A/N: I know it's been a long damn time but I'm back, my life went from up to down to buried then back up again. I hope you guys haven't giving up on this story.


Rated M



"Welcome back Sweetheart" Rosalie's voice caressed my ear as I gave a small sign; blinking a couple of times…I looked around the room.

"Bella" my chest started to feel heavy as the past events started to rush at me, a painful cry escape my lips as I felt arms wrap around me.

They burned

I quickly screamed for the burning arms to let me go, I trashed and struggled as the arms finally let me go. My mind was running a thousand miles as I tried to process what the hell was happening.

"Bella can you hear me" I looked up at my father and reached out for him, a strangled whimper left my lips as he quickly gathered me in his arms.

"W…W…What happened" I buried my face in his neck as my tears fell onto his white coat; he rubbed my back and spoke.

"Baby you been in a coma" I snapped my head up and looked at him shocked.

How the hell did I get in a coma?

"How?" I asked as Rosalie started to cry as Emmett held her.

"Why don't we talked about that later, how are you feeling" I looked at Rosalie and spoke….not breaking eye contact with her.

"Can we have a minute" I asked as Rosalie went pale, she lost her breath as they all looked at me and back at her.

She looked scared

They all left us alone in the small white room, she wiped at her eyes and sat down in the chair a few feet away from me.

"So….are you going to tell me what happen?" she shook her head.

"Not really" she whispered but I heard her clearly, she looked up at me…I can see that she lost a large amount of weight, her hair was short. Her eyes were dull and empty.

She looked like shit.

"What the hell happened to you? Why you cut your hair?" she sniffed and her scratchy voice hit my ears.

"It was a choice, I had to cut it out...it was coming out from stressed" she explained.

"Why were you stressed" she snapped her head up.

"Because I thought I lost you forever, and it would have been my entire fault. I almost took your life Bella and I knew for a fact that if you didn't come back I wouldn't have any reason to live" she said looking at me with so much pain.

What the hell did she do?

Was she the reason I was in a coma?

No? Rosalie would never hurt me…..right?

"Rosalie is you the reason I'm in here? That I was in a coma" she let a sob escape her lips as I felt the tears build up.

"Shit….you are!" I covered my mouth with my hands in disbelief, no….my Rosalie could have never jeopardized my life like this.

"Baby! I swear I didn't mean to! I didn't see you"

"What happened?" I asked more forcefully as she tried to grab my hand but I pulled away.

"I was driving, my vision was blurry from crying because you didn't want me anymore and I was crying so hard that I didn't see you walking across the street. At first I didn't know what I hit until I saw your bracelet and I swear my whole world stopped" she moved closer to me.

"I been here ever since they brought you here…Bella I love you and I almost lost you" I didn't know what to say to that.

Technically it wasn't her fault….right?

I'm so confused.

"I need to think" she quickly sniffed and wiped her eyes.


"No…I need you to leave for a while so I can think without you near me" it felt like someone was stabbing me in the heart as I saw the utter pain cross her face. Before anyone can say anything, the door burst open and Sam came through.

"Sam!" I squeaked as I saw the tears in her eyes, she ran to me as I opened my arms. She kissed my cheek and moved my hair out of the way.

"Oh my I thought you were gone! When I heard I took the first flight back" she said in my ear, my heart started to beat faster as her breath tickled my ear. My eyes caught Rosalie as I quickly looked away because she was going to make me cry from the sheer pain in her eyes.

"Sam…you came back" I said smiling, she rubbed her neck and looked at Rosalie.

"When I said take care of her…I didn't mean hit her with a fucking car!" Rosalie grabbed Sam's shirt and slammed her against the wall.

"Fuck off! Not in the fucking mood…I know I fucked up" she pushed Sam harder into the wall, I tried to get out of the bed as I fell flat faced on the tile floor.

"STOP!" I yelled at them to stopped fighting as Emmett and Edward came running in trying to break it up while the rest of the family stood by the door.

"That's it! Everybody out now!" Carlisle yelled as Rosalie looked at me.

"Sam please stay" I begged as Rosalie eyes harden and she flew past Edward and out the door. I looked at Sam and pulled her to me, she yanked her hand away softly.


"Please Sam don't leave me again" I started to cry.

