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"Jamie, hurry up, we're going to be late" Gwen called through the walls of the office.

"God, Gwen, I'm just finishing up!" he replied, and turned back to his computer.

Gwen stuck her head in the doorway and said "At this point your non-stop work is only going to do so much for the campaign, and it's definitely not going to do anything for you. Give it a break for five minutes. And for God's sakes, smile for once?"

"Go on, I'll meet you downstairs in a minute," Jamie deadpanned back.

When he was finally sure he was alone, Jamie opened the last tab on his computer, the one with the video called "Candidate Plays Hoops Shows Spirit!" And there was Darren, having fun, not caring about his wheelchair or failing campaign, smiling like he hadn't smiled since this whole Rosie Larsen thing started. Jamie couldn't help but smile as well, watching that.

Maybe he had made the wrong choice, only being there for the bad moments. He had always loved how he felt around Darren when he was radiating happiness, like he did in this video. But someone had to take one for the team, and why shouldn't it be Jamie?