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Chapter Twelve: I Hijacked A Rainbow And Crashed Into A Pot Of Gold.

"Okay, that's it. I give up." I flopped onto the couch next to Gareth, and let out a dramatic sigh.

I had been standing in the same spot for what felt like quite a while, just staring at the ball, wondering how I would get it. I had been so focused; I hadn't even known Jasper and Angela had entered the room until Jasper threw a jacket at me to get my attention so he could inform me that they were leaving. I told them to buy me some candy, but other than that, I ignored them.

"What were you doing, anyway?" Gareth paused the movie he was watching and turned to me, one of his eyebrows raised quizzically. I looked at him for a while, noticing that he had decided to put a shirt on. Not just a normal shirt, however, but a shirt with the sides practically cut off instead of there being sleeves. Yeah. "Bella?"

"Oh, uh…" I shook my head and looked from his appalling fashion choice to his face. "I was just trying to figure out how to get that basketball from the roof." I shook my head and stuck my thumb behind me, pointing approximately towards the spot where the ball was stuck. Maybe.

"Oh." Gareth said, looking over his shoulder to try and find the ball. He let out an "Ah!" when he found it, then turned to me, smiling. "I could fly up and get it for you, if you want." he offered, standing up.

"Nah, it's alright." I said with a sigh, waving my hand at him to let it go. "Caleb told me I wasn't allowed to 'accept help offered', but I should 'not be afraid to ask for it' or something."

"What's that supposed to mean?" he asked, confused.

I shrugged and slumped further into the couch, looking interestedly at the giant T.V. screen as Gareth un-paused it.


"The new Spiderman movie."

"Oh, is that on DVD now?"


We both fell silent and turned to watch the movie, my attention split between it and what Caleb told me earlier. When I came in he had just been getting on the subway and was freaking out.

"..Angelic power can be used to do almost anything..."

Spiderman was being attacked on the train after getting his hand caught on a woman's dress, accidentally ripping it off. You really can't blame those guys for attacking him, though.

"…can be used to do almost anything..."

Spiderman got stuck on the ceiling and fell off, beating on people accidentally.

"…almost anything..."

"I've got it!" I shouted, standing up from my seat and rushing to the wall previously climbed by Caleb.

"Got what?" Gareth asked, poking his head up from the couch and looking over the back of it, pausing his movie again so he could pay attention to whatever I happened to be doing.

"Shh, I need to concentrate." I said, bringing my fingers to my face and focusing hard on them. I imagined tiny little hairs growing from the pads of my fingers, like how they did in the first Spiderman movie (since, you know, I hadn't really seen the new one), and watched in awe as little blue hooked hairs grew from the pads of my thumbs.

Imagine that, Caleb was right about my imagination.

I slowly put my fingers onto the wall, trying to get my hands to stick, but to no avail. It was like the hairs just got pushed back and weren't hooking into it like they did in the movie. Huh.

I brought my fingers back and stared at the hairs, pumping more power into them to make them sharper, more rigid, so they'd stick into the wall and hopefully hold my weight.

I put my fingers back on the wall, feeling the hairs sticking inside it, and this time, when I tugged, my hand didn't come loose. I did a victory dance in my head and put my other hand onto the wall, getting ready to test my weight on it, when I found that I couldn't remove my hands. They were stuck.

I pulled and pulled, frantically trying to free myself from the drywall, but instead of my hands coming off on their own, they instead came off with little chunks of wall stuck to them. I fell on my butt from pulling so hard and grunted, feeling Gareth's no doubt wide, incredulous looking eyes on the back of my head, but ignoring them in favor of not losing my temper due to frustration.

This wasn't going to be easy.

After a few more tries, Gareth had come over to offer up his advice (which I was allowed to take, since I asked for it (though I didn't really want to. Pride, and all that.)), and I decided to change my strategy and used a kind of a suction-ey thing mixed with one of those futuristic looking glow-ey climb-ey devices you see in the new MI movie. Don't judge me, it looked good in my head, and it worked. As long as it works, right?

Anyway, my whole hands and shoes ended up giving off an intense blue glow, showing exactly how much power I had to channel into my appendages to keep me on the wall while avoiding ripping off large chunks and ruining my gracious host's house any further than I already had.

The act itself, however, was tiring. I hadn't quite figured out how to keep the power in my hands and feet and actually remove them from the wall, so I had to constantly channel power in and out of my body, wearing myself out quickly in the process. It felt as if I was doing a super intense work out, and no amount of cheers I got from Gareth would deter it. I would seriously need to work on that.

"Go on, Bella, you're almost up!" I heard Gareth call from the bottom of the room, allll the way down there.

