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This... I just had to write this... I don't own Hetalia.

Stupid Fratello...

I looked down at Veneciano.

He had a wound on the side of his head and he was sobbing. He was crying "Fratello! Fratello! We lost! Veeee!"

I told him. I told him to stay away from that damn potato-bastard!

Does he listen? Hell no.

What does that get us? We lose our colonies, our money, our dignity, and my dumbass fratello got hurt!

The thing that pisses me off the most about this whole damn situation is just this.

My little brother is hurt.

I'm the big brother! I'm supposed to protect my little brother from crap like this!

...Uh... I mean...! I'm stuck having to clean up his mess!

It's not because I care, dammit! It's his own damn fault!

But I still pulled out the gauze and began to wrap it around his head.

"Fratello...?" Veneciano asked in a quiet voice.

"What is it?" I snapped.

"Why are you-?"

"It's so you could stop whining, dammit!" I answered.

"Ve... You don't want me to cry anymore?"

"Yeah, dumbass." I finished bandaging his head and looked away. "So... don't get hurt anymore and stuff..."

I glanced at him. He had this big, bright smile on his face like he wasn't hurt.

"Grazie, Fratello."

I gave him a small smile back.

He may have been a dumbass, but he's my dumbass, I guess.


Not really writing for sense or anything, just needed to write this out.