A/N: a little fluff, a little romance, a little crazy ex-girlfriend, a lot of JJ being a bad-ass. Thank you to everyone who still follows my follows. I enjoy the reviews and the alerts immensely.


Emily shifts uncomfortably. Again. JJ glances over at her.

"Just 30 more minutes, baby."

"I know," Emily responds. "Just can't wait to get there so I can get my leg up and maybe get some of the swelling down. And then maybe it will stop throbbing."

JJ reaches over and pats Emily's leg. "Have I told you lately how much I love you?"

Emily takes JJ's hand. "Even when I've been crazy and cut off a cast, doing more damage to an already hurt leg?"

JJ squeezes her lover's hand. "Especially then."

"Then keep telling me, Jen, and maybe I'll forgive myself my somewhat rash decision."

JJ chuckles. She glances in the rearview mirror and sees Henry is still fast asleep. Emily's SUV was always their go-to when they couldn't get him to sleep. Of course, the Lexus LX was quite possibly the smoothest riding vehicle JJ had ever been in. When Emily drives JJ, like Henry, is usually asleep before they leave the parking garage. It still thrills JJ to know Emily spent as much as she did just for Henry. JJ's jaw had dropped at the price tag but Emily had insisted, listing its safety features as being among the best on the market and its consumer rating being nearly perfect. JJ knows no one could ever question the devotion Emily has to Henry. But if they tried, the media liaison would be very quick to set them straight.

"I really do love you, Emily. I love so much about you."

Emily glances at JJ, wondering at the wistful tone. "You okay?"

JJ smiles. "Yeah, just…sometimes it just hits me how much I love you and how much you love Henry and how lucky I am."

Emily smiles at the beautiful blonde. "You are both loved more than I can express." She lifts JJ's hand and gives it a kiss.

Just over 30 minutes later, JJ is pulling into the driveway of her childhood home. As if sensing the end of the ride was near, Henry had awakened 5 minutes before and started fussing. His door is opened by Sandy Jareau who starts to coo at him.

"What's wrong with my baby boy? Did your mean old mommies put you back here and forget you? Bad, bad mommies. You come with grandma and I'll take care of you. Yes I will."

She has him out of his seat and is heading into the house before JJ gets around to help Emily. She laughs and calls out to her mother's back.

"Hi, Mom. Good to see you, too."

Emily is laughing as she takes the crutches JJ has gotten from behind the driver's seat. JJ's dad, Alan, comes out to help with luggage.

"Hi there, Sportstar," he says, giving JJ a hug and kiss.

"Hi, Dad."

"Hi, Em, she taking care of you?"

Emily smiles. "Yep, even when I'm hardheaded."

He nods. "She gets that ability from her mother, who had to put up with a lot from me," he offers with a wink.

Emily starts towards the house as JJ and her dad move to the back of the vehicle. This is the first time her father has seen it. He looks over the black, sleek SUV and whispers to JJ. "She paid cash for this?" JJ nods. "Remind me to give her my Christmas list early this year."

JJ laughs, knowing her father is kidding. The two grab the three suitcases of clothes and the suitcase of diapers, blankets, etc for Henry and head inside. They find Emily sitting on the couch, her now unwrapped foot up on a pillow. A moment later Sandy and Henry come in with an ice pack.

"Okay, Henry, give the ice bag to Mama." She bends over and he drops it on Emily's head. "Oops. Maybe he's not ready for that just yet."

Emily chuckles. "Ya think?" She situates the ice bag on her foot and lets out a happy moan as the cold starts to reach her sore ankle.

"That's pretty ugly, Emily," Alan says. "Looks worse than that soccer injury Jenny had her junior year. Of course, we couldn't get her to stay off it. Kept telling the coach it was fine and just wrap it."

JJ blushes as Emily raises an eyebrow. "So, you're telling me she didn't listen to advice to stay off it?"

"Of course not! They were in the play-offs."

"So, Jen, it's okay to ignore medical advice for the play-offs but not to catch an unsub and save your fiancé?" Emily teases.

"Dad, we need to discuss what stories you can and can't share with Emily. That story would be a 'can't'. Okay?"

The Jareau's laugh at their daughter. Sandy is bouncing Henry on her knee, studying JJ's face. When she speaks, the teasing tone is gone. "Your head looks about as bad as Emily's ankle. Care to tell us what happened?"

JJ unconsciously rubs the ugly bruise and lump. She refuses to make eye-contact with either of her parents. "I got my head slammed into a wall. Woke up in a metal crate. But the unsubs actually made a mistake taking me because it pissed the team off. I was out of there pretty quickly."

"Not quickly enough," Emily mumbles guiltily.

JJ walks over and sits on the arm of the sofa behind Emily. She runs a hand through Em's hair. She finally looks up at her parents. "I'm okay. Really. Rossi, Hotch and Em actually got the worst of everything."

Sandy studies the two women. Mothers and fathers can be better profilers than anyone. She hugs Henry closer, knowing both agents are down playing just how serious the situation was. But she also knows that it helps these two women to protect their loved ones from just how dangerous their jobs are. She would give them that comfort for now.

"Well, you make sure when you see that 'unsub' next you tell him I'll kick his butt myself if he ever lays another hand on you," Sandy vows.

JJ smiles. "I'll tell him."

Sandy stands and hands Henry off to Alan. "Come on, Jenny, let's go finish getting dinner ready. We can start brainstorming on your wedding plans. Maybe by the end of the weekend we can have the date and some other ideas hammered out."

JJ kisses Emily on the forehead and stands. "The date is easy. October 17."

Emily laughs. "You really did plan it for the Redskins bye weekend!" JJ looks at her in surprise. "What, you think I can't look up a football schedule, too?" JJ and her parents laugh as Emily shakes her head. "You're lucky I love you, Agent Jareau."

She leans over and kisses Emily again. "Love me? Heck, you couldn't live without me, Agent Prentiss."

As JJ and Sandy head into the kitchen, Emily glances at Alan. She smiles sincerely.

"She's right. I couldn't."

He nods proudly. "I know. Which is why I'm happy to have you join the family, Emily."