Ch.24: The Final Flame

The Chief of Police could barely believe his eyes at the magnificent scene playing out before. Humaniod creatures, along with with two regular humans, were battling a hideous creature straight from the Netherworld. And that fox creature that saved him was the one leading the charge.

Everything about reality the Chief ever believed was shattered. Science had no place in this phenomeom. This was magic. This was war. A war, the Chief, the good guys would win.

Landing back with an exhausted breath, Ninjara looked over to see how her troops were dealing from facing the demon. Both of the humans were extremely winded, and Don's bo staff lay broken at his feet. Mikey was panting a little bit, while Master Splinter cradled an injured foot.

Ninjara tried to ignore all of her own aches and pains as she looked straight at the King Yomi with gleering eyes. They could not give up now. They had to seperate the demon from Raph's body, so the turtle's soul could be free to return. But even with all the magic passed down by her ancestors, Ninjara knew that their skills alone wouldn't be enough.

As if in answer to her doubts, a scream suddenly shot out of nowhere, the moment the demon decided to let out another burst of flame.

The fire stopped in its tracks as the monster let out a screaming roar, writhing in pain as something jumped off its back. Landing not far from Ninjara, the fox smiled proudly that Leonardo had joined the fight.

"Leo!" shouted Don and Mikey, when they spotted the turtle as well.

"What are we laying around for?" said Leo, raising his swords " Let's get him!"

Inspired by their leader's words, all of the tired warriors suddenly felt re-energized and charged themselves at the King.

The demon had a hard time keeping up with all of his enemies movements as they attacked him from all sides. Major hits were dealt to the demon's body, scraping off his scales or spines.

But the most damaging blow came from Leonardo. As Splinter had the demon's attention directed towards the right, Leonardo jumped in the air, and sliced his two katana againist the demon's forehead, leaving behind a bleeding double-cross.

That was the last straw for the demon. Screaming bloody murder and rage, the King Yomi's entire body suddenly started to glow with a fierce red light, illuminating shadows from ten miles away.

Leo didn't the like the whole way the situation was looking. The King Yomi was obiviously gearing up for some powerful attack. To bad the leader didn't know how powerful.

The red light burst from the demon's skin, incinerating the whole area around it. Nearby buildings were crushed and collapsed, while the streets stood melted and burned.

The chaos the blast had created separated Leonardo and his family away from each other, to weary and injured to get back up and fight. The King Yomi laughed at seeing the noble warriors reduced to such a pathetic state.

"Now you will know the true strength of a Yomi,"

Feeling it would better to finish off these creatures in his true form, the King Yomi separated himself from Raph's body, leaving it lye on the streets that once been its home, and slipped into his real skin.

All of the turtle features inherited from Raph were gone, and now only the dragon-wolf remained. Black fur set alight by flames, with gleaming red eyes, and teeth that seemed they could rip apart your very soul.

"You die first!" said the King Yomi, heading straight for Leonardo.

The leader tried to move and get back on his feet, but the body wouldn't respond. Gazing once more at his terrifying fate, Leonardo closed his eyes preparing to meet his end, hoping that somehow a miracle would reign down to save them.

He could feel the demon's breath now, as it raised its head up preparing for the final strike. The demon's head lunged for forward, but the Yomi's teeth never got a chance to sink into the turtle's skin.

A gaint crash was heard as the demon. The tiny miracle that Leo had prayed for had arrived.

Mikey just couldn't believe it. One second his eldest brother was going to become demon chow, and then suddenly a fireball shoots down from the sky. Where in heck did that come from?

He looked at the others laying around him for answers, but they were confused as well.

Suddenly, a bright light from up above illuminated the darkness, dragging everyone's attention skyward to see and unbelievable sight.

A figure clad in red and white armor surrounded by a cloud of swirling embers. The sais in his belt and the green skin answered who he was right away.


Raphael had never felt so much power in his life. Who ever thought his simple start as the Nightwatcher would one day lead to something like this. Saving the whole planet from the reign of a demon king.

"If only Merryweather can see me now," thought Raph, grinning smugly at the demon he had just knocked down.

The Yomi wasted no time in getting up, setting his fiery gaze on Raphael. A low growl escaped from his throat as he pounded his wings and took flight, charging towards the phoenix turtle with gleering teeth.

Raphael's brothers watched in horror as they saw Raph stay still in the air. The red-masked turtle didn't even make a move to dodge, as the fury of an enraged demon threatened to slice him in two.

"Raph!" yelled Leo in horror, only to have his feelings immediately replaced by shock.

A large burst of light suddenly burst from Raphael, making the dragon-wolf stumble backwards. Barely concealing a smirk at the demon's surprise, Raph grabbed his newly formed sais and commenced his own attack.

His new armor giving an extra burst of speed, Raph flew towards the demon and sliced at its flesh, leaving behind wounds that stung like a thousand fires. But the King Yomi wasn't going down without a fight.

Unleashing a demonic howl, the King Yomi let out a fire burst of his own, setting ablaze to the whole night that surrounded him and the armored turtle.

"You may have gained the Phoenix's power" said the King Yomi, blending in with the furious blaze " but that creature is not only one who controls fire,"

In the middle of the blazing inferno, Raphael stood rigid waiting for the demon to reveal himself so he could attack, only to be met with a sudden thwack from a spiked tail.

