Birth of Sanctuary

All elements of Mystere belong to Cirque Du Soleil

This is where the story becomes more interactive for you readers ;) Think of it sort of as a role-playing game!

She awoke behind the bars of a crib, snuggled up in a blanket, her new toy tucked under her arm.

As she looked around with tired sleepy eyes, a familiar figure appeared above her, tucking her in...

"SHHHhhhh," the deeply accented voice whispered, "REST, lil' Bebe…"

Beautiful female voices singing in the distance lulled her to sleep…

She awoke with a small groan in a soft bed…blinking a couple of time, she observed her surroundings.

She recognized the small room, splashed with the same colors of turquoises, golds, deep-sea-greens, blues and purples of that amazing world she'd stumbled into when she was younger…

"This isn't a CAN'T be," she thought to herself. Instantly, she shifted on the bed she was laying on, observing the slightly-oversized deep-pink button-dress-shirt she now wore as a nightshirt…and the fact that she wasn't alone in the room…

The familiar man smiled brightly as he closed the book he was reading.

"Good morning, lil' princess!" He whispered warmly, placing the book off to the side. Hat off his head and jacket off his shoulders, she hadn't exactly recognized him until he'd spoken, that deep, smooth accent rolling off his tongue. She moaned a little, her head still spinning from having woken up after treading the desert sands for what seemed like forever…

"Now now, take it easy," he cooed, sitting in a chair closer to the bed, "it looks like you've suffered a long, not-so-pleasant journey!"

She shook her head, trying to stop the spinning as she groaned, "How did I get BACK HERE? I mean…I know how I got HERE…but…how'd I get in the DESERT? And WHY is this place SO FAMILIAR, as if it had been real all along? Where IS everyone? Why am I BACK? Why-?"

He quickly placed a finger to her lips to stop her from rambling on, "EASY child! You've so many questions, but you've just woken up! Don't exhaust yourself again!"

She shook her head, softly pushing his hand away from her face as she sat up, "Well can-can you at least tell me how I got out of my old clothes and into THIS?" she gestured the oversized magenta shirt she was wearing…and he simply gestured off to a side of the room she hadn't remarked before…

There were sitting the two Green Lizards whom she remembered from her reoccurring flashbacks…the female one waving at her as if to say 'yep! It was me!'

"Oh," She said, blushing" Th-thank you…"

She then turned her attention back on him...he smiled warmly down at her, as if reliving a lost memory…

"It's been a long time since you left us…little Bebe-"

"I'm not a "Bebe" anymore," she interrupted quickly, "In case you haven't noticed, I'm a grown woman now…"

"Oh! But of course! How rude of me!" He quickly replied, "but…how long HAS it been-?"

"…A WHILE I guess…I've lost track…" She murmured, rubbing her arms…she'd always thought that this place had been a dream, but now it was too real, all the memories flooding back too fast for her to comprehend…

"But please," he said, shifting his chair to face her, "Now that you are an adult…tell me all about yourself which you could not share as a child!"

"Well," she said, sitting up in a pretzel-leg position on the bed, "My NAME…is Marie. I'm fifteen years old, I live on the West coast and I like art, singing and animated movies."

"Marie," he said, her name rolling of his tongue as he annunciated, "such a BEAUTIFUL name…I don't know if you remember ME though…?"

"Yes, I remember you…you're the…master of ceremonies, and ringleader of sorts, to this place!" Marie said."

"WELL! I'm HONORED Marie! But, since I never introduced myself properly when you were younger…you should know that my REAL name…is Moha-Samedi!"

"Moha…Samedi…" Marie murmured, "Isn't Samedi French for Saturday? I was born on a Saturday!"

"REALLY? Fascinating!" Moha said with a smile, "Marie…would you like to know your Desert horoscope?"

"My…Desert horoscope?" She asked

"Yes! It won't take much! Just tell me What SEASON you were born and whether you were born day or night!" he said, smiling.

She paused in thought before answering…

"I was born…"


-Spring Day

-Spring Night

-Summer Day

-Summer Night

-Autumn Day

-Autumn Night

-Winter Day

-Winter Night

Moha-Samedi's answer (Depending on your choice)

Spring: "AH! You are an ARTIST! The Artist is one of Romantic daydreams and charming innocence! A "Professional Daydreamer" of sorts, their hearts are open to all possibilities of life, and they LOVE making people smile!"

-If born Spring DAY, Moha gives Marie an Amber pendant

-If born Spring NIGHT, Moha gives Marie an Amethyst Pendant

Summer: "OH-! You are a GUARDIAN! So FIERY and RASH, yet loyal and brave! A true protector! Even though you may SEEM to rush your answers and act before thinking, you're actually a loyal friend and leader! You are always looking for others, no matter what!"

-If born Summer DAY, Moha gives Marie a Ruby pendant

-if born Summer NIGHT, Moha gives Marie a Garnet Pendant

Autumn: "MY! You are a HEALER! You may SEEM quiet and shy, but that just hides your kindness and compassion! You have a warm heart and care about others…a heart can speak just as loudly as words when helping others, and NO ONE expresses that better then you!"

-If born Autumn DAY, Moha gives Marie an Emerald Pendant

-If born Autumn NIGHT, Moha gives Marie a Jade Pendant

Winter: "WELL! You're a SCRIBE! Intelligent and proper, knowledge and well-brought-up behavior are most important to you! You have a fascination with new discoveries and creations, whether it be in art, history or even science! Of course, you'd never FLAUNT your talent for such discoveries about…you always keep cool and prefer order over chaos!"

-If born Winter DAY, Moha gives Marie an Aquamarine Pendant

-If born Winter NIGHT, Moha gives Marie a Sapphire Pendant

"Wow," Marie said, admiring the pendant Moha had given her, "Th-thank you!"

"Of course!' Moha said, smiling, "It suits you!"

Marie smiled before yawning...Moha smiled, chuckling in a fatherly manner…

"If you wish, you can rest here a little while longer…then I can show you your own room…where you can get some of your own clothes!"

Marie smiled, tugging at the oversized, yet comfy, magenta button shirt she was wearing, "THANK YOU…Moha…S-Sa-Samedi…"

That was all she could get out before sleep overtook her.