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"Come back, you coward! Fight!" the Leader shouted as the psychotic god of time once again disappeared through his portal. Archie cursed loudly, the others were just flat out frustrated with the god's constant refusal to fight them. They all knew he hated to play fair, but at least make an effort! How many actual fights with Cronus have they had? How many times have they been able to show off their fighting skills? They were beginning to get frustrated since it has been almost two years and Cronus was still free.

"Fucking hell! He is driving me absolutely insane! What a friggin' coward!" Theresa exclaimed, her hands clenched tightly around her nun-chucks.

"Hey, that's your ancestor you're talking about there," Odie commented dryly, smirking slightly, trying to lighten things up a bit. Theresa gave him an amused look.

"Don't remind me."

"Alright guys, lets head home," Jay sighed and ran a hand through his hair. He did not look well and the others were getting concerned about him, especially Theresa. She patted his back and led the way to Herry's truck. Jay sighed and watched Theresa as she walked in front of him and soon, he fell into a trance. He admired the attractive Fighter leading him out of the forest. Her red hair trailed behind her and shined in the moonlight as a slight breeze blew the strands near her face back. Her slim figure temporary let his mind wander away from Cronus and–

An elbow nudged him in his side and he coughed and tried to act natural, hoping no one noticed his staring. The owner of the elbow snickered and Jay glanced at the purple haired Warrior beside him.

"Watcha looking at Jay, hm?" Archie questioned while the other four heroes were fighting back laughter. Jay flushed and avoided eye contact.


"Hm. Sure," Archie smirked at Jay who scowled back at him. The two stared at each other for a moment before Archie raised an eyebrow expectantly when the Fighter called for them to hurry up.

"Shut up," Jay growled pushing past Archie.

"I knew it! You practically admitted it right there!" Archie exclaimed, childishly pointing at Jay. At this time Theresa turned around and gave the two boys a confused look.

"What are you talking about? What did he admit?" she asked. Archie opened his mouth to speak, still grinning, when a hand whacked him over the head. Theresa's eyebrows shot up. " What was that for?"

"Archie doesn't know when to shut up," Jay grumbled, crossing his arms. Theresa laughed and nodded.

"Can't argue with that!"

"I'm right here you know," the Warrior said, rubbing the back of his head.

"We know," Theresa and Jay said at the same time. She smirked at him and he just blushed at all the eyes staring at him. Theresa walked around to the other side of Herry's truck and opened the door.

"Is everybody coming or what?" she called from the other side. Everyone grinned and move towards the truck.

"I think I know someone who is definitely coming, if you catch my drift," Neil muttered to the five other heroes, all of whom (except Jay) exploded with laughter. Jay's eyes widened and his face flushed with embarrassment.

"Wh-what? N-no! Wh-what?" Jay spluttered as the others continued to laugh.

When the others piled into the truck still laughing, Theresa frowned at all of them, and then at the humiliated Leader beside her.

"What is so damn funny?" she asked.

"Oh wouldn't you like to know?" Neil chuckled. Theresa let out a dramatic, exasperated sigh.

"Ugh! You're so annoying Neil! You're even worse than Archie sometimes!"

"Again, I'm right here," Archie said as he put his seatbelt on. Theresa muttered something that sounded like "Whatever" and turned to Jay.

"Were they making fun of you?" Theresa asked, pouting childishly at their Leader who turned a whole new shade of red. Instead of making the situation awkward, he tried to make it more comfortable, so he crossed his arms and pouted, looking out the window.


"You guys are just so mean sometimes!"

"We know. It's fun," Neil said, checking himself in his mirror.

"Jay can kick you off the team you know. He's the leader," Theresa pointed out. Jay uncrossed his arms and turned to face the others as Herry sped down the road.

"Yeah! So there!"

"Kay fine, try defeating Cronus without a little luck," Neil replied.

"Gladly!" Theresa laughed. The playful bickering continued all the way back to the school and until they met up with Hera.

"Sorry Hera, he took off again," Jay said apologetically. The goddess smiled lightly at the young heroes.

"Don't worry. It will happen, in time. But tonight, you may return to the brownstone and rest. Good night children." The seven titans said good night and exited the Hera's solarium. When they were gone, Hera let out a heavy sigh. She was worried about the day when the Fighter's different powers would be in conflict with each other and they would have to…restrain her. She silently walked through the dark hallways and corridors of the secret wing of the school until she reached the doors to Persephone's solarium. The scent of roses filled her nostrils as she pushed the giant doors open. She found Persephone once again watering her plants. She always took care of her flowers, but when she was worried or stressed, she would immerse herself into the plants and was rarely seen. Lately, she barely left her flowers.

"Persephone. May I have a word with you?" Hera asked politely. Persephone glanced up from a brilliantly white rose and looked into Hera's piercing eyes.

"Yes of course," Persephone answered nervously. She put her watering can gently onto the table and folded her hands in front of her. "What can I help you with, Hera?"

"Theresa. Has she been showing any…signs lately?" Persephone paused for a moment, unsure of how she would answer the question.

