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Darcy and Loki pulled away again, in desperate need of air. Once she had had her fill, she went in for another, but Loki stopped her. She frowned and stared up at him.

"What's up?" She asked as her gaze wondered back down to his lips. Gods, they were so soft. He sighed and stepped away from her, taking his arms from her waist. Once his hands were gone, she felt deeply saddened and wanted them back round her, keeping her close and safe. "Loki?" She said when he didn't answer.

"I'm sorry." He said. Darcy rolled her eyes and sighed.

"How many times? You don't need to say sorry." Once again, she stepped towards him, bit he put his arms out, keeping her at a distance. That really hurt her. She looked into his eyes, her forehead creased with her worried expression. Did he regret it? Had she done something? She opened her mouth to ask him, but he shook his head and walked back into the restaurant. Darcy felt a crack form in her heart. Had she just been rejected?

After 5 minutes, she also went back into the restaurant. She looked and saw Loki over at the bar, sipping a drink. He didn't look at her. She bit her lip and went to return to the table, but the sight of Jane and Thor still staring at each other, so blinded by their true love for one another was it for Darcy. She clenched her fists, stormed over, grabbed her bag and left with out a word.

Loki had seen her enter the restaurant, but didn't look at her, he just watched her from the periphery of his vision. He saw how angry she got at the sight of Jane and Thor, the hurt on her face. When she stormed out of the building, he was at first tempted to follow her, but held back, and returned to his drink.

What had he been playing at? Kissing her? Had two weeks on earth softened him that much? No. He wasn't soft, and he wouldn't allow anything to change him. Not Earth, not Thor, not Jane and especially not Darcy Lewis.

Darcy walked all the way home and went straight to her room. She grabbed her pillow and screamed into it until she had no breath left, and then threw it at the wall, which made a soft thud. She pulled her heels off and changed into her Cookie monster adult baby grow. She climbed in bed, curled into a ball and took in a deep breath. Before crying into her remaining pillow.

Why had he done that to her? Why had he kissed her then rejected her? She had thought, as they kissed passionately, that he felt the same way she did. She was so happy. But then, the look in his eyes told her the truth. He didn't care. How could he?

She sat up suddenly and wiped away her tears. How could he feel for her? How could he feel anything? He was evil and manipulating and scheming. He didn't feel anything, for anyone. Not Thor, not Jane and certainly not for her. She laughed at her own stupidness. She was so stupid to think that he liked her. In fact, she was stupid to even like him.

She then started to ask herself why she liked him. Apart from his looks, what was there to like? Sure, they had had some conversations, but that could all easily be an act. A way for him to plot something evil. He was the one who had wanted to take over the earth and brought an alien army to destroy a city. He had no heart. He couldn't. And to be honest, Darcy reasoned with herself, I really don't want to break my own heart trying to find his.

The next day, she was woken up by Jane standing next to her bed. She smiled down to her and Darcy frowned. Had she come to gloat about how wonderful her and Thor's evening was? Jane sighed and sat next to Darcy and she sat up, rubbing her head.

"What Jane?" Darcy asked, though felt bad at the hurt look on Jane's face. "Sorry, I didn't mean to snap at you. What's up?" She asked again.

"Are you okay?" She asked. Darcy nodded, keeping her face expressionless. Jane didn't look convinced. "Then why did you storm out of the restaurant last night? Did something happen?"

"No." Darcy said. Jane still held the looked of disbelief, and Darcy groaned. She got up out of bed and looked at Jane. "Nothing happened. Can you please just go, I need to get ready so I'm not late. Thanks for asking though." Jane looked hurt for a second before nodding and leaving silently. Darcy sighed heavily, rubbing her tired and sore eyes and pinching the bridge of her nose.

She dressed shortly afterwards, sky blue skinny jeans, blue and white plaid shirt and some white all stars. Checking the clock, she had about half an hour before she had to leave. She brushed through her hair and put on her glasses, not bothering with make up, before grabbing her messenger bag and heading out of her bedroom.