"Oof!" cried Raph, as the attack sent him spiraling towards the right, only to be pushed back to the left by the sudden appearance of a claw.

Deep stratches now covered his pristine armor, as Raph tiredly let out a breath, steadily recovering from harrowing ride he'd just encountered. A laugh sounded out of the flames.

" This is the end turtle" said the King Yomi's voice " you can't save this town! You can't save your family! And you will never defeat me!"

"I can try!" said Raph, suddenly entering what looked like a meditative pose.

"The Phoenix said it himself" thought Raph " skill and power wouldn't be enough to defeat this fiend. I have to focus. Call on my greatest strength, and restore things the way they were,"

Raph's eyes suddenly snapped open with a fierce and determined gaze.

"Final Flame!"

And with that shouted, the whole world suddenly cringed as it was swallowed by a bright, concealing light.

After the flash was gone a few seconds later, and everyone could see again, Leo could hear a small gasp come from Donatello, as the purple-masked turtles first layed eyes on the scenery standing around him.

All of the ruined buildings around them were gone. The streets were undamaged, and the King Yomi was no longer in sight. Even the wounds they have received while fighting the beast seemed to have healed.

"This…this can't be possible," mumbled Don.

"Was that…" said Mikey, rubbing his head " just a wierd dream?"

"No my sons" said Splinter, glancing up " look!"

All eyes pointed towards the sky as everyone saw the shining form of Raph as the red-masked turtle slowly floated his way down to the ground, trying not to smile about the amazed looks he received from his family.

The whirl of embers dissipated as Raphael's feet finally reached the ground, and the armor clinging to him fell into dust.

Instantly Raphael found himself surrounded by hugs as his brothers clung to him, so happy that he was alive. Mikey had tears running out of his eyes as he expressed his joy.

"Dude, that was totally awesome!" said Mikey " how'd you make it back? Where'd the armor go? How..,"

"Stop Mikey" interrupted Don " we can have all that answered later,"

"Well its clear to me that Raphael and the Phoenix have bonded" said Ninjara " an impossible feat that I have not many samurai accomplish,"

"Yeah" said Raph " well I still have a hard time believing all this,"

"Hey!" shouted Casey, as he suddenly spotted the police chief get up and walk away.

"Ahem" said Splinter " perhaps it is better if we talk somewhere else,"

"Yeah" said Leo " no media hound will be afraid now that the demon is gone,"

With that said, all of the turtles and their friends headed back safely towards the sewers.

Needless to say, the Mayor was amazed by the sight that once was chaos had turned out so peaceful. All that had happened was just a huge flash of light, and then everything changed. The beast rampaging through his city was no longer there.

People in the crowd looked at each other, wondering if this experience really happened at all. The Mayor quickly turned around to calm his populace.

"There is nothing to fear anymore good people" said the Mayor " the Nightwatcher has saved us all,"

Meanwhile, in the sewers, as Raph finished explaining what had happened to him in the Netherworld, all mouths were left open in shock.

"Wow," was all Mikey could think to say.

Splinter just nodded and looked at Raphael with pride.

" You have proven yourself a true warrior this day my son' said Splinter, reaching into his robe " and a true master,"

Raphael's eyes were stunned at the sudden sight of a golden medal being pulled out from his father's pockets. The same type of gold medal he had given to Leonardo after the turtle had returned from his training journey.

"It is yours," said Splinter, as Raphael wearily grabbed the medallion.

The journey of the Nightwatcher was finally complete, Raph couldn't have felt more pride.

"Are you sure you don't want to stay?" said April to Ninjara, as the fox got up to leave.

" My journey here is complete" said Ninjara " and Japan is still my home,"

"Alright" said Casey " but don't be afraid to drop us a line sometime,"

"I won't," grinned the fox.

"Ninjara!" said Mikey, stopping the fox in her tracks " are ya really going to leave?"

Ninjara turned around and smiled at Mikey. Walking up to him, she removed one of her arm bandanas and placed it in the turtle's hands.

"Goodbye" she said, and then disappeared in a flash of smoke.

Once she was gone, Mikey held the bandana close to his chest and let out a tiny sob, knowing that never would he see Ninjara again.

Meanwhile, up on the surface, clean-up crews were working fast to clean up what little damage had been left unrestored by Raphael's Final Flame. Helped largely in part by Oroku Saki's generous services.

As he has his daughter Karai stood watch over-seeing the operation, an undisguised foot ninja suddenly ran up to his lords, holding out a dark scale in his extended hand.

Saki's eyes gleamed with fatal excitement as he grabbed the black scale from his underling. An evil smirk grew.

" Finally" thought Oroku Saki " my path to revenge is at hand,"

The Chief slowly yawned as he drudged back into his office, taking place in front of the labtop on his desk. He had known that what he had saw with his eyes were real.

He knew he had saw the Nightwatcher along with some strange creatures take out a demon. He and two other humans were the only witness to the battle that saved the world.

A true hero liked that deserved to be immortalized. Have his heroic deeds not seen by only three people, but a whole world.

Smiling, the Chief turned on his labtop and began writing about the heroic venture he saw, in a book he lovingly titled;

The Nightwatcher's Return

The End