"Well…I think so. There are so many things going on in her personal life that are the perfect triggers for the…" Persephone took a deep breath before continuing. "Hera, I fear that it will be any day now. She is under so much pressure and she doesn't admit it, but she is very stressed. I looked into her mind."

Hera took a moment to absorb the information. "Let's just hope we can catch it in time."


"Well, I'm off to bed. We've got Saturday training tomorrow," Atlanta groaned as the seven heroes filed into the brownstone. Herry chucked his keys onto the kitchen table.

"Yeah, I suppose…" the Brawn said through a yawn. The titans all moved into their separate rooms and most fell asleep immediately, exhausted from school, training and their 'fight' with Cronus. Jay however, couldn't sleep and neither could Archie. Their rooms were right next to each other and that helped with Archie's realization that Jay was in love, and sort of obsessed with the resident psychic. Oftentimes, during the night, Archie could hear their Leader moan the Fighter's name while he was dreaming. He let it slide at first, but after he had to start wearing earplugs to bed, he confronted their leader who was embarrassed to say the least. Jay had claimed that he had no knowledge of this and that he was asleep every time he said her name, but Archie was beginning to wonder if he wasn't actually…awake from time to time. Not only that, the Leader was taking longer showers lately. Like really long showers. Archie didn't comment, as it was none of his business what Jay did in the shower, but the Warrior thought it was obvious.

Jay lay awake thinking about the Fighter (no surprise there). He had been very depressed over the past several months because Theresa had found herself a boyfriend and he was perfect according to her. He was smart, funny, caring, and incredibly handsome (even Jay had to admit he was fairly attractive). Worst of all, they seemed inseparable. He always at lunch with them, and Jay hated to admit it, but he was a really nice guy and he treated her well. They're hands were always intertwined and every time they looked at each other, their faces lit up and Theresa smiled brightly. It seemed like they were in love and there was nothing Jay could do about it.


The next morning, everyone sat together at the kitchen table, eating the breakfast Athena made for them and chatting…peacefully. The heroes, even Archie, were too tired to fight with anybody first thing in the morning so breakfast conversations were always peaceful.

Jay was beyond exhausted, as usual. Everyone had been thinking that Jay was kept up all night by thoughts of Cronus, but he actually never slept because of thoughts of Theresa. He felt guilty and he felt like a terrible leader for thinking more about a girl that a crazy god of time they were supposed to defeat, but he was a teenage boy…it's only natural.

"You sleep well?" Jay looked up from his plate. It took him a few moments to realize where the voice had come from. His eyes connected with the Fighter's, whose were filled with concern.

"Sorta," he mumbled, looking down at his food again. He heard her sigh before speaking again.

"You should go back to sleep, you know? Take a nap, you look terrible."

"We have training, so…" Jay grumbled, still avoiding eye contact. He could feel everyone else staring at him though.

"Well…we could always…take a day off?" Theresa said sweetly. When he looked up, she had a huge, bright smiled on her face that she used when she tried to get someone to do something for her. No one could say 'no' to Theresa when she put that face on. Jay paused for a moment, forgetting all about his surroundings and the fact that he was supposed to respond. He flushed and realized that his mouth was probably hanging open a bit. Theresa, thankfully, didn't seem to notice. Jay looked down again and shook his head.

"No. Training is important. We can't take the day off. Sorry." Theresa just shrugged and moved away from the table, taking her empty plate to the sink.

"Yeah, that's what I figured. But, it was worth a shot," Theresa smiled at him over her shoulder and he nearly choked on his food, resulting in Archie choking on his own food with laughter. Archie downed his glass of milk and was trying to hold back his laughter until Theresa left the room. Theresa frowned at Archie in confusion before rolling her eyes and going upstairs to get ready. As soon as he heard her door close, the Warrior burst into a fit of irrepressible laughter. Jay glared at him.

"I love this place!" Archie wiped away the tears that were falling from his eyes and the others snickered at their leader. Archie made his way up the stairs after Theresa.

Jay scowled at his food and said, "You'd think that being the leader would mean you would have some control and some respect…"

The rest shrugged and laughed, some patted him on the back, others ruffled his hair, and soon Jay was the last one left at the table. He had finished eating, but he didn't have the energy to get up and move.

Finally, after ten minutes and a lot of 'encouragement' from Athena, Jay left the table and went to his room. He absentmindedly changed, barely conscious, but he was still able to think about Cronus and red hair…

"Come on Jay! All of us are ready! Ares is going to kill us if we're late!" he recognized the voice to be Odie's…for a small man, he could sure yell. Jay sighed, feeling very depressed this morning, and then shut his door behind him before making his way downstairs. Theresa put her hand on his back and pushed him forward gently, smiling at him.

"Don't look so glum, Jay. We only have to train for 2 hours today! Most Saturday sessions are at least three!" Jay couldn't help but smile at her positivity. It was one of the many things he loved about her. It was something everybody loved about her, which is why she practically had a date lined up whenever she wanted and with whomever she wanted. He sank deeper into his depression at the realization that she would never be his. She would always belong to someone else.

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