In the kitchen, she plopped her bag down on a counter, and looked in the fridge for something quick to eat. Grabbing a left over half a sandwich, she stood up and turned to get her bag, only to see Loki entering. Her heart fluttered for a minute, before she silenced it. She glanced at him as she passed, with no expression on her face. She grabbed her bag and put it on her shoulder, letting it hang by her hip. She turned to leave,

"Take this back to the library, will you?" She heard Loki asked. She spun around and saw him holding some book. She didn't bother looking at the title.

"Sure." She mumbled. She moved over and snatched the book from him, putting it in her bag. She didn't make eye contact, though she knew he was looking at her. She glanced at him briefly and saw him smirking. She shook her head before leaving the house, making her way to college.

It was lunch, and instead of staying with her friend May, Darcy decided to head to library on campus. That's when she remembered Loki's book; she made a metal note to drop it off at the library in town on her way home.

Once in the library, she chose a seat and took out her work from her sociology class. She scanned the pages before putting her head on the desk. She really couldn't be bothered. Normally, she would be done with this work easily, but her mind was clogged up. Even when she wasn't near him, Loki annoyed her. She grumbled loudly and put her hands in her sprayed out hair.

"Tough day?" She heard a voice in front of her say. She sprung up and looked at the person talking to her. There stood a boy her age, smiling at her. He had kind blue eyes and messy brown hair, with a fringe that hung slightly over his eyes. Darcy smiled back and nodded.

"Yep, I am mentally frazzled." She said with a sigh, her smile becoming lopsided.

"Bummer." The guy said. "Can I sit here?" He asked, gesturing to the seat in front. She nodded. He pulled the chair out and sat down, putting his back pack down too. He looked around before looking at Darcy again. "I've never seen you around campus before - What's your name?" He asked.

"Darcy Lewis." She said, briefly flicking through the pages of her book again before closing it completely.

"Cool, I'm Jake. Nice to meet you." He said with a boyish grin. Darcy smiled back.

"Nice to meet you."

Nothing was said for a while, until Darcy's phone started playing The Clash's White Riot. She checked it and saw she had a text off Jane, though she decided to ignore it. Putting her phone in her pocket, she looked to Jake.

"You like The Clash?" He asked.

"Yeah, I love them. I'm guessing you do too?" She said. He nodded with a wide smile.

"One of the best." He said, still slightly nodding.

"One?" Darcy said, tilting her head.

"Yeah, I mean, they're really good, but I'm a Nirvana and Pearl Jam guy really." He admitted, and pointed to his T-shirt, which had the Nirvana smiley face on it, which Darcy hadn't noticed before. Hearing this, she beamed a big smile.

"I adore Nirvana and Pearl Jam. What's your favourite Nirvana song?" She asked, leaning forward slightly on the desk. Jake leaned back and pulled a thoughtful face, making a humming noise too.

"I'm gonna say 'Come as you are' Though, I can't really say that is an ultimate favourite' they're all equally brilliant." He said finally. Darcy just smiled wider. How had she never met him before? He was immediately cool, to her anyway.

They carried on talking all lunch, and at the end when the bell rang, they exchanged numbers and headed their separate ways.

Darcy couldn't wait to get home and text Jake. So, when everyone let out of college, she hurried all the way home, completely forgetting about Loki's book. Once home, she went straight to her room, not saying hello to anyone, and jumped on her bed, still smiling. White riot sounded and she looked at her phone. Jake had text her first. She giggled girlishly and read it.

"Hello Darcy, said I'd text, didn't I? :)" She smiled wider before replying.

"Hey, I know you did, I didn't doubt you for a second!"

They texted for ages, talking about random things. Darcy was happy that she had met him, because they had so many things in common. They liked the same music, movies, books, authors, TV, sense of humour - nearly everything they could think of. They would be great friends, she could see it. She received another text from Jake, and it somewhat surprised her.

"I was just wondering, do you wanna go out tomorrow to the movies? My buddies told me Rock of Ages is pretty cool, thought it would be fun?"

Her mouth opened slightly. Was he asking her out? As in out out, like a date? No, she stopped herself, he was just being friendly. He was asking her out as a friend, nothing more.

"Sounds good, what time?"

