In a world there are two sides to everything. Good and evil. Dark and and Fire. Girl ans boy. Etc. The only two odd people in the world are a boy and a girl. The boy with his brown spikey hair, and the girl with her short spikey-bottom pink hair, they were kind of like those things. They were opposites. Many have heard of them, many have never heard of them. The boy is like a freezing winter, while the girl is like a flame-turned-fire. They argued all the time even over stupid things. Nothing never made sense. Lisa had left a long time ago because of the fighting that the girl and boy did. Many of their friends left the place just because of that very reason, Fighting. The two were friends but soon separated, they lived in the same house yes, but they were so far from each other. The girl soon died from a sickness. The boy was so upset and guilty that he would go to his pld friends for help, but they never helped him. They would always say it was because he never needed them before even when the girl was sick, so why need them now? The girl was watching all this happen from her spot in a tree. The girl felt bad but didn't show it, instead she would put on a no-emotional face.

A couple of days later, the boy was going to kill himself. He grabbed his coat and went to the park near his house. He had also grabbed the girls sword, he was planning to kill himself with her sword. For, she was the reason he was going to do this. He couldn't stand it anymore. Just as he was about to plunge into the sword a familar voice yelled.

"STOP! WAIT!" It was the girl that had died. The boy looked up at the girl and his eyes got wide.

"No, no, no. You're dead. I am just seeing things." He went to do the same thing he had wanted to do but was instead slapped across the face.

"No, I am not dead. That was everyones plan you baka. Everyone decided that you needed a lesson to be taught to you. You never listened to them." The girl fell on her knee's and embraced the boy. As she cried into his shirt she kept saying baka over and over and over. When she stopped crying the boy pulled her away and looked into her eyes and smiled.

"Do never do that to me again. I love you so much. I will seriously kill myself if you die. Got that?" The girl knodded her head and then, much to the girls suprise, the boy kissed her. He then picked her up bridal-style and carried her home.

Around 40 years later both the girl and boy died of old age. They were happy though, they lived life to the fullest and never backed down from anything.

These two people were Cecily and Luke. Brave people of many things. And their children would be the ones to pass on their legend.