"I'm not going anywhere but I can't be your Sam anymore, I just came back to see how you were"

Damn…talk about a blow to the chest

"W…What?" I stuttered as the family quickly left….as I was left alone with my heartbreaker…..


Storming out of the room, I felt my chest cave painfully. Footsteps were behind fast as I pushed through the door as I ran to the car. I turned around to see Edward behind me.

"Get me the keys" I asked, without protest he threw them to me but before I could get in….he spoke.

"So you just going to leave again…you making this a little boring now" I slammed the door and stalked up to him.

"Hey! Watch the car" he said panicking.

"Sam in there, that's who she wants!"

"Her mind is in jumbles right now…she don't know what's going on, all she know is that she and Sam was supposed to married right now" I turned away from him.

"She doesn't want nothing to do with me Edward…I can take so many rejection before I fucking explode!"

"And who fault is that!" he yelled at me.

"If your ass didn't leave in the first place none of this shit would have happen….you FUCKED UP!" he pointed at me.

"I KNOW!" I screamed at him, I threw his keys at him and just walked off. I didn't know where I was walking to but I found myself walking into a fucking bar.

Well…might as well drown my pain then fight it.

8888888888888888888888888888 8888888888888888888888888888 88888888888

When the morning came I found myself lying face down in an alley, when I checked to see if all my clothes were still in tack, I made my way back to the hospital. I knew I smelled bad, reek of booze and garbage…I still need to see her.

When I enter the hospital, Emmett grabbed me and pushed me against the door.

"You are not going to see her while drunk" I stumbled away from him, and held my head.

Got damn hangover

"I'm not drunk Emmett now move out my way overgrown bitch" he tried to grab me again but I crawled under his legs and bolted to her room. When I got there, I fell inside the room on the floor as I looked up.

"Hey" my words were a little slurred as I pulled myself back up…her voice hit my ears.

"What the hell are you doing here?" her voice was hard and harsh.

"Sssshhh not so loud" I said stumbling over to her, I grabbed her hand and kissed it…well more of slob on it. She yanked her hand away and squint her nose up.

"The hell you do last night…bath in garbage"

"Something like that…where is your punk bitch of a girlfriend?" I flopped down on the chair, I saw hurt past her eyes.

"She's gone"

"Good…" I said as she looked at me.

"Good? Do you realized that you whole handedly fucked my life up, I don't think you really grasp the concept of how much I fucking hate you right now"

Well that just sobered me up

I blinked in shocked, I knew how true her words were because the way she was looking at me was pure fucking hatred. I cleared my voice.

"Y…You don't mean that baby" she shook her head.

"Yes I do…and stop fucking calling me baby, I'm nothing to you anymore…you lost all privileges of calling me that" she yelled at me.

"Bella I know I fu-

"No Rosalie you didn't just fuck up…you ruin my chance at happiness twice, and I can't find myself in forgiving you. I forgive you for this, putting me here in this hospital but I can't forgive you for breaking my heart twice" she started to cry and I just sat there still as a statue.

"I always prayed that we would get back together and get married, have kids….but now I can only see that with Sam and you ran her away…s…s…she don't love me anymore" her voice cracked.


"Rosalie that best thing you can do is forget I had ever existed, our love wasn't as strong as I thought" I didn't know what to say.

There was nothing to say.

"Okay…." She looked at me funny.

"Okay? That's it" I nodded, standing up…I rubbed my face long and hard as I inhaled sharply so I wouldn't start crying.

"Yes…You don't love me anymore I get it now" I said.

"Yeah" she whispered looking away from me.

"I wish it was different" she said as I nodded rubbing my nose, a habit to keep me from crying.

"But you should know…I will always love you" I said walking towards the door.

"Wish that was enough" I flinched and walked out the door, the whole family heard the conversation as Edward whispered my name but I put my hands up shaking my head.

"I get it now" I pushed my hands into my eyes and whimpered, I quickly sniffed and looked up.

"I'm gonna leave" Emmett jumped up.

"You coming back right?" he asked scared, I shook my head.

"There's nothing here for me" I gave them all hugs and walked out…

I knew there was only one person who would be there waiting with open arms, I opened my phone and hit speed dial

"Kim" ...