"Around 7pm? If not, we could always catch an earlier showing :)"

"No, 7's good for me. Meet you there?"

"Yep :)"

"Awesome. So, I'm gonna hit the hay now... Wow, that sounds lame, it's only 9:30, gosh I'm old. But I had a late one last night, so g'night!" Darcy told him as she felt a yawn escape her lips.

"Hey, you're not lame. Sweet dreams Darc x"

Darcy nearly yelped when she read his reply. He put a kiss! Oh my god! And he told me I'm not lame! And said sweet dreams - not good night - he wants me to have sweet dreams! Darcy cheered on the inside. She was smiling so much her cheeks hurt, but she didn't care. She knew she was acting over the top, it was only a kiss, but it felt good. Maybe he liked her? Maybe not, either way it felt good. And she would have sweet dreams tonight; she knew that for a fact.

Saturday morning, Darcy was up early and was noticeably beaming, smiling happily. Jane and Thor were eating breakfast, and Loki was standing by the counter, drinking tea. Darcy walked in, still wearing her pyjamas, and said good morning cheerily to everyone.

"Morning guys!" She said, showing a toothy grin. Jane eyed her suspiciously before replying.

"Morning Darc... You seem Happy."

"That's because I am!" Darcy buzzed as she stood near Loki. He looked at her strangely, but she just smiled at him. "Pass me the coffee pot." She said as she pulled a Tigger mug from the cupboard. Loki did as she asked and she poured herself a drink. Sitting at the table and sipped it carefully.

"So," Jane started. "Why are you suddenly so cheery?"

"Well, I sort of have a date tonight." She said as she brought the mug to her lips again. She looked at Loki over the rim and saw him staring at her. "Actually, I don't know whether it's classed as a date.." She pondered.

"Tell about him." Jane said, shimmying forward slightly.

"His name's Jake, he goes to college, though I'd never seen him around campus before yesterday.."

"You met him yesterday and you're going out with him?" Loki suddenly piped in. She snapped a briefly annoyed look at him before answering.

"Yes, it's not a crime, you know. He's really nice," She continued, looking back to Jane, leaving Loki feeling annoyed. "He loves Nirvana and old movies and - basically everything I like. He's so nice. Like a genuine person. Not to mention he's a very pretty boy too.." She added the end but with a shy smirk. Jane giggled and the two continued to talk about things concerning Jake.

Meanwhile, Loki stood like a rock, gripping the tea he had forgotten about. So she was going out with some boy she didn't even know? She had only met him yesterday and she was already dating him, practically. I thought she was better than that, Loki briefly thought, before scolding himself. No, I don't care about her or her social life. He repeated it a few times, like a motto, until his old reasoning came back. Let her do what she wants, he said to his self. She wasn't his to look out for, or even care for. He did not care.

Later that day, at around 5, Darcy couldn't wait any longer to get ready for their Date/not date. She didn't know what it would be classed as really, but she didn't care. She was happy to be going out with someone though, other than the people she lived with. Not to mention the face Loki had pulled when he found out her plans. She wanted to laugh in his face, he looked pissed indeed. But he deserved it, after what he had done to her.

She shook her head to relieve herself of Loki swimming around her thoughts. She set her thoughts to her outfit. Something casual but pretty, but not too girly, or to relaxed. Hmmm, she thought to herself. She looked around and spotted a pair of dark blue skinny jeans. She pulled them on and looked for a top. She chose a scooped neck tank with a cartoon cat on the front, on the back was grey and white chess board squares. She put on some black ballerina flats before curling her hair, putting on a little make up, her glasses and pulling on a black blazer with the cuffs turned up, showing a striped patterned inner material. She smiled at her reflection before heading out of her room.

She saw Jane on her laptop in the living room and cleared her throat. "What do you think? Too much?" She asked Jane, who looked up and smiled.

"You look lovely, not too much at all. Don't worry. So, you off now then?" She asked. Darcy nodded and headed to the door.

"I don't know when I'll be back, but don't wait up. Okay?" Darcy said with a smile. Jane nodded and said goodbye as Darcy walked through the door.