I looked down at him, and my eyes nearly bugged out of my head. The room was changing colors and nothing would stand still. Not even the various flower pots decorating the room would quit their ridiculous mating dances.

"Whoa, trippy…" I whispered to myself, pulling up one last time to grab on to a ledge, my muscles straining, sweat dripping freely from my entire body, just to lay down on it and close my eyes, finding it surprisingly comfy. Those colors were seriously giving me a headache.

You know, 'cause it had nothing to do with the fact that I'd just pushed myself beyond my limits and was probably super dehydrated and had a lack of oxygen and all that. Nope, nothing at all.

"Bella, you okay, up there?" I could barely make out Gareth whispering – or was he shouting? – something at the bottom of his lungs over the loud, incessant ringing in my ears, but I opted to ignore him. Instead, I inhaled as much as I could, feeling as if my lungs were closing, and rubbed my chest, trying to see if I could open up my airways. I think it helped a little, but that could have been wishful thinking.

"Bella, I'm seriously worried- are, are you okay?" Gareth's faint voice just got fainter, but rather than ignore him a second time, I decided to reply in as loud a whisper as I could without hurting my head. He'd probably hear me.

"Gareth… if you're even thinking… about coming up here… to get me down… stop. I am not… climbing all the way… back up here... after that. It's not… happening." I took a couple ragged breaths, my arms slung over my eyes to block out the minimal sun that could reach me coming in through the windows.

"I think… I'm just gonna… take a nap…" I trailed off, slowly losing consciousness, but before I completely lost it, I swear I could hear Gareth yelling something about water and medicine or something in a high-pitched, squeaky voice.

I didn't dream while I slept. Just replayed some old memories.

"Bella, Bella, wake up."

I moaned in pain, the soft spoken words offending my head in ways I'd never experienced before. Why did I hurt so much? I kept my eyes closed, but instead of going back to sleep, I just seemed to grow more conscious by the second.

"Come on, Jasper and Angela are back, and they don't look good."

I could barely feel my arms and legs, except for a dull throbbing that I knew would only grow if I were to try and move them. I moaned in pain again when I attempted to just wiggle my toes and a sharp flare of soreness shot through my leg and hit me like a freight train. I'd never been in this much pain before (it was even worse than when I'd been beaten by Alice's dad (wow, that sounds bad)), and for the life of me, I couldn't remember what I'd done to feel this way.

"Bella, wake up!" I heard Gareth's voice whine in impatience and worry and felt his hand on my shoulder, shaking me awake. "Come on, before someone notices us up here!"

"Ge'off…" I mumble, turning my head away from him and doing the worst thing someone in my position could ever do, ever. Deftly dodging another shake to my shoulder, I rolled over.

My eyes flew open wide as I felt what I thought was the floor beneath me disappearing and I start falling through the air. In a desperate attempt to save myself, I reach quickly for something to grab on to, but my muscles were too sore to react fast enough and I barely missed the rafter I had been laying on.

"Bella!" Gareth yelled, loud enough to draw the attention of everyone in the apartment, and reached for my hand. Our fingers brush, but he can't get a hold of me because his arms are too short and I fall.

I close my eyes and grit my teeth, covering my head to do whatever I could to save myself from the impact of falling a billion feet on to a hard surface. Yeah, I'm doomed.

"Bella!" I open my eyes as I hear a different voice shout my name, a more feminine one. Given my state of mind, and the fact that I was falling to my death, I didn't bother to recognize exactly who it was. Given that there were only two other females in the apartment besides myself, it could only be one of them, anyway. Turns out it didn't matter, as I felt small arms grab around my waist, stopping my fall in a sudden jerky movement, causing me to go upwards slightly before slowly descending.

My eyes widen and I look around, studying my surroundings as the adrenaline cleared my head, unable to say anything from the shock of almost dying. First, I notice that I'm still in the air, so Gareth must have caught me. Then, I realize Gareth had rested his forehead on my back and was whispering something (that I couldn't hear) under his breath into my shirt, then I see Jasper staring wide-eyed at me, then I notice Angela staring in horrified shock, clinging to Jasper with dear life. Finally, I notice that she's not looking at me, but at something slightly behind me.

I look behind me as we land and my mouth hangs open in shock. It's not Gareth I see holding me, but Alice in her full-fledged demon form. I stared, as she let me go, marveling at the large difference between her and Gareth.

First of all, instead of her skin being black and leathery, it was a pale milky white with a black tinge to it that was more pronounced around her eyes. She had tattoos like mine, but instead of the blue glow mine emitted, hers had the smoky shadow like in her eyes. Her eyes were the same as Gareth's, but with a small flame visible in the center of them. Her horns were long and spiraled up out of her head about a foot and a half long, maybe slightly less.

