It was an average Monday morning at Wayne Manor, but there was this tiny disagreement.

"NO! I REFUSE TO GO TO THAT SAD EXCUSE OF AN EDUCATING HOUSEHOLD!" Damian yelled as his brothers dragged him to the limozine. At 6 AM in the morning. Lovely.

"Come on Damian, schools fun!" Tim attempted to coax the young Batchild to go to school. Like a normal kid. Whatever normal was to the Batfamily. Tim pulled him down the stairs.

"UNHAND ME GRAYSON! DRAKE I WILL KILL YOU SLOWLY AND PAINFULLY! YOU ARE UNWORTHY TO TOUCH ME!" His feet got hold of the banister and was refusing to let go.

"Come on Dami! We went to school and we're fine!" Dick, as enthusiastic as ever tried so so hard. Dick tugged Damian's feet free.

"What's your definition of fine?" Damian shoot back.

"He has a point," Jason was leaning on the banister.

"Shut it Jason, your not helping," Tim grumbled.

"I never liked school anyways," Jason piped up.

"I'M NOT GOING!" Stubborn as a bull Damian attempted to stand his ground defiantly.

"Sure schools rough, but I'm sure you can handle it,"

"NO! LET ME GO YOU IMBECILES!" Poor, poor Damian.

A few minutes later...

"I hate you, I hate you all," Damian grumbled from his seat in the sleek black limozine.

"Dami this is a shot at a normal life, enjoy your childhood," Tim said half listening while skimming the morning papers.

"I don't need anymore education, my intelect is far supieor than those lowly children," He slumped in his seat attempted to wrinkle his spotless clothes then gave up and then began to sukily glare out the window.

"Your stop Master Damian," Alfred called from the drivers seat.

"Dami, just don't hurt the other kids," Dick pleaded not wanting to be called into the priciple's office.

Damian stepped out of the leather interior of the limozine and stared for a full 5 seconds at the enterance of Gotham Academy.

"No gurantees," Damian growled and then walked into the sea of middle school students.

The first thing Damian noticed was the groups, it was quite obvious who was who.

The preps mixed in with the cheerleaders in far to short skirts and flimsy 'shirts'.

The jocks were watching "play fighting".

The nerds kept to themselves scurrying as quickly as possible away from the threat of bullies.

Then lastly there were the nobodies, that didn't exactly have a category and were all different in their own way and were never acknowledged.

Just get this school year over with, and don't be noticed' Damian mused.

He pulled out a piece of paper that had his homeroom number on it and walked down the hallway attempting to not be seen.

He failed miserably.

While in deep thought over how he was going to get back at Grayson he bumped into an average nobody. But being the ninja assasin raised child bumping into someone leads to many things.

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