been happening in that very room before the arrival of he and his classmates? Of course, Severus knew this was an impossibility, for anyone, besides himself and Leviatha, to know what had occurred in that closed, magically muffled room between classes. Regardless, he still felt shameful, as though Lily had been right there, watching. The thought of this made him feel slightly sick.

And yet Leviatha had been utter perfection; the taste of her, the scent of her arousal, her desperation to have him rivaling that which he felt toward her. All of this had made for a very pleasurable fifteen minutes indeed. But then again, Severus had never known fifteen minutes to pass by him so quickly.

Somewhere else in the castle, he imagined that Leviatha was likely eating dinner, chatting amiably with one of the other teachers, acting as though nothing had happened, while Severus stepped into his quarters, peeling off his clothing one article at a time and leaving them strewn across the floor carelessly. He still felt tired and rather drained from what had turned out to be a wildly eventful day and with a heavy grunt, he threw himself onto the couch across from a newly crackling fire in the grate. Now left in just his pants and matching black socks, he sighed from the coolness of the leather against his warm, bare back. Seizing his wand from where it lay on the table across from him, he gave it a subtle flick, before a short glass appeared before him, empty, waiting to be filled.

The bottle of firewhisky was exactly where he had left it across the room from him and with another wave of his wand, it came zooming toward him, before tilting forward and spilling a measure of its contents into his waiting glass. The liquid burned his throat as he swallowed and returned warm feeling to his toes and hands. His eyes slid closed, and despite how wretched and guilty he felt, his mind wandered back to several hours prior, against the door of his classroom. Shameful goosebumps rose up along his exposed chest and shoulders, carpeting his arms all the way to his fingertips as he replayed the electrifying shock that had flown through his body at the very moment he had pushed himself into Leviatha.

The unexpectedness of the situation and the suddenness with which it arrived had rendered Severus nearly incapable of noting in detail much of anything during those minutes. Though for the life of him, he wished he had at least taken a few seconds to really admire and memorize how soft, wet and warm she had been. Thinking back, he felt he could not accurately remember it as clearly as he would have liked to...but perhaps, that was his punishment. Just fleeting, torturous snippets of memory were all he had now with which to remember the experience. A deep sigh heaved his chest as he balanced the half-empty glass of whiskey with one hand on his stomach, while the other reached down past it to grip himself firmly.

His body had never felt so conflicted. Desperately, he wanted to have another go with Leviatha, but he knew they had already gone too far back on their original agreement to allow a second tryst. He had already been given his dose of guilt by seeing the green eyes of his one, unrequited love peering up at him from within her son, and the thought of ignoring that, just to satisfy some mundane, human urge, was repulsive to him. He could not, would not, allow it to happen again. But then an echo of Leviatha's whimper, the particular one she had given off when he had released himself deep inside of her, replayed itself inside his mind, strengthening those goosebumps and causing his hips to shift slightly, instinctively beneath his own hand. That had felt so unbelievably good, reaching as deep as he could within her to abandon all semblance of control, allowing himself to spill every ounce of that pent-up, rather aggressive need he had been holding back, basically since her arrival at the school. Thinking way back, Severus could not remember it ever feeling so good during his youth. But perhaps that had something to do with the forms of magical contraception that had been put in place for-

The glass of firewhiskey went flying from its place, spilling sticky liquid all over the couch as Severus suddenly sat up, his eyes wide, his mouth hanging open in shock. His heart was suddenly hammering away at the inside of his chest as though he had just been running and a very sick feeling swooped down into his stomach.Jumping up from the couch, he strode hastily to a tall bookshelf across the room from him, running two fingers along the rows of books before he found the one he had been looking for. The layer of dust along the binding and top edge of this particular book was so thick that it gave off a cloud as Severus nearly ripped it in half trying to flip to the appropriate page.