That was about it when it came to differences though, at least, that's what I thought until she put me down and I noticed her wings. They looked more like a black dragon's wings instead of a bat's like Gareth's, complete with the stark white horns protruding from the joints, but with a light coating of short fur covering them.

"What were you thinking!?" she sort of shout/growled, the shadow in her eyes diminishing to show a fiery red stare boring holes in my head. I flinched, feeling her angry eyes burning into the side of my face as I avoided meeting her gaze. "What were you even doing up there!?"

"...Sleeping?" I asked, peeking at her out of the corner of my eye, only to see her shaking in anger.

"Sleeping!?" she repeated in a snarl, causing me to flinch back and Angela behind us to whimper.

We both look behind us, both of us having forgotten anyone else was even in the room, let alone listening. I look back at Alice, who is still looking at Angela as if she had been caught with her hand in the cookie jar, and noticed another difference between her and Gareth. She had a tail. Not just any tail, however, but a pitch black forked tail like you'd see in an old timey cartoon. Except, you know, black and covered with light fur to match her wings.

"You have a tail." I point out smartly, pointing at it with my finger.

She turned to look at me, that same look on her face, only intensified.

"Shit." she said, transforming back quickly. The back of her shirt was ripped because of her wings and hung a bit low on her frame, and when I noticed just how low, I turned away, blushing.

"Wha-..." Angela said, trying to sound normal, but her voice cracked with fear. "What are you..?

Before all the dangerous theatrics happened, Angela and Jasper had just arrived back, both silent. Angela was sniffling and holding tight to Jasper's hand while he just stared silently at the floor, trying to think of what exactly he was going to do with Angela. She obviously knew more than he had originally thought, but he didn't want to overstep what she knew and accidentally reveal something she shouldn't.

He exhaled loudly in exasperation, his free hand ruffling his hair. He was in a pickle, and he had no idea what to do. What was he thinking, asking to accompany me on my, "mission" as he called it? He didn't know, but he knew he was in over his head.

"How about… we go sit on the couch, huh?" he asked, trying to stall the situation until he could figure out what to do. Angela nodded silently, her eyes on her feet.

They sat down, Jasper looking uninterestedly at the T.V., which was still paused and now showing a screen saver. He picked up the remote from the coffee table and shut it off, turning back to Angela, clearing his throat. She still hadn't let go of his hand, and it was starting to hurt a little.

"So…" he said, breaking out in a nervous sweat. He looked around awkwardly, drying his free hand off on his pants. "We need to talk."

Angela looked up at him expectantly, waiting for him to start. However, Jasper just turned into a stuttering mess. He was not good under pressure.

"So, uh… do you… do you, uh… how much-"

"Hey, guys, where is everybody?" Alice interrupted them, walking into the room and looking peculiarly at the scene before her. From her perspective, it looked like Jasper had done something bad and made Angela cry, but was currently failing horribly in trying to comfort her. She narrowed her eyes. "Hey, what's up, you two? What's going on?"

"Alice!" Jasper cried in relief, standing up quickly to go to her. His eyes sparkled and he visibly relaxed, forgetting about Angela all together as he moved from her side.

Angela watched his reaction and her faced dropped, her eyes tearing up a little bit more as she slowly slipped her hand out of his and he ran to Alice, not noticing the change in her, at all.

"I'm so glad you're here, you gotta help me, I-"

"What did you do?" Alice asked a scowl on her face and a glare in her gaze.

"What? I didn't do-"

"Then why's she crying?" Alice crossed her arms, her glare intensifying.

"What? No, I didn't-"

"He didn't do anything, Alice." Angela said her voice soft and almost inaudible. Jasper and Alice looked at her, but she avoided their gazes by staring blankly at the T.V. screen. "I'm fine."

Alice looked at Jasper quizzically, trying to figure out what was going on. He eyed Angela before laying his hand on Alice's shoulder and motioning with his head for them to move away so they could talk without fear of her hearing.

"What's going on?" Alice asked once they were far enough away, her voice low.

"Well, Angela wanted me to take her on a date, so we went for ice cream and a movie at the mall, but while we were walking around, we ran into Emmett, and we made jokes, and he asked about Meatball, and then we heard a scream, then Angela started to cry, then Emmett ran away, then it screamed again, then we sped here, and she wouldn't stop crying, and I don't know what to ask her, and…" Jasper trailed off, breathing hard, his eyes closed. Alice stared at him, eyes wide, as he breathed in deeply and continued. "She knows something."

