Willis groaned as he beat Mick in the eighth game of chess in the past hour.

"I am bored," he whined. Mick rolled his eyes.

"Look shorty," Willis scoffed at the name, "We don't like keeping you cooped up in here either. But we really don't want anything happen to you either sunshine," Mick continued ruffling his hair. Willis huffs as he slouches back into the chair.

"Besides, Hartley and James aren't going out either."

"What are you talking about? James snuck out about two hours ago," Willis stated offhandedly. Sure he was getting James in trouble. But if he had to suffer then so did his pseudo brothers. Mick sighed standing up. Calmly he made his way to the kitchen.

"Where are you going?" Willis heard Len question.

"Out. James is gone."


Willis snickered. Oh the joy of an old fashioned James hunt. He propped his feet up on the chess board just so the pieces wouldn't fall.

He closed his eyes for a moment and let himself fall asleep in the main room. He was not terribly worried. The heroes hadn't barged in on their homes. They hadn't sent people asking questions. Flash had been irritable at best but that was better than hunting him down.

But Willis couldn't help but wonder why. Why was Flash bothering with him? Was it because of his powers matching his? Probably didn't want the rogues to have someone who could out run him. That sounded about right.

He never asked for this life. One where he was living a lie that was his truth. And his past which was and still contains his old truth had become a lie. Confusing no? Willis thought it was. Even in his dreams it was weird.

He had didn't often have dreams. Nightmares were common enough but not dreams. Mostly of Cadmus and a circus. The circus held fun times and dreams. And Cadmus held many nightmares. But there were one or two dreams of Cadmus that weren't nightmares per say, just really confusing. One of them he remembered clearly was one of him being led to a lab when he happens to see a group of men moving a large container.

Inside the container was a boy who looked older than he did thrashing about, pounding violently on the door. One of the scientists held a strange rock toward him and he calmed down. He tilted his head slightly in confusion, his face scrunching up innocently. Blue eyes glared into green eyes. The blue eyes widened and trashed more. He flinched a little but continued staring at the trashing teen.

Scientists cursed as they moved the small green rock closer to the teen. He roared in agony as he slumped backward in his mechanical prison. His eyes barely open, still looking at him intently. Like he expects him to do something. His hand gently touches the glass only to flinch back when the green rock comes closer. His eyes close in pain. The young boy can't help but feel a little sorry and relieved. Sorry that the teen is being punished. Thankful he isn't alone and he isn't the one being punished.

"WR-23. That is Project Match. Be good or you'll end up just like it," one of the scientists said with a sick smile. He dropped his eyes to the floor as he was led away to the lab to begin the day's tests. He could still hear the screams of the experiment echo mercilessly throughout the halls. He didn't bother covering his ears. The screams would soon end anyway.


"Not to blow up the kitchen with nuclear peeps?"

"N-! Well there is that. But we told you. YOU'RE GROUNDED!"

"But that's no fun!" James whined. Willis snickered as he heard Len sigh from the other room.

"James. You care about Willis. Right?" he asked.

"Yes. I loves our baby!" he said quickly with excitement and joy.

"And you don't want anything to happen to him. Right?"

"Of course not silly," he reprimanded Len.

"Because when you go outside, old Flashers can find you."

"Uh huh."

"And if he finds you he can follow you."


"And if he follows you he'll take away Willis."

A moment of silence was enjoyed throughout the base before it donned on James what Cold had just said.


And with that James ran out of the kitchen and into the main room to hug the daylights out of there closet speedster.

"Did you really have to say it like that?" Willis asked as Len walked in with a shit eating grin on his face.

"Had to explain it in a way he would understand the severity of the situation."

"I hate you."

"Love you too shorty."

Willis pouted, "Not my fault I'm the youngest."

"-we're going to need pad locks and flame throwers and some marbles and a rubber chicken-"

"Not our fault either."

"-and a mace. Now where can I get a mace?" Trickster continued plotting ways to protect their baby.

"Well I need to blame somebody."

"Blame genetics. Bless whoever brought you into this world and curse them for making you so short."

"-then tacos. We can all celebrate with tacos. No wait! Chimichangas! Chimi-cherry cherry-changa! Yum-yum!"

"Fine. Mom. Dad. Whoever you may be. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO MAKE ME SO SHORT!?"

"Indoor voice Willis."


"-And that will be the greatest party ever!"

Len and Willis looked over at James with a blank stare.

"Have you taken your medicine today?"

Filler yes. But there may or may not be something in this chapter that will be very important. I haven't decided if I'm going to use it or not. If you can guess it then I will let you, the readers decide. I don't want to ruin it though…