A/N: Also known as: How Everyone Finds out Castle and Becket are Banging. This is like a multi-chap that's not really a multi-chap because all of the parts will be pretty independent of each other, but all follow the same ~theme of how C/B get totally busted by pretty much everyone they know because they are really just. that. obvious. Post-Always.

1. martha

It's nearly nine when Beckett finally stirs, squinting her eyes against the bright light slicing through the open blinds of Castle's bedroom. They had both been much, much too busy the night before to even think about closing them, but she's glad for the wakeup call now, certain she could have slept the entire day away in the dark. She takes a moment to take stock of herself before she gets up – flexes her toes against his million thread count sheets, stretches her abdomen so it flattens against the soft surface of his mattress, feels the pleasant twinge between her legs. Oh it's been a while since she felt like this in the morning. She's got bruises in other places too though, she can feel them along her ribcage, tender and sore, but they will heal. They will heal and she'll be here, alive, with him.

Her air dried hair is everywhere as she pushes up on her forearms then, lets it curtain her face, hiding from daylight for just another minute. Of course this is when he wakes up.

He mumbles something she doesn't quite catch into his pillow, but then his open palm is sliding warmly up her spine and she can't help but tip her head back and groan, feeling the soft ends of her curls brush against her naked skin.

"Are you hiding?" he whispers into her shoulder, dropping an open mouthed kiss there, and suddenly her entire body goes from soft and sated to buzzing with electricity.


She can feel him smile against her skin, an echoing one blooming across her face. She's in Castle's bed. Castle's bed. With Castle. Naked with Castle. The well kissed swell of her lip fits between her teeth familiarly as his hand finds the end of her spine, wrapping itself around the top of her neck lightly. Mmm, so nice.

"Good," he says, letting his teeth scrape her skin gently before dropping his head down to her pillow so he can see her. He's all but grinning.

The hand at her neck moves to the front of her throat, drags across the line of her jaw, thumb swiping against her lower lip. Her tongue flicks out at it, fleeting, but it has the desired effect, and she watches his eyes dilate right in front of her. He's touching her just to touch and she'd really like him to never stop.

He must see it in her eyes, the sudden heat that sweeps through her, because he's pressing his mouth to hers so quickly she can't even draw breath. An umph rumbles out of her throat as she loses herself in him for a moment, only pulling back when he tries to tug her on top of him.

"Wait Castle," she mumbles, pulling the wrist he's grabbed from his grip, but he's got all the leverage in this position, and she ends up half sprawled over him, one leg draped dangerously between the both of his.

"Why am I waiting?" he spells into the skin of her throat with his tongue, sucking hotly until he reaches the little hollow at the base of it. "I think I never want to wait for anything ever again."

She lets him feel the vibration of her laugh at that, knows he's talking about the things they haven't even spoken about yet, but she really needs –

"Castle," she pulls him sharply by the back of his head, tries not to smile too hard at the yelp it elicits. (Just like old times, she thinks.)

"Whaaaat," he whines.

She lets her forehead tip against his, an apology for getting rough, brushes his lips lightly until he stops moving. "I need coffee," she breathes into his mouth, letting her lips kiss the corner of his, and then his cheek, and then she's pushing herself up and off of him. He catches her bicep though, stilling her escape yet again. She raises an eyebrow but waits for him.

"But I need you," he pouts, and wow, okay, he can really turn it on in the morning with that ruffled hair and those puppy dog eyes. The rumble that sounds softly in her belly is the only thing that stops her from giving into him.

She leans back over his face then, softly dropping a kiss on his lips, a promise for her return. "Let me go put on some coffee and then you can have me."

She feels the full body shudder that goes through him at her words, they've both been waiting entirely too long for this.

"Promise?" he asks, breaking her heart a little bit, but she's kind of excited about proving to him just how much she wants him, how much she's ready for this, for them.

Her fingers trail down his arm as she stands. "Coffee and then I'll prove it to you." She goes for sultry and thinks she mostly succeeds as she lets him watch her pick up his maroon button down off the floor and slide her arms into it, leaving the top three buttons undone, the hem barely falling over the tops of her thighs. "Be right back," she says as she backs out of his door, biting her lip again for him before she finally turns so she doesn't crash into literally everything in his office.

She's just pulling down two coffee cups from his cabinet when she hears footsteps coming from the direction of his office. She watches with a crooked smile as he shuffles his way across the living room, stopping in the middle to watch her move around his kitchen, waiting for her to pour their coffee and then start to make her way to him. "Here," she says, pushing one of the mugs into his hands, holding eye contact as she takes a heavenly sip out of her own, humming as the rich liquid slides down her throat. He's staring at her mouth, still only holding his mug against his chest.

"I always wondered if you would taste like coffee," he blurts out, completely distracted by her. It's her gaze now that's tripping to his mouth, daring him to find out. He takes her silent invitation, letting their coffee cups clink together between them as his mouth falls over hers, soft at first, and then questing as she opens up for him, hot tongues sliding until she feels him groaning against her.