"'Knows something'? What do you mean? What exactly does she know?" Alice snapped out of her shock and shot her questions quickly, glancing at Angela before returning her eyes to Jasper.

"She knows… something about… all this." Jasper waved his arms around as if indicating everything, but Alice looked at him blankly. "You know, something…" he leaned in to whisper in her ear, one eye peering suspiciously at Angela as if she could hear, when in fact she wasn't even trying to listen to them.

"So you don't even know what she knows?" Alice asked, looking slightly peeved and a lot put off.

"Well, that's what I was trying to do before you got here…" Jasper trailed off, blushing and mumbling under his breath. "But… You know… I didn't know how to ask…"

Alice rolled her eyes and shook her head, letting out an exasperated puff of air.

"That's easy, follow me." she said, walking meaningfully toward Angela, not even caring if Jasper followed or not. When she arrived, she sat down, looking intensely at Angela before softening her gaze and taking her hand. "Hey," she said, catching her attention. "I've gotta ask you something, do you mind?"

"No." Angela said meekly, avoiding Alice's eyes. She didn't want to hate the girl, but she obviously held Jasper's (or, Jason's, to her) affection, and she couldn't help feeling a little jealous.

"Would you mind telling us exactly what you know?" Alice squeezed Angela's hand encouragingly, not waiting long for an answer.

"No." she said, taking her hand from Alice's and placing it on her lap with her other one, twiddling her thumbs.

Jasper and Alice looked at each other, waiting for Angela to talk, but words were unforthcoming. Jasper cleared his throat, drawing their attention to him, and looked at Angela expectantly.

"Well?" he asked his voice impatient. Angela looked at him and sighed, seeming to reluctantly accept something.

"I know you're not Jason." she said softly, too softly for Jasper to understand what she said, but Alice, being closer, could just make it out.

"You... you do?" Alice asked, taken aback. "Since when?"

"'Since when' what?" Jasper asked, confused. "What did she say?" Alice shushed him and he huffed, annoyed. "Come on, I didn't hear her!"

"Since Bella left us alone." Angela smiled sadly, her eyes tearing up again, but nothing fell. "I-I knew he wasn't Jason… but… they just look so alike… everything except the scars, but that could have come from our accident…" she looked down at her hands, which were sitting in her lap. "I thought, if I pretended he was Jason… then maybe he would… I don't know… become him."

"Well, is that seriously all-"Alice was planning on finishing her question, asking if that was seriously all she knew, but I decided to drop in at about that time.

"Bella!" they all looked up and stood as they heard Gareth scream my name, seeing me falling in slow motion as he grabbed for my hand and missed. They watched as I free fell through the air, certain to die when I landed, and if not, be incapacitated for a long while.

"Bella!" Alice shouted in horror, bursting into her devil form, her wings ripping through her shirt and flames encasing her hands. She jumped into the air, using her wings to propel herself towards me as she put out the flames in her hands and grabbed around my waist, shooting upwards a little before resting her forehead on my back, and starting to slowly descend, mumbling under her breath into my shirt thanks that she could catch me in time.

"Angela, you need to calm down, we're not going to hurt you." Alice said slowly, putting her hands up in a placating gesture. "We're just slightly special, that's all."

I looked warily at Angela, watching how she hid behind Jasper. She slowly peeked around his arm, her eyes wide, but scared. My eyes widened as I saw her face, she looked like she had been crying. Her eyes were red and puffy, and her cheeks were stained with salt that the dimming light from the windows easily reflected off of.

"What happened to Angela?" I asked Alice out of the corner of my mouth, not taking my worried eyes off of the girl named. "She looks like her dog died, and then she saw the dog's ghost, and instead of it being happy to see her, wanted to eat her babies."

"Well," Alice said, turning to me, her anger subsided, just a little, making way to slight annoyance that was hiding what looked like worry and relief. It made me happy that she had been worried about me, but I decided not to dwell on it in light of the current situation. "Besides the fact that she just saw me transform into a giant scary beast, we don't exactly know. That's what we were trying to figure out before being so rudely interrupted."

"Hey, I can't help rolling over when I sleep." I said, crossing my arms with a huff and looking away, an angry pout on my face.

"Well, why can't you!?" Alice snapped, nearly growling. I could just feel her glare in my back, and I just "hmphed" and stomped my foot.

"Well, why can't you help hugging up on the first thing you can find when you sleep?" I retaliated, turning and sticking my tongue out to a blushing Alice. I heard Angela giggle a little and peeked at her, smiling widely when we met eyes.