This was one of the very few Potion recipes that either he did not have already memorized or else readily accessible to him; the Contraceptive Potion. Setting the book down on his personal work table, now open to the correct page, he adamantly ignored the pang of tired protest his body gave off and instead, pulled a heavy, empty cauldron from underneath the table. Torn between an insane desire to laugh and an even stronger urge to cry at his own carelessness, he set to work lighting a fire beneath the pewter cauldron. If he could just somehow trick Leviatha into drinking a vial of Potion within the next twenty-four hours, his mistake could be rectified.


Upon waking, Leviatha lay in her bed for quite some time, listening to Charlie's soft, even breathing and debating heavily on whether or not she really wanted to teach that day. It would be simple, so wonderfully easy to just roll back over, find a cool spot on her pillow and drift off to sleep again. And yet, she had a duty to her students, a duty to the school, to uphold those principles she and her fellow teachers stood by...the very same duties and principles she had so easily forgotten the day before in the Potion's classroom with Severus. Goosebumps rose up along her chest and arms as her mind, once again, took her back to that unexpected tryst. Her eyes slid closed as her memory replayed her the sound of Severus' breathy groan, just next to her ear, that had escaped his lips upon pushing into her. He had filled her so completely, so perfectly, Leviatha almost felt as though he had been made especially for her, like a puzzle piece that had finally found it's designated match.

Part of her wanted to see him desperately, to kiss him lightly on the lips with a quick 'good morning', ask him how he slept, to find out if he had dreamed of her all night, just as she had done of him. But on the other hand, she wanted to avoid him, too embarrassed to even lay eyes on him, afraid she might not have lived up to his expectations. Plus, there was the very real chance that he was experiencing the same sort of awkward, itchy guilt that she was feeling. She supposed there was only one way to find out exactly how he felt. However, Leviatha was bound and determined not to seek him out first. If he wanted to see her, he knew where to find her. If, by chance, he did not want to see her...well, Leviatha figured she would know one way or the other by the end of the day.


Severus' first class passed at a brain-numbingly slow pace, worsened by the fact that his eyelids felt heavy and itchy from lack of decent sleep. Again, the night before, he had attempted to employ Occlumency, but found that it had not been necessary, seeing how the clock had already reached two in the morning by the time he had left the potion to brew on it's own overnight. He had been asleep almost before his head had even made contact with the pillow but it felt as though he had only been sleeping for about ten minutes before the time arrived for him to be rising for class. Now, he stood behind his lectern, watching a class of exceptionally chatty fifth-years filing out of his dungeon classroom, through the very same door against which he had pinned Leviatha the previous day. Again, he felt an increasingly familiar tug from his memory toward the sexual encounter, as though begging him to think through it again, but Severus had bigger, more pressing and important tasks to tend to. A slowly cooling vial of freshly brewed potion resided safely in the pocket of his frock coat. He reached down and placed his hand over it, reminding himself once again of what needed to be done. There were fifteen minutes remaining until his next class. He had to find her.

To his immense disappointment, Leviatha had not been present in the Great Hall for either breakfast nor lunch, thus thwarting his idea to somehow slip the contraceptive into her coffee or tea. This had sent a slight wave of panic through him; what if he was unable to locate her before the twenty-four hours had passed? She had not been seen passing him in the halls between classes either, when he had ventured from his classroom on the sole purpose of hoping to encounter her 'by accident'. Another thrill of anxiety had possessed him.

Now, as he climbed the stairs determinedly, passing several floors before reaching the fourth, Severus could feel his skin practically crawling as he neared the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. Within just moments, he would be face to face with the delicious witch he had enjoyed just less than a day before, the same woman who had been running her hand along the front of his trousers, feeling his hardened length through the material...His stomach was in knots. How was he supposed to be in her presence at all any more without thinking longingly of having her legs wrapped around his narrow waist? How would he be able to look her in the eyes without imagining the way they had appeared so close to his, alight and dilated with passion and arousal?

