Chapter 1

Summary: Heiji witnessed the Black Organization kill Shinichi, the trauma gives Heiji amnesia, Kazuha tries to comfort Heiji and help him regain his memory, but the only thing Heiji forgot about was Kazuha, he remembers everyone else. It's hard to help a loved one when they even forgot your name.
(Note) Shinichi isn't Conan, he's back in his teenage form. Rated T.

Lost Memory

Heiji regretted it so deeply; he should've run after Shinichi. He should've ignored him when the boy said he'd go alone. Now here was the Osaka boy running after Shinichi, hoping to be there in time to warn him of the Black Organizations trap. His legs burned, everything ached, telling him to stop running, that the boy had reached his limit. He ignored his body pressing on, he made it to the hide out, it was some abandoned work sight, and it had a big building. He slammed the door open, just in time to see Shinichi's back, he made it, he thought relieved. Heiji called out to him.

"Kudo! It's a trap!"Heiji exclaimed breathless, Shinichi heard him and turned around, but members from the BO stepped out from the shadows, each having machine guns, horrified Heiji reached out to Shinichi, telling him to run, but was too late. Each gun went off, the bullets piercing the Tokyo boy,Heiji eyes widened, the nightmare worsened as Shinichi let out the most agonizing scream, it made the boy wince, the guns wouldn't stop, Shinichi screamed on, wailing, he slowly crashed to the ground, his body just lying there lifeless. Someone threw a note down next to the dead body and then everyone left.
He doesn't know how long he sat there looking at Shinichi's body before he walked to it, trembling the whole way there. His hand shaking as turned his body around, it was so bloody, somehow they left Shinichi's face unharmed, Heiji didn't know if he was relieved or not. He shuddered and picked the note up and read it.

We decided to be generous and leave the boy's face untouched so Shinichi could have an open casket. We know were so nice right?
Speaking of which, Osaka detective you have three minutes to get out of here before we shoot you up like your friend.
You should run now.

-Black Organization

His eyes widened, he spent too long looking at the body in denial, quickly he picked the bloody body of Shinichi, running out of the building, he felt tears going down his face, he was crying. Heiji choked on the tears as he felt Shinichi's blood soak in his clothes, it made him want to throw up. Heiji heard a something click, someone loaded a gun, and Heiji started running faster, seeing the exit up front. One of the members shot the gun at Heiji, it hit him in the calf, he stumbled, but kept running in though his pace was slower thanks to the bullet in his leg. He made it out, but not Shinichi, he was still crying.
No, he would cry later, he had to get to the hospital first, not having to run for his life anymore, Heiji limped to the hospital, as soon as he entered, a woman screamed at the bloody sight. Doctors ran to his side, taking Shinichi first, all the exhaustion must have caught up to Heiji, because he just dropped, falling to the ground. The nurses put him on a stretcher after Shinichi and put him in surgery.

Kazuha was planning on confessing to Heiji today when he came back from some case he was doing with Shinichi, Ran was going to confess to, they promised each other. The girl was in school when she was called to the officer, she was confused and scared that she done something wrong, Kazuha's fear increased when she saw Ran crying her eyes out in the office, her father trying to comfort her, Shinichi's parents were crying too, and almost the whole police force from Osaka and Tokyo were there. She really didn't know if she wanted to know why everyone was upset, everyone glued their eyes on her as she entered, and it was really uncomfortably. They told her to have a seat; she did even though she'd rather stand. They told her the news, Kazuha shook her in denial, no, Heiji and Shinichi were alright, Shinichi wasn't dead and Heiji wasn't in surgery. It was impossible. Ran's cries grew louder as he continued to explain what happened, it annoyed Kazuha, but she bit her tongue, she'd be the same way if Heiji had died.

The girl jumped out the chair, she was clearly in denial as she shouted at everyone, demanding why they would lie to her. It ended up with Kazuha storming out of the office with friends and family calling after her. She went straight to the girl's bathroom, screaming curses, other girls left the bathroom, and they were scared of the girl. Kazuha punched the bathroom stall multiple times, until her anger lessened. When she finally calmed down, her knuckles really stung, it bleeds a little bit she and left the bathroom back to the office.
Everyone jumped up when she entered, noticing her injured knuckles, but they decided against bringing it up. Kazuha glanced at the sobbing Ran and looked at her father.

"I want to see him." Kazuha demanded, her remark surprised everyone in the room, aside from Ran.

"You still have school-" her father tried to protest, but Kazuha cut him off.

"So? This is more important than school." she replied, hotly. Mr. Hattori stepped in.

"I think she should go visit him." He said, Kazuha silently thanked him, her father was about to say something, but paused and agreed, much to his daughter's pleasure. She said she'd be right back and ran out the office to get her bag, Ran gave her a weak smile, instantly Kazuha felt bad for her friend, her crush, no, person she was in love with was now dead, gone, before she could even confess. Kazuha wouldn't let Heiji die before she could convey her feelings to him, she would tell him at her visit. The whole ride to the hospital was agonizing; it was hard for the girl not to jump right out her seat, when they pulled up in the parking lot. Kazuha nearly scared the nurse when she jump her, asking the nurse which room Heiji was in and if he was awake or not. After telling her which room the boy was in and that he was awake, Kazuha hastily ran passed her, almost tripping over herself. The nurse called after her, trying to tell her more information on Heiji.

Kazuha slammed the door open, Heiji jumped, surprised. She wasted no time in attacking the boy in bear hug, confused he patted Kazuha's back awkwardly. She looked into the bewilder eyes of the boy's and confessed.

"I like you, really like you." She said, a lot of weight lifted from her chest as she said this. Kazuha wasn't ready for Heiji's reply.

"I'm sorry, but do I know you?" He said, yeah, Kazuha would never be ready for that answer to her confession, not in a million years


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