"You guys seriously aren't like them…?" she asked, stepping slightly out from behind Jasper who just stood there, arms slightly out, face bewildered. She still looked a little worried, but she didn't look so scared, anymore. I guess our little argument showed that we really weren't monsters (or at least, Alice wasn't) and were just the normal people she'd befriended a week ago that had happened to save her life.

"Well, I don't know who 'them' are," I said, putting my hands on my hips and smiling. "But if they hurt you at all, then, no. We are nothing like them."

"Are… you sure?" Angela asked, stepping a little more out of behind Jasper.

"If we wanted to hurt you, Angela, we would have done it by now." Alice said, rolling her eyes, but offering a rue smile when Angela switched her gaze from me to her. "Don't you think?"

Angela sighed and smiled, stepping fully out from behind Jasper, who, by habit, went to grab her hand in relief, but was snubbed when she unnoticeably pulled her hand away. He didn't know why that action hurt him, but he pushed it to the back of his mind, focusing on present matters instead.

"Yeah, I guess you're right." she said, smiling. "So… what are you guys, then?"

Just then, Gareth decided to drop in, startling the socks off of Angela as she squeaked and hid back behind Jasper.

"There it is!" she shouted, scared again. "It's that thing! It's come back!"

"Angela, calm down!" Jasper said as Gareth landed, turning and putting his hands on her shoulders, getting her to look at his face and pulling her out of behind him. "Look again, who does it look like?"

Angela steadily turned her head, looking warily at Gareth before squinting her eyes. After a while of studying and one goofy grin later, she dropped her mouth open in shock as her eyes widened in disbelief.

"Gareth!?" she questioned loudly, to which he replied with a giant clap that engulfed his body in flames.

When the flames subsided, Gareth stood there in all his human-looking glory, hands on his hips and chest puffed out. I found it kind of comical that his shirt had pooled around his feet since his wings were no longer keeping it on him after bursting through the back and ripping it to shreds.

"The one and only!" he shouted giddily, seeming to not notice the fact that his shirt was hung around his ankles. "You like that transformation? Been practicing it in my down time!"

"Your… shirt's fallen off." Angela said, doing a horrible job at holding in a smile and pointing towards the mutilated cloth.

Gareth looked down at it and frowned, his face falling into the saddest expression I'd ever had the displeasure of seeing on him.

"I'm sorry," he said, his voice dejected. "I didn't mean to break the shirt, but I only saw one way of getting up there and back."

"That's why I cut holes in the back of mine." I said, rolling my eyes. In my opinion, he deserved to get in trouble for not having the forethought to do the same.

"Hmph," Alice said, crossing her arms. "I just don't turn. It shows weakness that you need to rely on an enhanced state to fight."

"Wait." Angela said, shrugging out of Jasper's hold and looking at me in surprise. "You can turn into… whatever, too?"

"Well, not exactly…" I said before being rudely interrupted by Alice whispering rather loudly that I wished I did.

"What does she mean?" Angela asked, confused.

"Well, I don't exactly turn into… a devil." I said, rolling my hands, trying to better get out what I was trying to say.

"Wait, you guys are devils?" Angela's eyes widened and she took a half a step back.

"No! No, we're not!" I said, stepping forward quickly with my hands up slightly. "Well, I'm not-" Angela looked warily at Gareth and Alice before glancing back at me. "-but they're only half! They're special! They're human halves keep them from being evil, so they're okay!"

"Okay?" Alice echoed, indignant. "I'm not just okay, I'm-"

"Would you shut it?" I asked, glaring at her for the first time in a long time, if not, ever. "I'm trying to explain, here!"

Alice looked at me, bewildered, and Angela looked at me, curious.

"Then, what are you?" she asked, her eyes skeptical.

"Well, I'm kinda part… angel." I said reluctantly. It was obvious in the time that I'd known her that Angela was at least a little religious, and I didn't want to win her favor by being… I guess, on the "good" side of things.

"An… angel…?" she whispered in amazement, her eyes filling with wonder. "No way… I knew it! I knew you were an angel the moment I laid eyes on you when you pulled me from the river! I saw you glow… I knew it!" she stopped for a while, seemingly thinking. Alice looked sharply up at her when she heard about the glowing part, but I paid her no mind as I just started to feel embarrassed by Angela's praise. "The one thing I don't get…" she said, looking forlornly at her shoes. "Is why you would be sent to save me of all people."

"What do you mean?" Jasper, ever the silent one, asked from next to her. I had forgotten he was there, even though I could clearly see him just from looking at Angela. Tunnel vision and all that. "You're not a bad person. You deserved to be saved."

Angela looked up at him, her eyes painful.

"No, Jas-" she stopped herself from calling Jasper Jason and looked up at him with pain-filled eyes. "… whoever you are. I didn't. I still don't."

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