She checked her phone for the time, it was only 6:30, so she decided to nip to McDonalds for a coffee. Once she had her drink, she sat inside and drank it slowly, feeling it warm her up inside. It was pretty cold out tonight, and she didn't fancy standing outside when she didn't need too.

Her phone buzzed; she had put it on vibrate as she was going to the movies, and she checked it. It was Jake.

"Hey, I'm here now, how long will you be? :)" She looked at the time, and it was just past seven. She jumped up quickly and headed out the door, the cinema was only a few blocks away.

"On my way now, be 5 minutes :)"

She rounded the corner and saw Jake standing waiting for her, his hands in his jeans pockets. She walked slower and looked at him properly. His hair was styled nicely, but was blowing in the wind. He wore a plaid shirt, skinny jeans and red vans. He looked handsome. She jogged a little and shouted him.

"Hey!" He turned at the sound of her voice and smiled at her, she looked really nice. She stood in front of him and there was an awkward moment of silence.

"Hey." He said with a small lopsided smile.

"Hi.." Darcy said, returning the smile. She saw him looking at her and blushed. "So, we going in or what?" She asked. He looked at her and nodded.

"Yeah, yeah. C'mon." They walked into the cinema next to each other, and Darcy had a smile on her lips the whole time.

After the movie had finished, they stood outside of the cinema and looked around for a minute. "So," Jake started. Darcy looked to him. "What do you want to do now?" He asked as he slipped his hands into his pockets again. Darcy bit her lip and shrugged her shoulders.

"I dunno.. You wanna go somewhere or something?" She asked.

"Sure... Wanna go to the park? You know, just hang for a bit?" He suggested. Darcy nodded and they started walking to the park.

She looked to the sky, it was just getting dark, and the sky was an inky purple colour, the sun just setting. They arrived at the park and sat on a bench together.

"So, what did you think of the movie?" Jake asked.

"It was good, I really enjoyed it." She said with a smile. Jake looked at her as she smiled, he thought she was so pretty. She must have seen him staring, as she turned her head away and looked at some flowers. "What did you think?"

"Yeah, it was cool." Jake said, feeling awkward. "Darcy?" He said. She turned back round and saw him staring at her again. She started blushing again. God, I'm worse than Jane, she thought.

"Yeah?" She asked eventually.

"Do you wanna go back out again sometime? You know, like a date?" He said, obviously nervous. Darcy was shocked for a minute. He was definitely asking her out on a date this time. He was scared for a moment as she didn't answer him. His heart started to sink, but when she smiled, his hopes rose again.

"Yeah, that would be nice." She said, honestly. Jake smiled widely at her, happy with her answer.


"When?" She asked. Jake thought for a minute.

"How about next Friday?" He suggested. She nodded.

"Are we going to the movies again or..." Darcy wondered off.

"I heard of this punk band that are playing a club not far from here. They're supposed to be pretty good." He said with a shrug.

"Sound awesome." She said with a smile. Jake smiled and nodded, his floppy hair going into his eyes.

"You want me to walk you home? It's getting dark, don't want you walking around on your own." Darcy's heart melted. He was so sweet. She nodded and they started walking out of the park.

Once in front of her house, they stood looking at each other for a minute.

"So.. Goodnight. I had fun tonight." Darcy said. God, she hadn't stopped smiling since yesterday. Jake nodded.

"So did I, can't wait for Friday. Should be a laugh." He said with a smirk. "Goodnight Darcy." He said. They looked into each others eye for a minute, before Darcy wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him. He was still for a second, but hugged her around the waist quickly. Darcy grinned into his shoulder. They pulled away after a while, both blushing like little kids. Darcy walked up to the door, and looked back to Jake. He waved, and she waved back. "Night." He shouted. "I'll text you later, or something." He said.

"Okay, night." He nodded again and started back down the street. Darcy stepped inside the door and sighed happily. She was on cloud freaking nine! The hallway light was off, so she assumed everyone was asleep, so she quietly crept upstairs to bed. Little did she know, someone was awake, and someone had seen her with Jake. It was pretty obvious who that person was as they sat in the lounge, silently cursing them self under their breath.

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