Up ahead, students were flitting in and out of the door of the Defense classroom, causing Severus to groan inwardly. All he had to do was ask her for a private word, an action that would surely be deemed innocent to any lingering students, right? And all Leviatha would have to do was either say yes or no. Severus was positive that she would be expecting him to seek her out, though for what reasons, she was likely to be ignorant. There could be no tricking her, Leviatha was a smart witch and would easily spot a ploy to have her drink the potion unconsciously. He would just have to hand it to her and demand that she drink it. Hopefully, he could convince her to do this without having to explain why it was necessary.

In the entrance to the Defense classroom, Severus easily ignored a small group of students passing him and instead continued into the room, glancing around for any sign of the witch. However, the space behind the lectern was empty, which led his eyes to flicker immediately up the set of stairs at the back of the room, to where a door leading to the teacher's shared office stood open. A wave of vague relief spread through him as he moved toward the base of the stairs. As long as Lupin wasn't there, he and Leviatha could possibly be granted a perfectly private conversation without worry of being interrupted-

Severus came to an abrupt halt in the doorway to the circular office, what little expression on his face now dashed into absolute blankness.

"Oh, hello, Severus," the werewolf greeted him brightly, looking up from a stack of parchment. "Can I help you with something?" he then asked. Before answering, Severus' eyes glanced quickly around at the inside of the office, as if to make doubleqaz sure that Leviatha was not there, either in cat or human form. He withheld a sigh of disappointment when he saw that the part-human was completely alone.

"I'm seeking your partner," he eventually replied in the most vague possible choice of words. "Have you any idea where I might find her?"

As Lupin's eyebrows furrowed, he hesitated in his answer for a moment or two, giving Severus what he assumed was a very searching sort of look. A second later, the expression was gone and he shrugged.

"She left here a few minutes ago," he answered. "Apparently, she was headed to the staff lounge to finish her grading there. Fancied a cup of coffee from what I gathered."

Without another word, without wasting more precious time to thank Lupin, Severus swept from the room, his mind already settled on his newly determined destination. He hoped for the life of him that none of his other colleagues would be present in the staff room, thus sparing him the difficulty of asking Leviatha for a private word. He had a feeling Minerva McGonagall might find this at the height of suspicious. The very last thing he needed was an extra set of eyes watching he and Leviatha's interactions in the presence of others, when they were already bound to be strained and awkward.

The two stone gargoyles flanking either side of the staff room door ignored him and allowed him entry to the room, revealing to him the fact that by some stroke of mercy he felt he did not deserve, the room was empty, save for one witch, seated comfortably in an armchair across from the fireplace. The high back of the chair was to him; all Severus could see from his vantage point was one long pale leg from the knee down, rested delicately over the top of her other knee. Her high heel was bouncing slightly as she swung it absentmindedly. Either Leviatha had not heard the door open or was ignoring whatever new presence had entered. However, just as Severus began to move forward into the room, her voice caused him to blink and start in surprise.

"I rather had the impression that you might attempt to avoid me all day, Professor Snape," she said lightly, idly turning the page of the Defense Against the Dark Arts text book she had propped open against her leg. Severus felt mildly disconcerted by the casual flippancy in her voice, but he responded with an equal lack of enthusiasm.

"This castle is only so large," he answered, finally crossing the room toward the table along the far wall, to prepare a cup of tea he did not entirely desire. "I'm afraid avoiding you forever would have been unrealistic to the point of foolishness."

From behind him, there was a sniff, a turn of another page, then silence. Severus abandoned his cup of tea before he had poured anything and instead turned to finally face her, forcefully ignoring the swooping sensation in his stomach like he had missed a step going downstairs when his eyes fell onto her, seated comfortably in that armchair. Her eyes flickered upward from the book in her lap, but she looked away only a moment later. Severus suppressed a smirk with difficulty. It was truly odd to see Leviatha acting nervous and awkward...almost cute, dare he say it. He cleared his throat, taking another few steps toward her, while sliding his hand into his pocket.

