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Chapter One.

Returning to the royal Asgard throne room and seeing Odin on the throne was not something Loki had wanted to do. Not only that, but he was muzzled and shackled and still holding onto the container of the tesaract with his brother. The two made their way closer to the golden steps of the throne. Thor knelt before the all-father; Loki didn't.

"Loki, you have brought death and horror to countless midgardians for your own selfish dreams. You have destroyed a city, and brought chaos to a once calm realm. I do not wish to hear of your reasons; in fact I do not wish to hear anything at all from you. Banishing you from our realm brought even more destruction, and I am at a loss of what to do. Until I have decided what your fate will be, leave my presence. Thor, you will keep watch of your brother until my notice. Until such time, do not let him out of your sight." Odin commanded. Thor nodded, not daring to speak a word. Loki just stared at the all-father, his green eyes piercing him. Odin seemed unfazed by his gaze to the others in the throne room, but in reality, Loki's menacing glare unnerved him.

"Come, Loki." Thor said after a few moments of silence. Loki's gaze did not falter as Thor stood tall again and turned, making his way out.

Walking through the gilded hallways, neither one of them spoke. Thor turned and walked into a large chamber. It was were he, the warriors three and the lady Sif usually gathered. Thor removed Loki's shackles and muzzle cautiously before moving to sit on a large couch.

Loki remained standing, holding his hands behind his back and casually pacing the room. There was an awkward silence in the room. Until Loki broke it.

"It's great, is it not, that you, the god of Thunder is to be my personal baby-sitter until the all-father decides whether to kill me or not?" He asked calmly, smirking slightly.

"I am happy to obey any command of my father. What ever it may be, I will serve him 'till the end." Thor retorted, turning slightly to watch Loki.

"But are you not angered? Are you not annoyed by the fact the all-father is taking you for granted? You have unfathomable power, brother, and he is using you to do menial tasks." Loki said as he continued to pace. Thor thought for a second, and then frowned.

"I may be the god of thunder, Loki, but you are the god of mischief and lies; I will not fall for your trickery and deceitfulness." Thor said angrily.

"I am not trying to trick you brother, I am merely airing my views. You could be so much more, you know it too. You should be on that throne, as king of Asgard, not Odin. You were so close to becoming rightful king, but Odin snatched it away from you. He does not trust you with such power, Thor."

"If he did not trust me with power, why would he give me mjolnir?" Thor asked. Loki laughed lightly.

"Mjolnir is more of a symbol, a metaphor if you will, of power. It is symbolic of you. What I mean is the power to rule, to lead. To be a king, you need to have vision, you need control. You need to be wise."

"Like you were?" Thor asked, his eyebrow raised. "I know I may not be the wisest of heirs for the throne, but do not preach to me brother on how to rule after how you treated your power and position. I will not stand for your spiteful ways for long, Loki. Do not expect to be treated kindly after all you have done." Thor growled.

"How's Jane?" Loki asked, changing the subject abruptly and rendering Thor speechless for a moment. Loki smirked and raised an eyebrow.

"Do not speak of her Loki."

"I was only asking how she was, I did not intend to offend you brother," He said smoothly.

"Do not try my patience Loki. I will stand for it no longer."

"And how is Erik?"

"I am warning you Loki."

"And what about-"Loki was cut off by a swift punch in the jaw. He fell hard to the ground and looked up a Thor, a smile on his face. "You have grown a temper, haven't you?"

"I warned you." Thor said before returning to his seat.


"I can't believe the All-father has allowed him back into Asgard." Sif said as she paced the room, her brown ponytail swaying wildly.

"He deserves to be left to freeze on Jotenheim." Hogun spat.

"That's just how he is; he has always been the black sheep of the family. It's in his nature." Volstagg said as he chomped on a leg of boar.

"There are no excuses for his actions Volstagg, there is no reason to cause so much pain and suffering, whether it's in his nature or not." Fandral argued as he fixed his moustache and small beard.

"Thor, you must speak with the all-father." Sif said pleadingly.

"He will not listen to me." He said quietly as he stared into the roaring fireplace.

"You must try Thor, he is your father, he might listen to you." She continued.

"Yet you are not listening to me, Sif. He will not listen to me."

"Yes but-"

"No! He will not! If we want to get rid of Loki, we must do it ourselves, Father will not listen." Thor shouted, startling everyone in the room.

"Yes… We must do it ourselves..." Sif said quietly, almost as a thought. "How best to do it though?" She asked to everyone. Thor's eyes widened at her.

"Sif, I was not suggesting we actually get rid of him." Thor said lowly. The warriors three stared at Sif and Thor.

"No, I agree with Sif." Hogan said. "We must do something, before he tries anything again."

"But what?" Fandral asked.

"You can't be serious?" Thor asked.

"Thor, you know as well as anyone what Loki is capable of. We must do this, before anyone else comes to harm." Sif said.

Thor sighed and rubbed his eyes. "Well, I will be no part of my brother's secret banishment. I am to return to Jane tomorrow, I must prepare, I shall not be coming back for a while." Thor explained, notably lighting up as he thought of Jane. Sif's eyes widened and she smiled.

"That's it!" She cried. Thor frowned.

"What's it?"


"I do not understand, what does she have to do with any of this?" Thor asked.

"Loki can return to Midgard with you! He can live with you and Jane, can he not?" Sif asked. Thor's eyes widened once again.

"Are you mad? We cannot possibly allow him to return to Midgard after what he has done!" Thor boomed.

"Yes we can…" Fandral piped in. "We could convince the all-father to remove some of his powers, so then he would no longer be a threat." He explained. Thor thought for a moment.

"Yes! It's perfect! You must speak with the all-father immediately Thor!" Sif chimed. Thor sighed, knowing that his friends would not rest until he had spoken with his father.


"Return to Midgard?" Odin asked, trying to register what his some had just asked him. "You mean to tell me you wish for Loki to return to Midgard with you?" Thor stood silently before his father, looking at him sternly.


"Is this a joke?"

"No, Father."

"Thor, why? Just explain to me your reasoning." Odin asked as he sat back on the throne. Thor took a breathe before explaining.

"I, the warriors three and the lady Sif have all decided that Loki cannot remain here in Asgard. And even though I am returning to Midgard, I wish to continue with you express command to watch over Loki, even if that means him coming to Midgard with me. You can trust me to keep him out of trouble father." Thor explained. Odin nodded solemnly.

"I respect your enthusiasm towards your given duty… And, if you truly believe you can guard him and watch over him, and can keep your word, I will allow Loki to go to Midgard with you." Odin declared. "Do not disappoint me son." Thor nodded and bowed, before leaving the throne room to return to his friends.

"It is done. Loki is to return to Midgard with me on the conditions that I keep constant watch over him." Thor declared. Everyone in the room smiled, Sif was beaming. She ran over to Thor and hugged him around the neck. She was ecstatic.

Thor patted her back and let her go. He smiled at his close friends, he was happy that they were happy. He was even happier at the fact he would be seeing Jane again, not to mention Erik and Darcy. It had been so long, the only down side was Loki.

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