Chapter 13 Over

"You remember me!" I yell I'm so happy to find this out that I leap forward and give him a huge hug

"Uh Robin? I don't like being touched." He says into my shoulder. Unless it's Roy I think to myself.

"Oh right" I let go of him and look into his eyes.

"Why do I remember you now?" Wally asks.

"Because Wally, Robin was a part of your superhero life but Dick Grayson played a huge role in your personal life."

"Oh okay" He says looking for a chair in the room he finds a wooden one and sits in it.

"Wally, since you remember me." I swallow hard hesitating before I continue. "Do you think we'll ever be together again?" I finally ask him I take his hand and put it gently in mine.

"I don't think so Dick, I mean I am dating Roy now and I uh I really do like-."

"Stop. If you say anymore I might cry" I tell him not letting go of his hand.

"Oh I'm sorry." Wally tells me.

"Do you remember the time we spent together?" I ask him hoping that will win him over.

"Ya, there's some blanks but I remember the park, going to your school almost every day, that night when we saw shooting stars. The time that I actually loved you." He tells me I grip unto his hand tightly and he makes a face.

"C-Can't you love me again? We had so many good times together. Oh please Wally you have to come back to me you have to be my boyfriend again. I can't sleep without you. Sometimes I even sleep with Batman and I'm sixteen now!" I tell Wally. He tightens the grip on my hand and I look up at him.

"I kind of still like you I think. I'm not too sure but I'm 100% committed to R-."

"I'll wait for you just come to me any time you're ready. I'll take you back in a heartbeat I promise." I tell him.

"Dick, can you promise me something else?" Wally asks.

"Ya, anything."

"Can you promise me that you'll see other people? You know go out and date and have fun, because I might just stay with Roy." He tells me.

"Okay maybe not anything" I mutter.

"Dick please!" Wally urges me. I look up into those bright green eyes of his. And completely give in.

"I'll try" I tell him. But we all know I won't.

"Thank you." He says and he kisses me lightly on the forehead. I reach for his face wanting more but he pulls back.

"Just one." I beg and he leans back into me. I start off kissing him softly and gently and then speed up the paste he moves faster and I know he still has that super speed somewhere. I moan into his mouth and hungrily bite his tongue he whimpers and pulls back.

"I should go find Roy now." He says getting up to leave I follow him out wishing I can get more, wishing that we could be back together right now. I've never hated someone more than I hate Roy but then I started to hate myself because I should have found Wally before Roy did. If I went with Batman to save those people from that fire like I was supposed to I would have, but I thought looking where I thought Wally would have been that day was a better decision.

"You know Wally, if you want to be Kid Flash again we can help you and train you." Kaldur tells Wally.

"My superhero name was Kid Flash? Wait I was Kid Flash!" Wally asks.

"Um yes. Do you know him?" Kaldur asks not knowing how to treat Wally's excitement.

"Dude everyone thinks I'm dead! There's even a statue in remembrance of me in Central City! I was an awesome guy!" Wally shouts. Roy puts on arm around Wally's shoulder.

"Thanks but no thanks Kaldur. I've already decided that it's best if Wally stays away from the superhero gig." Roy tells Kaldur.

"Oh so he can touch Wally." Artemis mutters rolling her eyes.

"What do you mean you've decided? What about Wally's decision?" I ask Roy.

"Wally agrees with me. We've already discussed this last night."

"Ya, but that's before he knew he was one of the best teenage superheroes out there" I argue with Roy.

"No, it's okay Robin. I mean it will be really hard to study for Med School when I have to do heroic things every now and then." Wally joins in

"Are you sure?" I ask him.

"Ya, I'm sure." Wally tells me. Roy smiles realizing my defeat.

"Oh Robin I have something I need to talk to you about." Roy says.

"Are you sure you want to be alone in a room with me right now?" I threaten him I swear if Wally wasn't here he'd be dead by now.

"Ya." Roy says he moves away from Wally and leads me outside of the cave before leaving I can hear Wally yell

"If I'm Kid Flash why do I have posters of myself all over my room?"

Roy takes me outside to the beach and I look at him as he finds the right words to say.

"Wally's mine now." He starts or the wrong words.

"Only because you stole him from me!" I yell at Roy.

"Robin listen. When I found Wally I immediately realized he was different. His face hasn't aged a bit but he looked younger and he had no idea who I was and was staying with a total stranger. I didn't want to tell any of you that I found him because I knew you all would press being Kid Flash again down his throat and that's not what he wanted anymore when I found him. He wanted to be normal he didn't want his life in danger anymore or to disappear from this planet again. He just wanted to be Wally West and be happy being himself. Of course it took me a while to get him to move out and stay with me but when I did I made up the rules for him to live by, I kept him off the Justice League's radar, and I kept him safe from all the people that would hurt him intentionally or unintentionally."

"And turned him into a five year old while doing so." I mutter.

"No, I found him like that Professor Zoom and The Joker did that."

"Wait Professor Zoom?"

"How else did both Martian Man Hunter and Zatara not find him? Professor Zoom ran Wally into a whole other dimension for five months the same five months he thinks he's been 'sleeping' in."

"That explains so much." I tell myself.

"Look Robin as much as I love Wally. I'm not really dating him just to be with him I'm dating him to protect him. And you have to understand that and let go of him."

"But Roy I don't-."

"Please Robin. Haven't you heard that saying 'if you love something let it go'?"

"Well considering the fact that Wally isn't a thing that saying doesn't apply to me." I tell Roy.

"Robin please I'm not going to ask anymore. You have to do what's best for both you and Wally." Roy says. I feel my head start to hurt as the tears overload in my eyes pushing their way out on my cheeks.

"Do I really? I've waited so long to be with him again. And now I have to stay away from him for good?" I cry. Roy puts a hand on my shoulder.

"You can always just be friends. Wally would love that. And I would love it if you never kiss my boyfriend again." Roy tells me. He gives my shoulder one last pat and walks away. I continue to cry and I take the ring Wally gave me I kiss it and throw it into the ocean.

"Goodbye Wally. Goodbye my first and only love." I cry even louder putting my hands in my face. Crying against the waves of the ocean and everything just seems silent.

And that's the end of "Above the Limit" Ahh I hate how I always go for sad endings but show no fear BirdFlash fans I am in the process of making a sequel! A sequel? Yes, a sequel it's titled "Under the Sky" hehe get it? Above the Limit and the Sky is the Limit so this is Under the Sky-no? whatever. Moving on I should get the first chapter uploaded by Monday for time gap reasons and I really hope all of you guys read it! It will be written from Wally, Dick, and Roy's POV from time to time and I hope you guys will really like it!

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