FAGEtastic Four

Title: Profit & Loss

Written for: Mid Night-Love/Midnightlove87

Written By: evilnat

Rating: M

Summary: Bella Swan is up for promotion. Her only competition is the man she's been having a secret relationship with. Who will get the job, and how will it affect their relationship?

Prompt used: An arrangement

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Chapter One


"Congratulations Ms. Swan."

"Thank you, sir."

I remained composed as I finished the conversation and hung up the phone, and then I allowed myself to break out into a huge grin. Finally, I was getting the opportunity I had been working my whole career for. The Chief Financial Officer position had been in my sights since I first started working at Newton Stanley, and now the job was down to me and one other applicant.

I opened the bottom drawer of my desk, pulled my cell phone out of my purse and I typed out a text message.

Start spreading the news...

I was sure he would know what I meant, seeing as I was 99% positive he was the other candidate. I pocketed my cell, stood and straightened my pencil skirt. Grabbing my coffee cup I headed to the break room.

A group of gossipy PA's that were sitting at the table in the far corner. They seemed oblivious to my entrance, their conversation never stopping as I walked past and over to the coffee machine.

"I heard his wife was a real bitch," one of them, Maggie I believe, said. "Totally took him to the cleaners in the divorce."

I smirked down into my coffee cup as I stirred in the sugar; there was only one person that she could have been talking about. Nothing was secret in this office, not with these ladies and their water-cooler talk.

"Pity he's so boring, because he's so easy on the eyes," another one called Jane added. "I bet he doesn't even know how to have any fun."

I stifled a laugh; if they knew him like I did they wouldn't be saying that.

"Oh I don't know, I think I could show him a good time," Tanya purred. "He always looks so distinguished. I bet he's got some experience..."

My cell chose that moment to chime with a new text message and their chatting stopped abruptly.

I turned with my cup and faced them, leaning back on the counter. I knew that if they had realized it was me in the room with them they would have never sat and chatted for so long. Their faces showing the shock of being caught by me, gossiping on company time; Lord knows how long they were in there before I came in.

"Ladies," I greeted, my voice its usual cold-calm. "Don't you have some work to do?"

They jumped into action, practically running from the room, never uttering a single word.

I smiled at my ability to scare the staff; it was a talent that's for sure. I didn't get where I was by being nice. I got results and that was what mattered.

I pulled my cell from my pocket and checked the message.


Looks like we're both going to New York.

May the best man win!

I scowled, he sure was cheeky, there was certainly nothing boring about him. I typed my reply.

She sure will!

I headed back to my office and got back to work. I was meeting him that evening and wanted to get out of work early for a change.

At six o'clock, I wrapped up what I was doing and prepared to leave the office. It wasn't uncommon for me to be still working at eight at night, it's not like I had much of a life out of work.

Besides my arrangement with Carlisle that is.

Carlisle Cullen had been working for Newton Stanley a few years longer than I had, but I worked hard and climbed the ranks to quickly become his equal. We both managed the finance areas of different departments and although we were both equally qualified; I often went to him for advice.

A friendship blossomed between us the more time we spent together; we had a lot in common, our love for numbers being one of them. He needed a friend; he was lonely and going through a messy divorce. And I needed advice professionally; we both got something out of it.

One night a couple of months after Carlisle's divorce had been finalized, after a little too much to drink, he admitted that he was looking for more than just friendship. I spent so much time on my career that I had never had any time for a man in my life and I hadn't had sex in so long. Most of my relationships had been disasters and I liked Carlisle a lot, so one night, one thing led to another and we slept together.

It was amazing and we'd been doing so ever since. That was six months ago.

I insisted we kept it on the down low, not wanting it to interfere with our professional lives. We both helped each other out with companionship and sex and everyone was relatively happy.

Only now we were both up for the same promotion. The only thing standing in the way was a presentation to the board in New York. And each other.

I shut my computer down and tidied up my desk. I grabbed my coat off the hook behind my door and turned the light off as I exited. The office was silent except for the sound of a vacuum in the distance; the cleaners were well aware of the hours I kept so they usually saved my office for last.

I checked the time on my watch and smiled, I was leaving earlier than I had planned. I couldn't wait to see Carlisle and hear his thoughts about the trip to New York. I was positive it was going to be profitable, for one of us at least.



I hope you liked it!

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