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Rated M

Summary: Can love conquer betrayal, resentment and fear? Will Rosalie and Bella finally get there happily ever after?


I really think I done some horrible things in my past life, cause it seems that my life can't get a fucking break. First Royce and he's bitch cheating ass, my father and mother constant fighting and getting back together, moving to Forks, My mother's murder, I get shot and damn near die, Bella and I break up, moving away from Fork just to come back, ruining Bella's wedding and hitting Bella with my car.

Some fucking life

As tears fell down my face like waterfalls, my knees buckled under me as I fell to the hospital floor, ignoring my injuries as I pressed my hands into my eyes painfully…I couldn't get the image of Bella's lifeless body laying on the ground, surrounding by her own blood.

"Rosalie" hearing Kim's voice just made it worse as I gasped loudly trying to breathe air into my lungs. I felt her arms wrap around me as I let the sob I holding in so tight come bursting out.

"Rosalie she will be fine" I suddenly looked up, red eyes and tear stained face.

"Kim…. she's in a fucking coma! How the fuck is she going to be okay?" I yelled snatching myself away from her. I walked towards Bella's room and saw her family surrounding her like a protective shield.

From me…

I so badly wanted to go in there and hold her but I couldn't…not after what I had done. They all ignored me since I have woken up yesterday, with only some minor cuts and bruises. Even Esme wasn't as motherly to me like she always been and my heart broke even more. I let myself fall into the wired bench in front of her room and ran my hands into my hair. Suddenly the door swung open revealing Edward, I was expecting a lash out or some punches but he shocked me when he pulled me to my feet and hugged me. My legs gave out and I held on to him for dear life.

"I…I didn't know it was her, I swear I did-

"I know Rosalie, it was dark…you couldn't have known" he held me until I finally gotten myself under control.

"Why haven't you come inside yet?"

"Fear" I whispered.

"Fear of what?" he asked softly as he rubbed my back.

"Fear of actually seeing how bad she is, I heard Carlisle say she's in a coma and has little chance of coming out of it. Plus I know none of them want to see me here" he sighed loudly and turned me to looked at him.

"Yes Bella has a hard journey to come but she can't come back to us without you Rosalie, and for the family, they were worried just as much for you as they were for Bella." I snorted

"Why haven't any them approach me yet?" he shrugged his shoulders

"That I don't know"

"It's my fault she's in there, I should have just left her alone that night. Let her cool off but no I had to push her and now look where she is…. lying in the hospital because of me" I said with so much anguish that I couldn't stop the pain and tears.

"Rosalie" he whispered as the door open wide as they all started to walked out, they saw me and said not a word. I stood up and cleared my throat.

"I'm sorry I should go" I rushed out just as I was about to turn to walk away, I felt arms around me, strong arms.

"Don't go" Emmett whispered in my ear, I looked at Esme as she opened her arms to me; I let a sob loose as I walked into her arms…her motherly warm arms.

"I'm so sorry" I cried into her chest, she just held me and cried with me. When we pulled away, she spoke.

"She needs you…Go" she pushed me slightly to the door; I started to panicked as my eyes clouded up.

"I…I…I don't think I can" I whimpered pulling at my hair as Alice grabbed my hand and started to pull me inside, I yelled for her to let me go but that all died down when I was inches away from Bella

"If you love her…walk to her" Alice voice held anger and sadness, I looked at Bella and felt my legs turn into concrete.

I couldn't move

"Fuck" I whispered as I saw so many tubes and wires…fuck it didn't even look like she was breathing on her own.

That's because she's not dumbass

I could hear them behind me but my focus was on the beauty that was fighting for her life on the bed, I finally moved my legs and before I could stop myself…I flung myself to her bedside.

"W…What have I done to you" I said in disbelief, I didn't want to touch her afraid of setting something off. I just fell into the seat that was by her bed and rubbed my face.

"I can't come up with the words…I'm speechless, baby please believe me when I say that I am so sorry…for everything, for cheating, for ruining your wedding, for hitting you" I grabbed her hand.

"It seems like I just keep fucking up when it comes to you, but lords knows I love you so much" kissing her hand, it was so cold and pale. The tears came again but harder than before.

"Please wake up…I don't think I can live a life that your not alive in, I won't hesitate to join you if you give up fighting, Bella I am the half of your soul and if you give up I die as well" I heard a sob behind me but ignored it.

"You came too far in life for you to give up now, you fought too damn hard and I'm not going let you go! So I suggest you wake the fuck up, my heart has been through too much for me to lose you as well, I lost my mother…I can't lose you too…I just can't!" Edward grabbed my shoulders as I pushed him off and laid my head on her stomach.

"Please Bella! Fucking please wake up" I cried as he walked me out the room, the beeping was making my heart hurt even more. I couldn't stand seeing her like that anymore and decided to leave. Alice and Esme came with me to the house, we broke off into our rooms. I found myself in front of Bella's room, haven't been in here for years as I open the door and made my way to the bed, I saw the old tattered teddy bear I given her so many years ago laying on the pillow.

Cue the tears

I fell into the bed, and inhaled her smell through the pillow and let a cry out, and then suddenly I remembered something. I raced to her closet and saw it.

"Anthony" I pulled the picture out and smiled.

"Long time no see baby boy" kissing his forehead and I sat on the end of the bed and spoke.

"Take care of mommy for me…. bring her back to me".


Where the hell am I?

Damn my head hurts, what the hell happen? Suddenly I heard laughter. Turning around to see nothing but smoke and bright lights.

"Over here!" the laughter became louder and child-like, I started to get irritated and spoke.

"Show your self!" I saw a blur as it ran past through the thick clouds, I race towards the running creature, I suddenly stop when I saw a little boy around nine or ten years old.

"Finally mommy…you came to see me" he slowly turned around and I gasped.


A/N: Sad I know. Had to find a way for Bella to get a chance to see Anthony, Things will get worse before they could get better. Rosalie on the other hand is losing her way and struggling to get it back. Will Bella want to go back after she spends more time with her son? Or would a surprise in her coma make her fight even more to get back to her family…her Rosalie?

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