She's just about to ask him if she does, taste like coffee, when the front door of his loft suddenly flies open out of nowhere, the animated frame of his mother strutting through the vacant doorway. Beckett squeaks as Martha's eyes lock on them, freezing in the entryway, her cell phone pressed silently to one ear.

"Minerva darling, I'm going to have to call you back," she says, a grin upturning her perfectly colored lips as she clicks off her phone and holds it in her fist. "Richard," she smirks, letting her eyes flick over Beckett, who's just taken two steps directly behind Castle, well and truly hiding.

How do two consenting adults get busted by someone's mother?

She tugs absently on the hem of his shirt along her legs, willing it to be longer, willing it to cover the finger shaped bruises she's pretty sure line the tender insides of her thighs because this situation isn't embarrassing enough without Martha seeing the evidence of what she let her son do to her.

"Mother," Castle drawls, sounding more amused than anything, and she really wishes she could adopt the same casual attitude. She clears her throat when Martha peeks her head around, catching Beckett's eyes finally.

"Kate." Her voice is all sing song I told you so and Beckett really wants to die a little bit.

Instead she commits firmly to small talk and pretending absolutely nothing out of the ordinary is going on. "Hi Martha."

"Enjoying your morning dear?"

Beckett can feel the way Castle's shoulders are tensing, he's trying not to laugh at her, and so she reaches her free hand to the back of his arm and pinches him once, a tight twist of skin before she throws on the biggest half embarrassed grin she can muster and smiles around her coffee cup.

"Well we were," Castle says, making her choke around the dark liquid in her mouth.


"I'm just saying."

Martha is still looking at them with a smug grin that's turned a bit misty, but then she's shouldering her purse and backing her way up the staircase. "Well, I'll leave you two kids to it," she says, giving Beckett a smile that feels warm and welcoming, making her heart clench a little bit. Castle comes with a family and that's something she needs to be sure not to forget.

Beckett waves a little bit, and then they're alone again, still standing in the middle of the living room, huddled together. She takes a step back from him, from the way she was practically climbing his back, gulping down a scalding sip of her coffee, then she's turning on her heel and walking straight back toward his bedroom to hide.

Oh god.

He follows after her the second she starts moving, walking with long strides to keep up with her pace.

"Are you freaking out? Don't freak out." She can hear the lilt in his voice, he's trying not to laugh, so she stops abruptly, slaps his shoulder when he runs right into her back.

"We just got busted by your mom, Castle."

He shrugs. "She's seen worse."

Is he serious

"I mean, I don't mean that the way it sounded."

She stares at him, deadpan.

"She'll get used to it?"


"You look amazing in my shirt?"


He steps farther into her space and she lets him, snaking a hand behind her back to hold him to her. The curve of her chin fits perfectly in the crook of his neck as she lets herself rest there for a moment, puff a breath against his skin. "This is really happening isn't it?" she whispers, letting her fingers trip up his side lightly, touching just to touch.

He pulls back from her face to look at her expression, studies her for a moment until he's okay with what he sees, she imagines, because then he's kissing her again, slow and deep and promising. Real.

"I'm – " she starts, stops when his eyes focus in on her lips. "We're not having sex in here with your mother upstairs."

He's distracted enough by her sultry tone that it takes almost a full five seconds for her words to make their way through to his brain. "What?" he pouts. "Why not? You promised."

"That was before – "

"Before you totally got busted with no pants on in my loft." He's grinning so smugly, her mouth hangs open at him a little bit.

"This…this is not helping your cause Richard Castle."

"Ohh breaking out my whole name, are you going to punish me Detective?"

"You wish."

He does wish, she can see it all over his face as he backs her through his bedroom doorway again, shutting the door behind him with his foot and then he's gripping her by the shoulders and turning her, leading her across his room. "What about in the bathroom?" he whispers in her ear, crowding at her back as his impossibly hot mouth closes around her neck again, sucking at her as she tries not to stumble. "If we turn on the shower, no one will be able to hear you."

"Hear me?" she tries to say, but it comes out as a groan mostly, betraying how much she wants to let him do whatever he wants to her, wherever he wants to do it, especially because his hot palm is up under her shirt now, sliding across her stomach like her body is his for the taking.

"It's okay, I promise I won't tell."

"Tell what Castle, there's nothing to tell." He plucks her coffee cup from her fingers, setting it on the bathroom counter as he starts unbuttoning his shirt down the middle of her chest, fingers brushing her as much as possible.

"I promise I won't tell anyone that I can make you scream."

She takes a step back from him. "Okay, now I'm leaving."

He's laughing as he grabs for her, as she twists out of his reach, playing at running, but then he's got her pressed against the bathroom door, mouth all over her, hands nimble and far more coordinated than she would have ever given him credit for, and she's all at once naked, standing there with him. In his bathroom. Panting.

"You're going to pay for that," she breathes, yanking his pants off and reaching into the shower to twist the faucet to hot.

His eyes are huge and sparkling, just for her. Always for her.