"I came to find you so I could ask you to drink this," he eventually explained, struggling against his mouth's attempts to spill his words quickly in a disconnected jumble. Very slowly, Leviatha raised her eyes again, her gaze lingering momentarily on the glass vial in his outstretched hand, before it traveled up to his face. He swore inwardly upon locking eyes with her; damn, she was pretty. A small grin played around her mouth for just a moment.

"Was yesterday's event really so unsatisfactory that you feel the need to poison me?" she asked playfully, causing Severus to blink in perfectly concealed surprise. He had not expected her to come right out and openly mention what had transpired the previous afternoon. "I can assure you I wont tell anyone what happened." she then added, clearly mistaking the potion as an attempt on her life in an effort to keep her silent about their tryst. Severus' eyebrows relaxed into a very blank, vaguely annoyed glare.

"If I were really attempting to poison you, I can assure you, I would not be asking you politely to drink it," he answered dully. "This is merely a potion to ensure you...and I, don't suffer any lasting effects from our...serious deviation from professionalism yesterday."

As Leviatha stared up at him rather blankly, Severus wondered whether his words had been a bit too vague in his explanation of why it was imperative she drink the potion, and he was just praying that he would not be forced to explain again in more direct terms when a look of realization dawned across her features. Reaching out quickly, she took the vial from his hand, wrenched the cork out and drank it down in one. Her sharp features contorted a moment later as the bitterness washed through her mouth. She then thrust the vial back at him, opening her mouth wide as though to assure him she really had drunk it, however before she could comment with some smart retort about how he could have made sure it tasted better, Severus spoke.

"I believe it goes without saying that yesterday's events must not happen again, Leviatha," he said smoothly, forcing himself to stare as deeply into her yellow golden eyes as he possibly could. There was a single moment of hesitancy where Severus could see the witch appearing slightly taken aback by his use of her first name. But only a moment later, she nodded, closed the book on her lap and rose from the chair, before she began to move slowly toward the door of the staff room. Severus followed, feeling he might as well leave after her.

"I agree, Severus," she replied somewhat conversationally over her shoulder as the pair of them approached the door. He could not believe how easily they were talking with each other, almost as though nothing had ever happened. Had the level of awkwardness between them somehow topped out? He was just wondering this when the witch a half-step ahead of him stopped at the inside of the closed staffroom door and turned to face him. There was a very strange, vaguely familiar expression on her face; it was something between a smirk and a sneer. It gave Severus a very odd sensation in the pit of his stomach. Leviatha continued.

"I agree with you that under the same circumstances, that sort of event could not be allowed to happen again," she said lightly, her voice dropping in volume with every word she spoke. "However..." Severus had to fight very hard indeed not to jump or gasp or even growl in delight when a small, painfully familiar hand reached out to very gently caress the zipper of his black pants. A blink; that was the only indication he gave that he registered the feeling of her hand against him. Again, she continued. "I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it."

Severus stared at her. She was not attempting to seduce him. There was nothing at all feral or soft and inviting about her eyes. There was nothing even remotely sensual about the way her hand was gripping his dick through the front of his pants. Her tone, expression and touch was all very casual and surprisingly matter-of-fact. Severus was not quite sure what to say.

But only a second later, her hand was gone and she was taking a deep breath in as she used that same hand to readjust the position of her text book under her opposite arm. She shrugged with an accompanying bounce of her eyebrows.

"And well, I couldn't have let you go without telling you that, so there you are," she explained, smirking a bit sheepishly at him. "So hopefully now we can just go back to how things were when we hated each other, eh?" Leviatha then asked him over her shoulder as she pulled open the door to the staffroom. Severus nodded, still surprised to find himself a bit lost for speech as Leviatha walked away. With every fading click of her tall heels against the stone floors, his expression deepened and tightened until he was scowling hard at her curvy retreating figure.

'Just go back to the way things were when we hated each other...'

Somehow, Severus seriously doubted that.






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